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To my surprise, on opening my own W&S box again after some time, I found detailed notes from a game in 2009.

Gwynh Imperial Date 12K+275/Earth Date 2457/Pereen date 1A3D [the Pereen, being four-footed with four digits, count hexadecimal]).

Newsflash: The recent discovery of a trove of historical documents in the ruins of a Pereen command bunker on Procyon IV (Pernavan IV in Pereen terminology) sheds new light on the early Solar federation border wars (the Terran Wars in Gwynhyfarr historiography, or the "Sector 7 incidents" as the Pereen call these conflicts). In particular the work of the tri-compact historical team triggered a reinterpretation of the diplomatic causes for these wars, leading to heated discussions at major historical conferences. It is expected this will result in a significant increase in tourist visits of the battle areas from the various home sectors.

The records begin with the establishment of the Pereen base on Chi Draconis and therefore shed no new light on the first half of the period, but do provide the first complete record of Pereen proble activity during the years of conflict (the originally classified homeworld copies destroyed in the centennial housekeeping exercise in the middle of the 20-year process for granting historian access).

[For those interested: The initial Pereen expansion was largely launched from Xi Bootis to 36 Oph, My Her, and Sigma Dra (to arrive on turns 2, 4, and 3), plus a probe launched towards Procyon from Xi UMa, arriving on turn 3 (6, 2, 2, and 6 MPs spent).

On Turn 2, two more probes were launched from Xi Boo to BD+33° and CD-20° (to arrive at Turn 5) and another from newly settled 36 Oph to BD+2° (for Turn 6 arrival).

On Turn 3, another one was launched from 36 Oph to 70 Oph (to arrive Turn 6), and a probe arrived on Procyon which after settlement immediately launched a new one towards LFT 661 (to arrive Turn 8 ).

Procyon was the major base for long range expansion from Turn 4, aimed at CD-13° and Gamma Lep, both arriving on Turn 10 after a 24-year trip.

Turn 5 saw Sigma Dra as the base for a short range launch towards Chi Dra (Arrival Turn 7), and a long range one for Eta Cass (Turn 10).

On Turn 6 there was only a single launch towards CD-51°5 from recently settled CD-20°, to arrive on Turn 11.

The map shows the initial Pereen expansion (Turns 1-6), with progressively darker colour.

The Pereen were now clearly playing for the long term, i.e., end game, as another couple were launched on Turn 7 from Sigma Dra to BD+63° and 36 Oph to 41 Arae, to arrive on Turns 12 and 10, respectively - but clearly threatening the Gwynhyfarr rear.]

Halfway into the period (Year 28 - Turn 7), Pereen strategy analysis documents found at the site pointed towards the Terrans being cornered by the Gwynhyfarr who were blocking their expansion at every corner. On Turn 7, the Terrans declared war on the Gwynhyfarr (the Pereen recording that they were "forced into this" by rigid Gwynhyfarr diplomacy).

The Gwynhyfarr War (Terran name)/War of Terran Aggression (Gwynhyfarr name)

War Turn 1: The Terrans attack Epsilon Indi with a Heavy and a Light Fleet escorting a Transport. The system is defended by a Gwynhyfarr Base and Light Fleet. This turns out to be not enough; the Gwynhyfarr space presence is destroyed, although the Terrans lose the Light Fleet and the Heavy Fleet is reduced to a Medium one. However, the Terrans land ground troops on Epsilon Indi, taking the planet and system!

War turn 2: The Gwynhyfarr, already off-balance, are further discomfited by an off-map war preventing their planned use of reserves - although the Pereen are neutral in the war, their diplomatic machinations have significant impact. [The event chit was played by the Pereen.] The Gwynhyfarr decide to bring in emergency reinforcements. They cannot reach the front, but enable a shifting of garrisons, and the Gwynhyfarr can launch a counterattack on Epsilon Indi with a Heavy Fleet. The Terran Medium Fleet retreats before the attack, but the Gwynhyfarr have no ground troops in range yet, and bombardment fails to dent the Terran positions on the ground.

After the second turn, to the local Gwynhyfarr flock leader's (roughly "vice roy") dismay, the central faction leadership (obviously spooked by the off-map war) concludes a peace with the Terrans and Epsilon Indi remains in Terran hands.

The maps of the wars do not directly the 3D nature of the movements but it is a good approximation that across all the wars in general, Gwynhyfarr attacks were pointed upwards relative to the galactic plane, Pereen probe courses were pointed downwards, and Terran attacks were pointed upwards or downwards depending on whether they were aimed at Pereen or Gwynhyfarr worlds, respectively.

At the end of the war, losses had reduced the Gwynhyfarr maintenance costs from 38 to 28, Terran from 41 to 36. Pereen forces remained at 42.

[Terran worlds: Alpha Cent, 61 Cygni, BD+56°, Tau Ceti, BD+6°, Eps Eri fully colonised, Eta Cass and CD-13° at 2, 86 Eri at 4, and Epsilon Indi at 5.]

[Gwynhyfarr worlds: CD-36°13, CD-27°, 41 Arae, Keid, Gamma Lep, Piscium, Fom A and Fom B fully colonised, Orionis at 1 and BD+4° at 4.]

[Pereen worlds: Procyon, Sigma Dra, 36 Oph, My Her CD-20° fully colonised, Xi Dra at 1, 70 Oph, BD+33° and BD+2° at 2.]

By Year 32 (Turn 8 ), the Pereen decided to keep their options open, but were now worried about Terran ascendancy. They launched one probe at Delta Pavonis, likely to be colonised by the Gwynhyfarr, and one against Terran held Tau Ceti, both to arrive on Turn 13. By Year 45 (Turn 9) they launched a probe from Procyon towards Terran-held 82 Eridani, to arrive on Turn 14.

Finally, on Year 40 (Turn 10), they launched a probe at the core of the Terran sphere - Alpha Centauri, to arrive on Turn 14. On this turn, their probes arrived at no less than four worlds - the Gwynhyfarr worlds of 41 Arae and Gamma Leporis. The probe at 41 Arae was shot down by the garrisoning Medium Fleet and Base. The other probes arrived at CD-13° and My Cassiopeiae, both Terran worlds.
The economic situation at this point saw the Terrans clearly ahead with 87 EP, and units worth 53 Maintenance points [1 Heavy Fleet, 1 Medium Fleet, 3 Bases, 4 Nexi, 1 Transport Fleet, 1 Armoured and 1 Drop Corps, 3 Infantry Corps, 1 Engineer unit and a Web Ship].

The Pereen had 72 EP with also 53 Maintenance [6 SDBs, 4 Infantry and 1 Armor Corps, 2 Engineers, 11 Nexi].

The Gwynhyfarr had 75 EP, units of 56 Maintenance points, but with -6 VP due to their earlier call for Emergency Reinforcements. [5 Bases, 2 Heavy and 1 Medium Fleet, 2 Transports, 1 Armor, 1 Infantry and 2 Drop Corps].

Given this situation, the Pereen conceded to the Gwynhyfarr the right to destroy their Nexus at Gamma Leporis, but declared war on the Terrans to prevent them from destroying the two other remaining ones.

The First Pereen-Gwyhnhyfarr War (Terran)/Second Terran War (Gwynhyfarr)/First Sector 7 Contested Expansion (Pereen)

War Turn 1: To defend their territory, the Terrans send an infantry corps and an engineer to CD-13°, the Pereen send an infantry and an armour corps, and an engineer. Both sides lose one step in the resulting combat [1/1].

The Terrans also send two fleets and a Transport to Eta Cassiopeia. The Pereen only land an infantry corps in what seems to be a diversionary attack. The Pereen troops are quickly destroyed by the troops landed from the Terran transports [0/3].

The Gwynhyfarr appear at Epsilon Indi with a Heavy Fleet and a Transport carrying an Infantry corps. The Terrans have an Armour corps garrisoning the planet, but it suffers attrition due to being cut off.

War Turn 2: The Terran armour at Epsilon Indi suffers attrition, although the Gwynhyfarr have not yet dared to land any troops. In return, the Pereen on CD-13° suffer attrition.

The Terran units at My Cass move to Tau Ceti, fearing a Gwynhyfarr attack, but the Gwynhyfarr are more ambitious and launch an assault on Sol. The Gwynhyfarr fleets lose one step in destroying the Terran Base there and destroy one infantry step at Sol.

The Terran engineers reopen the nexus at CD-13° which gives them good chances of prevailing there, but their situation at Epsilon Indi and even Sol is perilous. A Terran delegation travels to the Gwynhyfarr central worlds offering to cede Epsilon Indi and the request is accepted; the war ends.

Year 44 (Turn 11): The Terrans are licking their wounds. The Pereen land a probe at CD-51°5. The Gwynhyfarr build a base at CD-34°.

Year 48 (Turn 12): The Pereen threaten BD+63°. Records are incomplete but indicate that ultimately the Pereen did not feel ready for war and accepted the destruction of the nexus by the Terrans.

Year 52 (Turn 13): The next wave of Pereen probes turn up at Tau Ceti and Delta Pavonis.

The Terran economy now sits at 99 EP, and they have 71 Maintenance points' worth of units. [2 HF, 1 LF, 1 WebShip, 4 Nexi, 3 Bases, 2 Transports, 3 Infantry, 2 Armour, 1 Engineer, and 2 Drop Corps.]

The Pereen sit at 77 EP with units worth 61 Maintenance points. [8 SDBs, 5 Infantry, 2 Engineers, 1 Armour corps, and 13 Nexi.]

The Gwynhyfarr have 84 EP (but are recorded as having -4 VPs), and units 71 Maintenance points. [6 Bases, 2 HF, 1 MF, 1 LF, 2 Transports, 4 Infantry, 1 Armour and 2 Drop Corps. It is not clear why the VP penalty seems to have shrunk from 6 to 4 by this time; historians suspect a mistake in the records.]

Overall, though the Terrans are ahead economically, they should not be a match for the forces of both other empires as the Pereen and Gwynhyfarr again declare war.

The Second Pereen-Gwynhyfarr War/Middle Terran War/Second Sector 7 Contested Expansion

War Turn 1: The Gwynhyfarr move first; they take My and Eta Cassiopeiae without suffering any losses. A major battle is however fought at Epsilon Indi as the Terrans attack it again; they lose four fleet steps to two Gwynhyfarr ones but ultimately overcome the Gwynhyfarr and naval presence and destroy one step of the Gwynhyfarr armour force on the planet. However, the heavy fleet losses suffered here severely constrained their options later in the war.

The Pereen send a massive attack against the Terran armour corps stationed at Tau Ceti and cause two step losses.

War Turn 2: The Pereen, moving first together with the Gwynhyfarr, send infantry and armour in but no SDB's. Both sides lose a step in ground combat. Both sides' nexi end up damaged. The Pereen invasion is now hanging by a thread, and that thread is the Pereen engineer unit. :-)

The Gwynhyfarr destroy the Terran base at 61 Cygni, capturing the system. They also take BD+56° without resistance.

In retaliation, the Terrans launch a counterattack against CD-36°13, destroy the base there and take the system. They also manage to reopen their nexus at Tau Ceti despite the engineer unit having suffered casualties [size=1 color=blue][DR 2][/color][/size].

War Turn 3: The Terrans retain the initiative and move first. They reinforce Delta Pavonis and send a Medium Fleet home to defend Sol. They also launch a ground attack at Tau Ceti at 2:1 strength. A risky 3:2 attack at Delta Pavonis causes two losses to the Pereen but only one to the Terrans.

The setbacks for the allied races continue. The last Gwynhyfarr unit at Delta Pavonis dies of supply attrition. The Pereen Engineer at Tau Ceti also dies after failing to repair the nexus there. Without a way to repair the nexus, the days of the Pereen beachhead are numbered. The Gwynhyfarr hastily move units downwards from BD+56° and 61 Cygni to counter the attack on Delta Pavonis, but on this turn they only make it to Epsilon Indi. This means giving up 61 Cygni as they cannot leave a major garrison force behind if they need to fight a ground combat at their destination. (The perils of occupying an enemy world with a single unit.)

War Turn 4: The Pereen/Gwynhyfarr Alliance has recovered from their shock and move first, although this does not prevent the last Pereen armour cadre from being eliminated by supply attrition on Tau Ceti. The Pereen invasions have been complete failures as the Gwynhyfarr did not force the diversion of sufficient Terran ground forces.

Part of the Gwynhyfarr task force continues on to Delta Pavonis from Epsilon Indi and cause two losses to the Terrans in fleet combat to only one loss of their own. At this point the Terran fleets retreat, their drop corps on the ground is destroyed.

However, the Terrans regroup and launch another assault, this time on Keid. They lose three fleet steps but destroy the Gwynhyfarr base and take Keid with ground troops.

War Turn 5: The last Terran cadre at Epsilon Indi is eliminated from supply attrition, and the Gwynhyfarr regain control. The Gwynhyfarr attack Tau Ceti but do not manage to take it immediately. The Terrans offer to cede Keid and the governments impose a peace, resulting in the Terrans keeping control of Tau Ceti. The only systems actually changing ownership as a result of the war is Epsilon Indi going back to the Gwynhyfarr, and BD+56°, My and Eta Cassiopeiae being newly conquered by them, in exchange for the loss of CD+36°13 to the Terrans.

The Pereen intelligence reports display their frustration, having planned and engineered the war but nothing to show for it except to prepare the two worlds for subsequent Gwynhyfarr invasions, which also were unsuccessful, while the Gwynhyfarr took several worlds from the Terrans.

Pereen intelligence records recovered from the bunker state that after the war the Terrans are down to 42 Maintenance Points' worth of units (down 29), but their Economy has just been reduced to 92, their conquests almost having balanced out their territorial losses.
The Gwynhyfarr have lost somewhat less being at 50 maintenance points (down 21), with EP now at 89. The Pereen are down 14 at 47, with EP 77.
The EP numbers in the found Pereen intelligence reports do not add quite up to the prewar data, but it is not clear whether the fault lay in the prewar or post-war data.

Year 56 (Turn 14): The last wave of Pereen probes lands at Alpha Centauri and 82 Eridani. The Gwynhyfarr are strapped for cash due to the need to replace the bases lost at Keid and CD-36°13, but pledge to support the Pereen in case the Terrans should resist the Pereen landings, as they turn out to do. For the third and last time, the Terrans faced the might of both other empires.

Third Pereen-Gwyhnhyfarr War/Last Terran War/Third Sector 7 Expansion.

War Turn 1: The Gwynhyfarr land troops at CD-36° (causing one step loss to both sides in ground combat), as the Pereen move an armour and an infantry unit to Alpha Centauri, likewise causing one step loss to each. The Pereen also move 1 Infantry and 1 engineer to 82 Eridani which they take bloodlessly.

In response, the Terrans attack Procyon, destroy the SDB and nexus at the cost of 1 fleet step lost, and take that world. With shooting still going on in all the contested systems, the Terrans offer to cede CD-13° to the Gwynhyfarr, again triggering the Gwynhyfarr central government to step in and accept their peace offers, perhaps shortsightedly but the Gwynhyfarr government seems to have no more stomach for the drawn out bloodletting that characterised the Second War. The war ends very quickly. This time the Pereen have taken 82 Eridani from the Terrans but lost Procyon in the process. CD-13° is handed to the Gwynhyfarr by the Terrans but the allied invasion troops are repatriated from CD-36° and Alpha Centauri.

At 94 EP, the Terrans are at Level 2, falling just one point short of Victory Level 3. The Pereen have managed to reach Level 2 at 82, and the Gwynhyfarr have 89 points but subtracting 4 VP, just fall back to Level 1. So the game ends as a Draw between the Pereen and Terrans, with the Gwynhyfarr losing out. (The Pereen intelligence reports gave everyone a draw but apparently left out the -4VP as they were produced for a lower clearance audience.)

[Terran jump range was 10 at game's end and web distance was 7.]

Note that the situation maps in this report are intended for a professional audience and only display worlds whose status is recorded in the materials found on Procyon/Pernavan IV. They do not provide detailed colonisation reports after Turn 7 for the non-Pereen races. Readers who wish to see maps with the full overview of all sides' holdings and force deployments are referred to the major popular histories downloadable from many news outlets or the Official History of the conflict published by the Tri-Compact Intercultural Institute.

(AAR first posted on Consimworld.)
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