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Subject: DAY & NIGHT VARIANT rss

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Timothy Gay
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Machi Koro Day & Night Variant

What's required to play: Machi Koro Base set and Machi Koro: Bright Lights, Big City (Harbour, millionaires row and the upcoming Midnight are optional but encouraged)

*For the purposes of this ruleset Machi Koro Base= Daytime and Bright Lights, Big City = Nighttime



1)Give each player all of the landmarks from the base game and bright lights, big city. Players should seperate the landmarks by day and night.
2) Give each all of the starting cards from Base and Bright Lights. Players should seperate by day and night in their tableau (we recommend putting day in a top row and night in a bottom row)
3) Give each player (3) coins.


5-5-5-5-2-2 Method

Arrange the market cards according to the following stack instructions:

Stack 1) Daytime cards 1-6

Stack 2) Daytime cards 7-14

Stack 3) Daytime Purple Cards

Stack 4) Nighttime cards 1-6

Stack 5) Nighttime cards 7-14

Stack 6) Nighttime purple cards

- Draw five unique cards from each stack (only draw two from each purple stack)

-If you draw any matching cards, just stack them and continue drawing until you five/two unique cards

Start Player:
Whoever stayed up the latest last night goes first.


The day & night variant features phases of play.

Day Phase: Only daytime cards can be activated during the day phase. In addition, only daytime landmarks can be built during the day phase. Day or night building cards may be purchased.

Night Phase: Only nighttime cards can be activated during the day phase. In addition, only nighttime landmarks can be built during the night phase. Day or night building cards may be purchased.

-Begin the game in the day phase. Once each player has taken one turn, the game switches to the night phase. Each player takes one turn and then switch back to the day phase. This phase change continues until the game ends.

-A coin can be used to track which phase the game is currently in. Heads for day and tails for night.


1) On a players turn they roll a die (or two/three when the appropriate landmark is built).

2) Players collect coins from activated cards based on the current day/night phase.

3) Then players make purchases with their available coins. In this variant, the active player is able to make two building purchases, build two landmarks, or build one landmark and purchase one building card. The other nonactive players are also able to purchase ONE building or build ONE landmark on the active player's turn.

Purchase order operates this way:

-The active player makes ONE purchase or builds ONE landmark. The player to their left then makes ONE purchase/ landmark. And so on around the table until it returns to the active player. The active player then has the option to make a SECOND purchase/landmark.

-The active player may pass their first purchase/landmark opportunity and then decide to make a purchase/landmark during their second opportunity.

-Once a building is purchased, if it leaves a vacant spot in the market, immediately draw a new card to replace it.


The game ends once the ACTIVE player builds their final landmark. If a player builds their final landmark on another player's turn the game does not end until it becomes that player's turn again. The player would roll the dice, respond to the roll and then the game would end.
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