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Subject: "Ancient Artifacts" Mini Expansion #3 rss

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Carl Frodge
United States
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The Ancient Artifacts add new artifacts that can be invoked during the game to give a player a special power for that turn.

What You Need:
-The Ancient Artifacts cards provided with this expansion
(download them here!)

-Shuffle the Ancicent Artifacts cards, then deal 4 face-up above the marketplace. If one of the 4 dealt artifacts is the "Papyrus," set the remaining Artifacts face-down in a stack next to the 4 face-up artifacts, otherwise, return the remaining artifacts to the box.
-Each player is dealt 5 cards to start the game, instead of 4.

New Mechanics:
-On a players turn, they may discard cards from their hand with a total value of 3 or more to invoke the power of one of the face-up artifacts. (Carrying out its special ability)
•After fully resolving an invoked artifact, it is turned face-down, and can't be used again, until it is turned face-up.
•Once all 4 artifacts are turned face-down, at the end of that turn, turn all artifacts face-up again.
•You may only invoke 1 artifact on each of your turns.

The artifacts are as follows:

Canopic Jars
"take treasures with a total value of 5 or less from the marketplace into your hand."

Book of the Dead
"Destroy 1 incomplete set of treasures your opponent has in front of them"

incomplete meaning it doesn't include the maximum number of treasures for the set.

Ancient Scroll
"Add up to 2 cards from your hand, or the marketplace to sets you've already sold to the museum."

"Add 1 "Map" treasure from the deck to your hand."

Treasure Chest
"Reveal the top 5 cards of the deck and add up to 3 of those cards to your hand. Shuffle any Sandstorm and Thief cards back into the deck."

Was Scepter
"Flip another Artifact face-up and use that artifacts ability as if it was the Was Scepter's ability."

You do not flip the chosen artifact face-down again when resolving the Was Scepter

"Draw a random artifact from the face-down stack and resolve its effect as the effect of the Papyrus. Then discard the drawn artifact."

If all the remaining artifacts are used and discarded by the effect of Papyrus, shuffle them to form a new stack.

If the drawn artifact is Was Scepter, and there are no face-down artifacts, discard it and draw a new one from the stack.

"Discard as many cards from your hand as you wish, then draw until you have 4 cards in your hand. If you draw a Thief or Sandstorm card, shuffle it back into the deck, then draw again."

If you have any questions/suggestions/ideas for this mini expansion, please leave them in your reply.

If you test out this mini expansion, please please please leave feedback!
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