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Subject: More ideas for Relics and Places rss

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Lenny Corbett
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There are already some good ideas on this forum, but I thought I would add my own.

My ideas for rules to use with the 'unused' Relics and Places:

Accursed Skull:
Whoever finds it loses 1 race token. You may place the Skull in any of your active regions during redeploy.
If an opponent takes that region they lose a race token and receive the Skull.

Demon Throne:
Controlling the Demon Throne allows you to use the Demon Knight.
The Demon Knight gives +1 to defense.
The Demon Knight may be used in 1 conquest during your turn to negate 1 single source of immunity.
E.g. the Demon Knight could allow you to attack where the Dragon or Balrog is, or to attack Gnomes with the help of your racial/special ability.
Does NOT allow the conquering of chasms.
If you attack where the Balrog is, it temporarily disappears from the board.
If you attack where the Catapult/Dragon etc is, the owning player temporarily takes it back into hand.
If you attack where Lava is, you co-exist with the Lava, and that region is still immune to other attacks.
If another player conquers your region where the Knight is, it is removed from the board temporarily.
If someone conquers the Throne, the Knight is removed from the board and given to that player to use.

Ancient Ruins:
When you 'discover' it, you loot it for 1 additional VP.
If controlled by your in-decline race, that race receives the benefit of its special power as if it were still active (if applicable).
If controlled by your active race, that race receives the benefit of your in-decline race's special power (if applicable), in addition to its normal special power.

Old Windmill:
At the end of your turn you may place a new race token of one of your in-decline races onto an unoccupied (and conquerable) region anywhere on the board. If you have no in-decline race or tokens, you may place a lost tribe token instead.
May be used even when controlled by an in-decline race.

Cult Idol:
You may place the Idol in any of your active regions during redeploy, if controlled by your active race.
At the end of turn you receive bonus VPs equal to the number of monster/in-decline regions (no matter the controller) adjacent to the Idol (even while controlled by your in-decline race, in which case you receive 1 VP for the region it occupies as well).
If controlled by an in-decline race it provides +1 defense.

Heart Medallion:
You may use it in 1 conquest during your turn. If attacking an active race, one of the defending tokens joins your side (is not counted in defense or attack in this battle) and the opponent does not lose a token. The token remains with your forces and acts like a normal race token of yours. If the region is conquered, the "controlled" tokens are returned to their owners hands (and you lose one of your regular tokens).
On future turns, "controlled" tokens may be used in attack, but only with the Medallion's conquest, and 1 of your real race tokens is always required.

EDIT: After some testing, I have modified the Ruins, Windmill, and Cult Idol. Ancient Ruins is completely changed, the other two made more interesting and useful, and more in line with an 'in-decline' theme they seem to have going on.
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Dan C
United States
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At the end of your turn you may place a new race token of one of your in-decline races onto an unoccupied (and conquerable) region

This is an interesting idea for a race/power that I haven't seen before. It could be a Zombie Priest or Voodoo Master or something.
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Nathien Flameheart
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Some of mine. I wanted them to be simple and have no special interactions and exceptions.

Rusted Throne
If your active race occupier region with the Rusted Throne, other players may give you 1 coin during their turn to place The Knight immunity token into one of their regions.
Knight may only be moved this way. If no active race occupies the Throne, Knight can not be moved.

Amulet of Ice
During redeployment, Amulet may be placed onto water region your race occupies. It doesn't have to be abandoned and scores 1VP as usuall.

Tomb of the Forgotten
Each time race goes into decline while your active race occupies region with the Tomb, you score 2VP.
You score 2VP one last time when your own race goes into decline.

Skull of the Apocalpyxz
During conquest phase, the Skull may be placed into enemy region adjacent to region your active race occupies. One of their tokens is killed immediately, but owner gains 1VP.
I am not sure if this should work on regions with immunity tokens, but for the sake of simplicity probably shouldn't.
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