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Subject: The Laukat Universe. An interpretation. rss

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Gabriel Yan
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Recently I bought most of Ryan Laukat´s games, and I like to think that all the amazing World he present in his games occur in the same universe, and I would love to see if he ever decide to give us some coherent story that unifies this world.
In the meantime, this is my interpretation of this fantastical world he create, it helps to give it more flavor when I play his games, let me know what you guys think?

The World of Arzium Chronology

1. 800 years before the first age – 8 Minute Empire Legends
2. First age – City of Iron
3. Dark ages – The ancient world
4. The new age – Above & below, Islebound.
5. The future - Near & Far (is the lost ruin the key to salvation?)

8 Minute empire Legends

“The unexplore world of Arzium is ripe for the taking, different tribes struggle for the best pieces of land”

This game takes place at the begining of civilization on strange lands, the leaders of tribes fight to conquer new territories, some say they have mystical powers.

City of Iron

“In a more organize world new factions emerge and develop the most advance society Arzium had ever seen”

This game takes place in a more mature world where the different races live in peace taking advantage of the richnes of the land. Food and resources are vast, thecnological advances in science happen and lead to the discovery of new resources (ore & mistycal stones). The greed grows in the heart or Arzium´s powerful city states and so begins the fight between nations to control the new resources

In the race for control the people of the Highlands of Cresaria start to make experiments with forbbiden dark arts, they summon demons with unspeakeable power that they trap in bottle-artifacts to bend thier will and use it to seize power. Until one day this forces break free, and the Titans enter the world, vicious creatures with the only purpose of anihilate his opressors.

Soon the world is devastated by the unhuman force of the Titans, all the lore and technological advances were lost!, and Titans reign supreme.

The ancient world

“Old traditions were lost, the world lives in fear of what lies in the horizon, until…”

This game takes place in a world where ancient lore is just a memory, the old traditions and the powerful city states are long gone. All technological advances take a huge set-back, people are scattered in tribes who wander in deserts and caves hiding from the wrath of the Titans.

All fertile land is taken by the Titans, until one day a hero who unifies the 5 wandering tribes of the desert make a stand to fight the Titans, and so the ancient war against the Titans begun, until the last one is slayed.

Above and below / Islebound
“Since the last Titan was slayed a new hope is born and bold explorers begun to discovers the remnants of the lost lore still traceable on unexplore caves and misterious islands”

I like to think of this games as a fresh start where the new races all together star to explore the world again, free of Titans.


One day Takual was exploring one of the many caves that branches beyond the land, when he found a red-glow hidden in the dirt, he dug up the strange artifact, a strange glass with a redish glow inside that he took for treasure, only to find that the object provides big burst of energy.Then the village began to use it, and the hunt for these objects became an obsession, little did they knew that the story was about to repeat again…
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