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Subject: Kamikaze AAR rss

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Chris Buhl
United States
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I needed a short-ish scenario (note that playing this game has become 'I need' rather than 'I want,') and haven't done much with the Corsair, so here we go. I won't track speed for the Kamikaze planes, they will just run full out.

Bandits 3 o'clock high!

The Zero's performance won't be as much a factor with it not trying to attack. Remember it's got a 5 airframe for this game.

Each Corsair scores 1 hit for 0 damage. Some Zeroes have burned energy trying to pull away, while the Corsairs have slowed down a tick to avoid a big overshoot after the first pass.

The trailing F4U-1 did a wingover, but the topmost Zero remains just outside of range / firing arc. The first volley kills Zero C-1.

C-1 re-spawns.

Zero C-2 dives but can't quite ride through the Corsair's firing arc, but it misses. Corsair lead rakes Zero A-1 with a burst which ignites the explosives packed into the small plane's fuselage, creating such a violent fireball that the lead pilot fears his craft will be brought down due to proximity.

A-1 re-spawns.

A-2 re-spawns

The Corsair performance ruler is an unfortunate American destroyer.

B-1 & B-2 strike targets and re-spawn

C-1 is destroyed for the second time

One last hope for the American pickets... And the sailors watch in horror as bullets enter the diving Zero but have no visible effect. Then, at the last possible instant, the Japanese planes noses down and crashed into the sea not 50 meters from its target. Apparently a hydraulic line was severed by a small piece of shrapnel breaking free during the burst of gunfire, and the slow leak of fluid wasn't enough for the brave Kamikaze pilot to complete his mission.

C-2 re-spawns

Corsair C-1 realizes, with horror, that another suicide bomber has made it through. With no way to catch ZeroA-1, they focus on planes from the second wave. At least C-2 can still take out one... But no, tracers go wide. FOUR kamikazes have already made it through! That reality is even colder when Corsair C-1 dry fires (rolls triple ones). Hopefully those MG's will work right on the next shot.

A-1 & A-2 strike targets and have already re-spawned.

One last hope, but it's for naught as poor American marksmanship continues to doom sailors in the fleet.

B-1 & B-2 strike targets and have already re-spawned.

And yet another kamikaze makes it through to the fleet, as this is the situation as the next turn begins...

SIX KAMIKAZES make it through! That's almost enough to turn the tide of the war!

I may play this again with different airplanes. I think that the F4F might do a better job here. I tried to set the Corsairs up to make runs up and down the Japanese line of planes, but when that failed they had to turn around. The F4U-1 isn't a great turning fighter. It relies more on speed and energy, but they needed to use their energy to get more turns in. I wonder if the F4F would be the best of the three US carrier fighters for this one? Of course, there's always the possibility that I just didn't play it very intelligently.
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James Brown
United States
Fort Worth
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Bad dice can make any game one sided. cool
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