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Subject: New Rules rss

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Damien M
United States
Salt Lake City
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Anyone have a chance to look over them yet to see what changed?

Certainly needs a proofread. There are translation errors on basically every page it seems.
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Joshua Nash
United States
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I just skimmed it, but didn't notice any changes to gameplay.
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William Diehl
United States
Grand Terrace
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Just some backstory/info. From the Kickstarter page (posted 7/26/16):


New Rules!

On another note, let’s talk about rules! A lot of you have been asking about the new rulebooks and we have some good news. The new rulebook is in its final stages. All of the heavy lifting has been completed and we are now in the proofing stage.

We think you will agree that the new rules are clearer and provide a better experience with Fallen City of Karez.

Link to new Rules*.

We encourage you to download them, take a look, and contact us at with any last minute suggestions or clarifications that you might have.

*Not final - still a text version.

The link is in the original post of this thread.

Yeah, these are quite bad... I can barely read them. I'm not sure I even saw any changes.

I'm happy to volunteer my time to help correct the English, but as far as game play changes, I didn't notice anything after first glance.

Some changes that I've seen so far:
Page 2 - Valor Cubes can be exchanged 1:1 for either Threat or Gold [is this new?]
Page 5 - Equipment purchases during Action Phase are paid immediately/directly to the building owner unless the building owner is purchasing from his own building in which case the owner's payment remains on the board and is not collected until the end of the Action Phase. [Unclear to me if this is a change; my interpretation of the FAQ/forum content is that ALL Actions Phase purchase payments remained on the board until the end of the Activation phase]

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Greg Allen
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Alright, I've read this new rule book and sort out what I've found and analyzed from beginning till the end.

1. Limited Resources

On the 2nd page it does mentioned that all components are limited except for wound markers.

2. Everything Can Be Traded Except for Level-Up Tokens

It's mentioned in 2nd page that everything can traded except Level-Up Tokens and I presume this means that this applies to all things that you own. Workers and warriors you don't own so I presume you could not trade that.

3. Valor Cubes can be used as Gold or Threat cubes

This is something new which is never mentioned in the old rule book. In the 2nd page it mentioned that you can use valor cubes as Gold or Threat but not vice versa.

4.Wrong Map Depictions

On the 3rd page, the map and descriptions of the depictions are off for some things.

No. 2 - "Lavalamps aktive and inaktive"

- I believe this is unnecessary and it's confusing to have that in.

No. 3 - "Monitor: Balance G/E, State and Turn"

- This would have been better if they have mark this individually rather than lump it all in one

No. 4 - "Productins pace for instants and items"

- The Blacksmith items on the map is wrongly marked as no. 7 which it should have been marked as 4.
- The Tower should also be marked 4 as these spaces are also production spaces (correct me if I'm wrong on this)

No. 8 - "Private Dungeons"

- On the map the Private Dungeons are numbered as "3" which it should have been "8"

5. Game Setup

- Previously the monster and traps card was called Encounter Decks and now it's called Dungeon Decks

- previous rule book notes that all Heroes cards have be to placed face up and this was not noted in this new rule book (I believe Heroes cards are to be placed face up)

6. Action Phase

As I read these rules and comparing with the old rules, the things which I come to understand and which they should have made it clear to all in better writings of the rules is as follow:

1. Actions - Instant Effects
2. Actions - Activates in Activation Phase
3. Actions - Activates in Adventure Phase

1. Actions - immediate effects

(1) Buy A Building

- Pay the Gold amount on the shield space and place your shield token

(2) Buy An Item or Instant

- Pay according to the amount of gold on the instant/item and get the instant/item immediately.
- Owner receive the gold immediately. If no players own it, pay it to the general reserve
- If the player who buys is the owner, he/she pays the gold by leaving it on where he/she buys it and take the instant/item immediately. Collects the gold at the end of Action Phase.

e.g. Trade Guild Owner buys Mana Potion (Cost: 1 Gold) from his/her Market Place. He/She puts the 1 gold on Market Place and take the Mana Potion. He/She claims the 1 gold from Market Place after Action Phase has ended.

(3) Opening/Closing A Private Dungeon

a. Opening - Player puts his/her shield token on an empty private dungeon

b. Closing - Player remove his/her shield token from a private dungeon. (Only can do this action if that dungeon is not opened by the same player on the same round)

2. Actions - Activation Needed (Activation Phase)

(1) Send To Work

- The new rules mentioned that players can take 2 Citizens or 1 Adventurer from the City Centre and place on a production space with 1 Adventurer symbol or 1 Citizen symbol or 2 Citizens symbol.

I've look through the whole map and the production spaces are only available in:

1. Market Place
2. Blacksmith
3. Tower

So I've summarized the whole of this action as below:

- Select:

a. 1 Citizen
b. 2 Citizens
c. 1 Adventurer

Then place it on the correct symbols in:

a. Market Place
b. Blacksmith
c. Tower (Only available when reach Town status)

note: you may choose to take 1 Citizen and place on a production space that has a 2 Citizens symbol (which will not produce anything in activation as the requirement of 2 Citizens not fulfilled)

(2) Use Building Action

- Buildings actions separated into 2 types:

1. Public Actions
2. Owner Actions (with a shield symbol on top right hand corner)

Non Owner(Public Actions Only)
- players place their shield token on any of the buildings actions paying the cost and get the Citizens/Adventurer from City Centre as required and place on the action space.

Owner (Public & Owner Actions)
- players pay the cost and get the Citizens/Adventurer from City Centre as required and place on the action space.

(3) Use Visitor Action

- pay the cost on the visitor card and place your shield token.

note: every visitor is only available once in every round, it means that the visitor card is discarded at the end of the round and a new visitor card is flipped open.

3. Actions - Activates in Adventure Phase

Sending Heroes To Adventure

- players place his/her shield token on an Adventure or a Private Dungeon.
- other players can also place their shield token on an Adventure or a Private Dungeon by stacking his/her shield token on top of the previous player's token which was already in the Adventure/Private Dungeon.
- Resolve the exploration adventure in Adventure Phase.

As a Summary Action Phase is listed as below:

Actions - Instant Effects
1. Buy A Building
2. Buy An Instant or An Item
3. Open or Close A Private Dungeon

Actions - Activate in Activation Phase
1. Send To Work
2. Use Building Action
3. Use Visitor Action

Action - Activate in Adventure Phase
1. Send Heroes to Adventure/Private Dungeon

7. Activation Phase

- the new rules only says resolve "Activating a building" and "Buy an equipment card". As per mentioned, I've pointed out that there are a few actions that only activates in Activation Phase and therefore I will list the things to activate and do in Activation Phase as below:

1. Activate Send To Work
2. Activate Visitor Action
3. Activate a Building Action
4. Buy An Instant or An Item

1. Activate Send To Work

- The new rules and old rules only mentioned that the production spaces will produce Instant and Items in Activation phase.

I presume that all the production spaces that fulfilled the workers requirement will immediately move all these Citizens and Adventurers back to the City Centre and new Instants and Items are drawn from their respective draw piles and placed face up on the produce space.

2. Activate Visitor Action

- the player who placed their shield and payment on the visitor will get to take back their shield and return the payment to the general reserve and collect their reward.

3. Activate Building Action

- players activate one building at a time where they have their shield on the building action (either is an owner or non owner) by returning the citizen/adventurer to the City Centre or discard it to general reserve according to the symbol and as well as return the resource payment made to the general reserve, then collect their resource/reward gain from that action.

4. Buy An Instant or An Item

- players get to buy an Instant or an Item the same way as in Action Phase.

To conclude the understanding of Activation Phase, the flow should be as below:

[1.] Production spaces produce Instants and Items (draw Instants and Items to fill the space) where the worker requirements are fulfilled and the workers(Citizens & Adventurers)are returned to the City Centre

[2.] Players in turn order get to do one of the following one at a time:

a. Activate a Building action
b. Buy An Instant or An Item
c. Activate Visitor Action

note: the rules never mentioned that if you can choose to activate without taking the resource or reward

[3.] A player can choose to pass if he/she refuses to activate any building/visitor or buy Instant/Item. Once everyone has passed, Adventure Phase will start.

8. Adventure Phase

As for the Adventure Phase, every player that has put their shield token in the Adventure or Private Dungeon gets to activate following the rule that the player's shield which is in the bottom most starts their exploration first.


As per rule says, player who is activating in adventure phase first gets to choose the number of Heroes according to the number of valor on the Adventure card and equip the Heroes according to backpack limit of each hero.

The new rules says Heroes will encounter each Trap/Monster card from right to left, however in the old rules says left to right.

So please verify on this!

The combat rules are the same as mentioned in the old rules.

Private Dungeon

In the new rules it mentioned that the owner will get to prepare his/her dungeon by placing as many traps/monster card as they like with the restriction that 2 cards of the same type cannot be place in a row.

Then after the owner has prepared the dungeon that the exploring player gets to ready his heroes to enter the dungeon.

However,the new rules mentioned that the number of heroes can be assembled is equals to the number of valor on Adventure card. My question is where does this Adventure card comes from for the Private Dungeon owner????

The rest of the rules about the dungeon and the loot is easy to understand.

Please leave your comments and questions as I do hope at least this game has some play value.
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Miguel Guijo
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In a private dungeon there is no limit to what adventur party ypu assemble.
The new rules are better than the old ones vut the game is un balanced and a mess ven when you understand it. Its not playtested, thats it.
Paul grogan had some nice ideas on fixing the game but i think the project for new rules is over with no result.
I still think this game could be fun, but i dont know if it is going to hit the table again.
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Greg Allen
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I do agree on that, do hope that there's some sort of fixing of the mechanics as I also think that it could be fun if it's fixed if not it's as good as staying in the shelf for good.

Personally I think that if one could bring as many heroes as they like, most probably this is not going to be fun as it can be pretty easy unless you're awfully bad luck in your dice rolls.
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