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Eric Mortensen
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I received a preview copy of Chickapig from the publisher. The final version of the game may change before it is released.

In Chickapig each player controls a set of six Chickapigs and four hay bales. The goal of the game is to get all six of your Chickapigs through your gate on the other side of the gameboard.

To start a player's turn they roll the die to determine how many actions they get on their turn. The player uses the number rolled to perform three different actions. The player can perform any combination of the actions using the number they rolled. The actions that a player can perform are as follows:

1. Move a Chickapig of your color in a straight line. The Chickapig can move in any direction except diagonally. When a Chickapig moves it continues to move in that direction until it runs into a hay bale, another Chickapig, the cow, the edges of the gameboard, or the sides of one of the goals. Each change of direction counts as one action.
2. Move a hay bale. A player can move one of their hay bales to an adjacent space (not diagonally). Each space moved counts as an action.
3. Move the cow. The player can move the cow one space in any direction (except diagonally) for one action.

When a player rolls a two they can forgo their actions to draw a daisy card which they can use on a future turn for the benefit printed on the card. If a player rolls a one they can move the cow to any space on the gameboard. A poop token is placed on the space that the cow is moved to. If a player ever lands on a poop token or moves through one they must draw a poop card which hurts the player.

The first player to get all of their Chickapigs to their gate wins the game.

Overall I enjoyed Chickapig quite a bit. Chickapig is kind of an abstract puzzle game where you need to figure out how to move different pieces around the gameboard in order to get your Chickapigs into their gate. The game is not complicated though as you can teach the game within minutes.

For being so simple the game has more strategy than you would think. You need to plan out your moves in order to make a path towards your gate while also blocking your opponents. Each player has quite a bit of impact on the other players since one movement can easily disrupt another player's strategy.

While I really liked Chickapig, I thought the daisy and poop cards could have used a little work. The daisy cards are a little unbalanced. I thought the poop cards were a little under powered since most of them don't act as much of a deterrent.

Overall the components are quite good even though the preview copy that I received may not be the final components.

Chickapig is not going to be for everyone but I really enjoyed the game. The game is simple to play and yet has enough strategy. If you don't mind abstract style games with puzzle elements I think you will enjoy Chickapig. If not it probably won't be for you.

If you would like to check out my full review check out
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