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Episode 63 of your Weekdays Update on what Games are New on Kickstarter.
Sunday, July 24th.

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Featuring (Amongst Others): Fallen Land: A Post Apocalyptic Board Game, Soccer Tactics World, Texas Hold'em StrataCards, Poisoner's Pour & DreadBall: The Futuristic Sports Game.
(Some projects don't have a BGG page yet at the start of the campaign.)

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Miniature Related Projects:

Black Blood Children Band for Punkapocalyptic [No BGG Link at Time of Release
Bad Roll Games is releasing a new set of miniatures for their free-to-download Punkapocalyptic skirmisher game, which is played with 5 to 10 30mm miniatures. This campaign is set around the gang called The Black Blood Children. The miniatures do look very good I must say, both the new gang and the older ones (which are also available in this campaign). There’s all kinds of pledge combinations available so check these out, because boy…
Ends Saturday 08-06

Modular Towers [No BGG Link at Time of Release
For people looking to add some height to their tabletop games there’s a set of modular towers on kickstarter. And 8 by 8 inch grid which you can build up to 6 layers high for you and your fellow 28mm scale adventures to battle through! Build the tower however you like! Because of its modular structure you should check out the pledge levels for yourself!
Ends Saturday 08-20

Board Games

Fallen Land: A Post Apocalyptic Board Game
Fallen Land is a sandbox board game set in post-apocalyptic America. Take your faction of survivor into the wastelands to gather resources, complete missions and to manage your town to protect its citizens. A Role-playing boardgame combined with card-building elements and a lot of strategy. Can you survive in this world gone mad? Fallen Lands is 63USD for the core set and 81 if you want to include the ‘Journey into Darkness’ expansion.
Ends Monday 09-05

Soccer Tactics World
Soccer Tactics World is a dice-based board game that emulates the beautiful game of soccer (Even though I hate the word soccer) Move your pawns, pass the ball, defend your goal and of course score goals in this fast-paced game. No match will be the same in Soccer tactics World. It’s 33 CAD.
Ends Saturday 08-20

Clash of the Genres [No BGG Link at Time of Release
Clash of the Genres is described as a tactical Player versus Player Chaos. A fight to the (comical) death between 3 to 8 players which aims to blend Card Battle games, Dungeon delving campaigns and territory-based tactical board games all into one! No dice rolling and a common pool of all kinds of different card types will guarantee a chaotic game that will neer play out the same way twice. Clash of the Genres is 50 USD.
Ends Sunday 08-21

Four Kings, One War! [No BGG Link at Time of Release
Four Kings, One War is a 4 player variation on chess, which you can play on either one of two quote-unquote “boards”. Not quite sure if the formula of chess needed improvement, but I must say the 3d board does indeed look very, very good! I didn’t mean to bash it btw, i just like chess as it is and have no clue how this game would work out, it might just as well! The standard Package pledge is 349 NZD and the Battle of the Bridge (which is the two board combo i was talking about) is 599. Both come in prestige models as well!
Ends Monday 08-22 Pre

Card Games

Texas Hold'em StrataCards
Stratacards is a deck of self-playable poker cards. It allows you to play Texas Hold-em poker by yourself or your friends anywhere, anytime. A clever variation on the well known poker classic so it emulates the game truthfully but with double-sided cards… it’s a little hard to explain in a couple of sentences so check it out for yourself! Stratacards are 10 USD per deck.

Superhero Solitaire [No BGG Link at Time of Release
Superhero Solitaire is is a powered up version of solitaire filled with superheroes and villains! It offers unique variations on a game we all know and probably played during some spare (or not so spare) office time. Save what you can in Superhero Solitaire! It’s 15 USD per deck (i believe there’s several) but the single decks can only be shipped inside the U.S.
Ends Tuesday 08-02

Party /Miscellaneous Games:

Fishing Cups [No BGG Link at Time of Release
Fishing Cups is a playset of all the things you need to play safe (hookless) fishing in your backyard. Throw out your lines and try hitting the cups, increasing your hand eye co-ordination. The set is 30 USD but there’s higher pledges that includes actual fishing rods available as well.
Ends Saturday 08-20

Poisoner's Pour
Brass Dog Games is back on Kickstarter with their new game: Poisoner’s Pour. A bluffing game of second.. And third guessing your choices on your way to get the gold! Take a glass, which is worth a gold value from the table and hope the pourer didn’t poison that particular one! Poisoner’s Pour is 5 USD for the PnP and 12 for a physical copy!
Ends Saturday 08-13
PnP Available

RPG Related Projects

New Poster Maps - Ships and Strongholds [No BGG Link at Time of Release
Christopher West is back with a new poster maps campaign and as usual they look very, very good! The released posters this time are Deep Vistas IV & Dangerous Seas. The First displaying a series of caverns leading up to a temple of some sorts and the second displaying a 19th century ship, waiting to be boarded. You can get these maps in a lot of different ways so check out pricing for yourselves!

The Wilderness of the Lost [No BGG Link at Time of Release
Another Map set, though completely different is the Wilderness of the lost by Tim Raven Press. It’s a detailed set of maps covering an expansive new world for all your adventures to take place in. They will come in Digital formats, in both Black and White and Color and are available with two kinds of grids on them as well. There’s all kinds of pledges available but they start at 5 EUR.
Ends Wednesday 08-17

Helheim RPG - Tabletop Skirmisher [No BGG Link at Time of Release
Helheim RPG is a ruleset for a tabletop Skirmisher designed by Nat Skinner. It combines RPG mechanics with tabletop skirmish rules to offer a unique tabletop battle experience. The ruleset is available for 10 USD for the PDF and 27 for a physical copy and there’s a demo version available on the kickstarter page for you to check out!
Ends Sunday 08-21

Expansions, Reprints, Relaunches and Upgrades;

DreadBall: The Futuristic Sports Game
Mantic is Bringing the Second edition of dreadball to kickstarter! The game of futurstic fantasy football is back and it’s supposedly better than ever! A lot of community based feedback was implemented into this new version of the game as well as a lot of balancing out! The 2nd Edition of Dreadball is 100 USD.
Ends Monday 08-08 Pre
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