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I present a whole game of Space Hulk: Death Angel – The Card Game with the fanmade expansion Wolf Guard introducing the Space Wolves (follow its development on BGG here!).

Novel concepts
For those who are not familiar with the Wolf Guard, I summarize three novel concepts capturing Space Wolves’ attitude to fight in close combat.
Melee Fighters: Some members of the Wolf Guard are indicated as “Melee Fighters” on their cards. They have a specific attitude towards melee fighting and accordingly they often use weapons with limited range and are used to assist their close fighting brothers.
Assisting Space Marines: Each time a Melee Fighter Space Marine is facing the same direction of an adjacent Space Marine, he is assisting that Space Marine. Melee Fighters may also assist other Melee Fighters.
Assisted abilities on action cards: Some action cards report abilities that have improved outcomes when played on assisted Space Marines. In this case, integrate the ability text with the text included among square brackets '[...]'.

I also provide a brief description of the three Teams used in the game. These capture at best the spirit of the Space Wolves at this stage of the development and testing, while I am still working to develop the other three Teams.

Team Purple
Purple Team is a utility team starring the Wolf Priest Sigurd (range 2), and Brother Ranek (Melee Fighter, range 1). When supporting, Oath of War provides additional kills to other attacking teams. When moving (Defensive Charge), Brother Ranek charges enemy swarms making them running away. When attacking, Covering Fire forces one attacked swarm to move to another position and/or to the other side of the formation.

Team Red
Team Red is an offensive team starring Brother Gunnar (range 2, heavy plasma), and Brother Vortigern (range 2) — the Team has no Melee Fighters.* When supporting, Enhanced Reflexes allows Red Space Marines to attack enemy swarms engaged with them. When moving (Mechadendrides), Red Marines may exploit their superior knowledge of alien technology to re-roll once a die while activating a terrain. When attacking with his heavy plasma (Plasma Blast), Brother Gunnar can annihilate up to three GSs in a swarm at distance 3 risking his own life in case the gun explodes — the chance becomes higher if Team Red does not give the gun the time to cool down.

* Team Red has been modified from v.0.6 to make it more thematic. Although I loved the effect of Heroic Sacrifice and land mines, they are more appropriate for a Chapter dealing with explosives (e.g., Salamanders?) than for the Space Wolves.

Team Yellow
Team Yellow is to my opinion the most thematic of the Wolf Guard starring the two identical in range and abilities Void Claws Brother Alric and Brother Torfin (both Melee Fighters, range 0, Wolf Claws). When supporting (Tireless Hunter), they predispose to follow the tracks of any swarm spawning or moving around them. When moving (Flanking), they may attack a swarm at range 1 by spending 1 ST. When attacking (Unconventional Defence), they may exploit the body of a killed enemy to improve their defensive capacities.

And now it’s time to tell this run in a Space Hulk! Let's set up the game!

Round 1
The Column — in the order Ranek (Purple), Alric (Yellow), Gunnar (Red), Sigurd (Purple), Torfin (Yellow), and Vortigern (Red) — entered the Void Lock, and found two GSs waiting for them there.

Alric (Yellow) moved at the top of the formation to face the enemy supported by Team Red, while Team Purple opened fire killing both swarms. “It won’t be an easy walk,” said Brother Vortigern, while GSs were spawning everywhere and flanking the Marines (“Theyʼre Everywhere!”).

Round 2
Ranek charged the swarm in front of the door making it run away in a side corridor.
Only for this time, I exemplify how Ranek’s special movement ability works:
(1) the formation before Ranek’s movement.

(2) Ranek moves upward activating the door, and splitting the swarm in front of him. Because the swarm contains only 1 GS, the player decides to move it below. Brother Alric, who is defending the position and is assisted by Ranek, gains +2 defence.

Gunnar’s heavy plasma vaped two GSs, and Alric slain another one with his Wolf Claws. The quick reaction of the Marines confused the enemy, who retreated to reorganize.

Alric saw an empty corridor on his left, and make the group advance to a Dark Catacombs area, while a silent GS appeared at the back of Brother Torfin, and more enemies appeared on the right of the column.

Round 3
The formation reacted with perfect coordination. Assisted by Torfin, Vortigern slain the GS facing him (Support Team Red — “Enhanced Reflexes”). Alric switched position with Gunnar, flanked the GS that was first facing him piercing his carapace with his Claws (Movement – Flanking), and Team Purple shoot down other two enemies [Note, I erroneously allowed Ranek to attack at distance 2]. Only Torfin missed his attack! Failed their attack, the two remaining aliens retreated again to the darkness waiting for other peers to join their forces (“The Swarm”).

Round 4
Team Yellow assumed a defensive position (Support Team Yellow – “Tireless Hunter”) while Brother Ranek charged the swarm in the dark corridor in front of him, and Team Red killed 2 GSs with normal fire to let Gunnar’s heavy plasma cool down. Enraged by the fight (“For my Battle Brothers”), Vortigern slain a second GS with his bolter, while Gunnar’s Heavy Plasma finally recovered to full functioning.

Round 5
Assisted by Alric, Gunnar’s immediately reacted to a GS appearing in front of him, and killed it (Support Team Red — “Enhanced reflexes”). Turning on his side, Alric then flanked the remaining GS, while Torfin was not equally good at silencing the swarm facing Vortigern. The column closed its ranks, and survived the attack of the surrounding enemies. Gunnar ended scanning the area and indicated a safe area to the left of the column (“Full Scan”).

Round 6
Team Yellow went supporting the teammates, while Ranek scattered the enemies at his back (Team Purple Movement — ““), and Gunnar and Vortigern fired at full power killing other 3 GS (Team Red Attack — ).

However, Ranek remained isolated at the top of the column, and suppressed by the outnumbering enemies (“Outnumbered”).

The remaining GSs fled at the back of Gunnar.

Alric swiftly followed their track to cover his Brother (Support Team Yellow – “Tireless Hunter”).

The formation saw a clear path on the left, and entered the Baal.

Round 7
Team Red moved: Gunnar moved down to allow Torfin to assist his Team Brother, Alric, while Vortigern picked up a holy Manufact from the ground of the Chapel. Supported by Sigurd (Team Purple Support — “Oath of War”), Alric pierced with his Wolf Claws one GS in front of him and used the dead body to defend against the enemies, assisted by Torfin (Team Yellow Attack — “Unconventional Defense“). Team Red needed to pause to unblock their jammed weapons (“Gun Jam”).

Round 8
Team Yellow switched downward in the formation trying to unsuccessfully flank the big swarm at the top of it with (Alric moved and spent 1 ST to attack, rolled a 0), while Gunnar replaced his Brothers and defended against the swarm with the help of the Holy Artifact. Wolf Priest Sigurd then switched of position with Brother Torfin. The enemy GSs swarmed around the remaining at the back of Brother Gunnar (Event “Flanking Manoeuvre”).
Round 9
Wolf Priest Sigurd opened Covering Fire against the enemy swarm, pushing it in front of Brother Gunnar, who blasted it with his Plasma Gun. Team Yellow was supporting the whole maneuver, and Brother Gunnar was also able to escape the enemy claws.

The formation found a Secret Route right at the moment that new enemies were appearing.

Round 10
Assisted by Brother Torfin, Vortigern was able to react to the GS in front of him and kill it (Team Red Support — “Enhanced Reflexes”). Brother Alric flanked the enemy swarm in front of Brother Gunnar, and killed other two enemies with the support of Wolf Priest Sigurd (Team Purple Support — “Oath of War”). The swarm however found a breach in Gunnar’s defense and slain him, while other enemies were spawning (Event “Surrounded”).

The formation found a path to the final destination entering the Toxin Pumping Station.

Round 11
Wolf Priest Sigurd moved to activate the Control Panel but failed (rolled 0) due to his unfamiliarity with alien technology. Vortigern, the only member left of Team Red, missed the GS in front of him, while also Alric unsuccessfully engaged the enemy swarm (rolled 0) but was able to save on its counterattack.

Sigurd’s weapon jammed (Event “Gun Jam”).

Round 12
Being more acquainted with alien technology, Brother Vortigern went activating the Control Panel (Team Red Movement — “Mechandrides”), and successfully introduced venom in the ventilator ducts killing 3 incoming GSs (rolled 0, then 3). Torfin (Team Yellow) flanked the enemy swarm in front of him, supported by Sigurd’s Oath of War, but failed to kill any enemy and saw his Brother Alric being killed by the enemy GSs (Torfin fail both roll and re-roll on the attack; Oath of War was unsuccessful). Vortigern quick instincts did not help him killing more enemies.

Round 13
Vortigern’s Enhanced Reflexes killed one enemy GS, while Sigurd successfully activated the Control Panel killing other five incoming GSs. Torfin killed one enemy in front of him, and used its body to defend against its fellows. The marines successfully defended from the alien’s attack, while Vortigern resisted a Psychic Assault.

Round 14
Vortigern switched position with Sigurd, who opened Covering fire on the enemy swarm killing one of its member. The swarm fled in front of Vortigern again, while Torfin was supporting the Brothers. The formation then resisted the enemy assault.

The swarms flanked the formation (Event “Evasion”).

Round 15
Vortigern killed the enemy at his back assisted by Torfin (Team Red Support — “Enhanced Reflexes”), while Torfin flanked the enemy swarm and killed other two enemies with the support of Wolf Priest Sigurd (Team Purple Support — “Oath of War”).

Round 16
No more enemies were left, and Wolf Priest Sigurd blasted the last GS with a precise shot... and that's the end of the game!

This project cannot be completed without your support and help. So if you enjoyed this session report, please show me your support with thumbs up and comments on this post.

You can also download the print&play version of the Wolf Guard here, and/or help me balancing the teams by filling in the questionnaire at this link.

Thanks for getting until here. Please remember to subscribe the main page to be updated with the release of the new versions of the Wolf Guard... and see you to the next session report!
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