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Played the last senario in the Hobbit saga expansions. And of course this was The Battle of the Five Armies. Not the hardest senario I've played, but this was hard enough. This was the second time I played it. I lost the first time, to many orcs attacked my guys and killed them.

There is some orcs attacking in the beginning of the senario, because you draw (with 2 players) two cards from the start and later two cards in the quest phase.

But I tried to quest a bit anyway, trying to get some progress on 3B, so I didn't need to discard cards every round. I was able to put some progress on 3B, but now had some fighting to do. I did get hurt.

The next round I did some questing again, and could now put more then 8 progress on 3B. Again there was a lot of fighting because of the Bolg card giving the first orc surge.

I now made 2B the active quest. By the second round after this, I should have had 8 progress on it (after Legolas fighting an orc). But instead... there was a nasty shadow card... saying that I must remove all progress on the current quest if my defender dies. My defender did die, and I had to take away all the progress markers. cry

But I was able to work my way back. And put more then 8 progress on 2B. But I was hurt. Most of my heroes was only one wound from death.

From my hand I then played a card that could heal one character. I did heal Beorn.

I did also play a Gandalf card. And with his 4 shields I was able to put 8 progress on 4B. It was now time for 5B. Time to fight Bolg.

But first I had to fight his guards. It was close that I could have taken away one of them directly. I drew Misty Mountain Eagle. But I did only have one mana on Bilbo (had play Gandalf the round before). So I could not pay for him.

So I had to fight them both. I did kill them both, using Legolas range to give the other player more power. Bolg did kill one of my allies.

The next round I did just as much questing as I needed. Because one of the players now had 48. And he was the starting player, and was not the fighter. So I thought that this was not to be the last round.

But I didn't draw any enemies this round, but one location and one treachery. Bolg did kill one ally again. And then the weaker player then it came to fighting, Bilbo and some heroes and allies that mostly did questing, was able to together kill Bolg. Epic. cool

It was a nice sight, to see Bolg being placed at the top of the discard pile.
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