chris villing
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I am looking for a rule clarification:
When I am casting the delivery component of my spell and there are KEPT creatures present do I get to decide which delivery component is cast first?
Is it the delivery component that I played that turn or can I pick one of the KEPT creatures?
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Paweł Szwanke
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We play that we decide about order of playing cards of the same type.
IMO: Kept creatures are added to your new spell, so they are become components of the spell, so You decide.
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Derek Dyer
United States
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As far as I know there is no official answer to this question.

My opinion is that whatever components you played this turn would have to happen first. The Delivery that you play is determining your initiative for the turn, it wouldn't make sense to use other Deliveries before it.

Then you could choose what order you want any additional components to be used in.

It also seems silly to me, to play a single card to go first, but play cards kept from last turn before it... "See how quick I can fire off this one component spell while you guys are still casting... but wait let me activate these other cards first."


As I said, it's not exactly spelled out, but there are a couple of entries in the rulebook that can be applied to this.

First: "A “kept” Creature does not add to the spell component card count
that determines how quickly you cast your spell. For example, if you play
a 3-card spell and you have kept two Creatures from previous rounds,
you are still playing a 3-card spell, not a 5-card spell."

In other words these are added to your spell after you start your turn, which leads us to this rule:

"If a new component enters your spell while you are resolving it, and it's of a type that you have already resolved, finish resolving your current component, then resolve the new one. Example: Your Quality puts a
Source into play, but you have already resolved your Sources. No
matter. Resolve the new Source before proceeding to your Delivery."

In other words, resolve the delivery for the spell that you played this turn first, then resolve any other deliveries.
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