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Subject: @Boardgaming_FTW takes a look at Game of eNERGY rss

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Christopher Richter
United States
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I could feel the energy of this game when I first played it at Origins Game Fair 2016 this summer. I met game designer Nathan Wright & his lovely mother Tammy as I was wondering around the exhibit hall looking for one of the game designers that I was going to meet & interview. Nathan's Mother, Tammy, handed me the flyer for a neat new energy game coming to Kickstarter in July.
I graciously took the flyer & let her know that I was in a hurry to round up my interviews. Of course I promised that I would be back for a game. As I walked to my next interview I tucked the little flyer into my pocket with the appointments I made so I would not forget to stop on by.

So I got through my interviews for the day & headed to see some friends. I demo'd a few games at the Passport booth where a few friends were helping out. As I finished demoing Three Wishes I turned & saw Tammy over my right shoulder still passing out the "Game of eNERGY" flyers.

I quickly thought to myself that I didn't have anything better to do so I'm going to go check this game out. So I walked over to Tammy & told her that I was going to play a game. Unfortunately Nathan was busy doing a demo game & they were halfway through the game. So Tammy & I sat down & spoke for awhile when Nathan told me that one of the players had to leave & wanted to know if I wanted to jump in. Of course I said I would.

Ok, so the current game was half done. To me that is no big deal since I can learn a game pretty fast just watched people go through a turn. I've been told that I am one of the fastest learners by my small group.

Let's turn the clock now to last week (almost a month after Origins) when I received a copy of the Game of eNERGY. I was very excited with what I received. Now what I received was a prototype of the game so some of the pictures of components won't reflect what the finished product will be.

First of all the Game of eNERGY is by designer Nathan Wright. It is for one to four players. Play time is thirty minutes to an hour & for players fourteen years & older.

At the beginning of the game players will be given a colored tokens, $110 energy credits, & two double-sided reference cards. Each player will then place two of their colored markers on the energy credit score chart & the terawatt-hour chart.

Players will also receive two Captain of Industry cards. Players will then decide which of the two Captains of Industry they will keep. The remaining cards will be put back into the box.

The Captains of Industry can be used each turn if the player wants to use it. The Captains of Industry will be very useful as the game goes on.
Players will then take three actions in this order: drawing from the Grid Card deck, collecting energy credits, & rolling the territory die. At the end of each player's turn they will check to see if a player has scored enough to start the end of the game.

At the beginning of each round, the current player will draw from the Grid Card deck. The player may play the card immediately or they may keep the card in their hand. At the end of the turn where a player has more than one card in hand, then they must play one. Grid Cards can be positive or negative & can effect one or all players.

Next players will collecting Energy Credits based on their position on the Energy Credit score track. Whatever the position that player will collect that many credits.

Then a player will roll the Territory die. The die has icons representing all four territories & two icons representing the investment deck. If a player rolls one of the territories they must buy & place their Energy Industries on that space.

These industries represent biofuel, fossil fuel, hydroelectric, nuclear, solar, & wind energies. Players are allowed to buy up to five different industries on a turn. However, nuclear plants are limited to one per turn & fossil fuel is limited to three per turn. Once purchased that player will place them on the correct territory on however many hexes that the industry takes up. Players will mark each of these industries with one of their tokens from their supply. After placing the industry the player will move the tokens on the each of the tracks to reflect how many points & how many credits they will earn.

Now if a player rolls the Territory die & it happens to end up showing the Investment icon, that player must draw the top card of the investment deck. There is a 60% chance that something good will happen & a 40% chance something bad could happen. Once a card is drawn & played it will be re-shuffled back into the Investment deck so the next player will have the same opportunity that previous player had.

After the investment card is drawn & played, that current player will then have the opportunity to pick one of the four territories. Once they pick one of the territories they will be able to buy & place industries on them.

At some point during the game players may run into debt. If this happens to occur the player will be given the amount they owe with the Five Debt dollars. Players may pay these debts off at anytime during the game. If debt is not paid off by the end of game that player will lose points based on the amount of debt they owe.

Like I said before this is a really simple game to learn & play. I consider it as a lighter version of "Power Grid". Also don't let the age range fool you. A child at age ten could play this game without much help.

Included in the Kickstarter project will be the first expansion containing a two Captains of Industries & a solo variation with a Dummy Corporation. You could basically set the level you want to play at the beginning of the game. This will allow the Dummy player to purchase that amount of industries during their turn.

A fantastic game to have. I can really feel the energy around this game. Game of eNERGY will be available on Kickstarter July 26th.

Let's get ready to solve the energy crisis & game on!

-Christopher Richter

Twitter: @Boardgaming_FTW
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Curly Tea
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Thank you, Christopher!! As you can see, I got my account back, but it was like starting all over again.
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