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Don Brisson
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You can use both or each individually. We don't enjoy one or more players having to watch the game so instead of 'killing' off the characters they disrupt game play on their turn instead. Keep in mind this does escalate exponentially and can make the game more difficult.

Spell Talent Tree Variant
- Randomly setup 12 spell talent trees (3 talent tree of each element).
- Each talent tree contains 1 spell of each level of the same element.
- Every player gets 1 basic spell set (4 cards)
- Players do not get to see what the level 2 and 3 are until they have purchased the level 1.
- Other players cannot purchase spells in your talent tree.

Game play:
1. Your first spell talent tree must be the same element than your affinity (whatever your student's element is) and will be placed in the 5th slot. The talent tree is placed somewhere in your area and you can look at them, but they have not been purchased / unlocked. Any further spells down that talent tree can replace any spells in your spell book.
2. Your secondary spell talent tree can be of any element and replace any spell in your spell book.
3. You cannot have more than 2 spell talent tree unless you are the Male Earth student, where you can have 3 spell talent trees.
4. You must unlock each level of the talent tree by purchasing the spell. You can replace the spell you just purchased.
4.a. You cannot unlock level 3 spell until you have unlocked level 2 spell.
4.b. You can unlock level 2 spell, replace one of your 5 spells, then unlock level 3 spell and replace that level 2 spell.

No Player Deaths Variant
Instead of going mad at 6 cards and being removed from game play:

When a player has 5 madness cards in their hand they must hence forth use the following rules (if they go back down to 4, the rules return to normal):

1. Every time they must draw 1 madness card, they draw 2 instead and place it in their discard pile.
2. Every time they must draw 1 madness card, they must discard 1 random element from their draw pile (and reshuffle the deck); if the draw pile is empty, from their discard pile.
3. Their maximum hand size is 7 (including their 5 Madness + 2 drawn).
3.a. If any madness cards are drawn, they are immediately placed in their support slots; if the support slot is full, they must give the madness card to the player on their left. That player puts the madness card into his/her hand (They will have 7 cards on their turn).

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