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Krister Dahlgren
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I've been following Illusions of Glory on and off for some time and it is looking very interesting! Paths of Glory and its "successor" Pursuit of Glory are two of my highest ranked games.

From what I can understand, the game seems to resemble Pursuit of Glory more than the original, which I think is a good thing. The big flaw with Pursuit of Glory is the certain-ness (is that a word??) of the Russian Revolution which allows for very careless and unhistorical play with the Russian army. The way it is designed here seems a lot more appealing. Also, including the political upheaval in both Germany and Austria-Hungary is something i missed a lot in PoG and that allows for very gamey strategies such as "defend the Rhine" which I consider extremely unhistorical. Individual National Will and Troop Quality status? Sign me up!

The map looks nice but as with the older games, it could probably benefit from having a more "political map-mode" where it is easier to discern the different countries, especially so in the Balkans.

I also note that there are considerably less connections between almost all spaces in this game compared to the predecessors. Przemysl and Budapest (possible some more) have 5 adjacent spaces but most spaces have only 2 or 3. This allows for more choke-points where a concentrated defense is possible since you cannot outflank it. It could just be that the connections follow contemporary rail lines rather than geographical proximity, but this is something to look out for and try to avoid allowing "defend the Rhine" type of strategies to dominate the game.

This also make the map look strange in some places, like western Poland where Czestochowa and Kalisz/Lodz lie right next to each other but you have to go through Kielce to get there.

More map questions: Almost all VP spaces are concentrated along the GE/AH/RU border. In the map uploaded 2014-06-28 (maybe it has changed since then?) there are 14 VP spaces in Russia and 9 of these are within 2 spaces of Germany/Austria-Hungary. The same holds for both these countries, the only German VP space not along the border is Berlin, and there are none between the Carpathian mountains and Budapest in Hungary. Are there still enough incentives for any side to move beyond the immediate border zone given the low density of VP spaces ahead? Beyond Minsk and Riga, there is nothing at all until you reach Petrograd.

I find it strange that Lemberg (Lviv) is not a VP space. It was both the capital, historical center of, and largest city in the Kingdom of Galicia.

I also wonder a bit over the Italian Front. With only 2 VP spaces per side, it seems to offer very little in comparison with the main map. Of course Italy has little else to use her troops for, but are there enough reasons for the Austrians to spend a lot of her scarce resources there, other than the Mandated Offensives? Also, how is the Cles space connected?

I hope this does not sound too critical, I am mostly curious over these situations With that said, best of luck with the game - hope to see it get through the P500 soon!

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Fred Schachter
United States
North Carolina
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Hello Krister,

Kindly forgive the delay responding. Perry and I are now returned and getting back to our respective normal routines from attending the recently concluded WBC gathering in lovely Seven Pines, Pennsylvania.

During that most excellent event, several demo sessions of ILLUSIONS OF GLORY were conducted. We appreciate our fellow gamers' responses and enthusiasm for the game (as well as several new P-500 orders!).

To that feedback is added your post's observations, which Perry, as ILLUSIONS OF GLORY's designer, will address.

We're grateful for your and other fans of the game's recent input. Its resulted in our determining the next InsideGMT promotional piece... a summary of how ILLUSIONS OF GLORY differs from its predecessors: PATHS OF GLORY and PURSUIT OF GLORY. It will be, in effect, a written version of the explanation provided of the game during its WBC expositions.

Thanks for your ILLUSIONS OF GLORY feedback!
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