"Join The Ravens of VGG- Wyrdstone, Gold & Glory Awaits!"
United Kingdom
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Today's Active Members:
Sir Percival Percival (valianttimdjango)
Seidel Kraut (Jormi_Boced)
Meshell Heelbeck (Corps_of_Oa)
'Head-Shot' Feggins (MrFeggins)
Knuckly Hod (andrewhodkinson)
McFearsom The Mad (Woopike)


Warband Status
Warband Rating: 658
Current Gold: 634
Current Wyrdstone: 52 Weight
Wyrdstone Shipment Request: None


Scenario Summary

The Ravens have been picking over the Noble's Quarter for most of the evening. Now its dark and we are currently dispersed between two buildings in search of anything worth grabbing before we head back to camp. A whistle from Meshell who is on sentry in the streets below can mean only one thing- trouble!

Our cart is deployed in the center of the map and the Ravens are spread out across the two buildings besides it, already in the process of looting any valuables. The enemy cart has been sighted to the far West, but who knows how long they've been there for or where they might be by now! There are many points of interest on the map, with the majority of loot spread across the South East section.

Turn 1
Feggins is in the process of collecting some Wyrdstone Fragments when he hears Meshell's warning. He heads out onto the balcony of the building he's in and sees Meshell down by our cart, already loading her Hunting Rifle ready.
Feggins drops down into the street and takes out his Long Bow, scanning the ruins for trouble. Almost immediately he spies our enemy! A Skaven Night Runner is trying to sneak up on Meshell from the building just to her left!

Feggins spots a Night Runner trying to sneak up on Meshell from the archway nearby!

He draws an arrow and fires but the shot is just wide and chinks off for cobbles by the Night Runner.
Realizing the element of surprise is gone the Night Runner shouts out to its comrades, 'It's the Raven-things! Kill-kill them all!'. Since we recently destroyed the Skaven nest on the quayside and took over the area the Skaven have been constantly baying for our blood- it looks like the Murder-Lord has sent some more assassins to try and get revenge!
The other Ravens hear the commotion and rally to our cart. Meshell backs away from the arch where the Skaven is coming from, dropping a trap and collecting a few bits of Wyrdstone as she goes. McFearsom joins her and the two prepare for attack. Seidel comes to the doorway of the building he's in by Feggins and waits in ambush, his grip tightening around his Great Sword in anticipation. Sir Percival pockets the 9 Gold he just found and heads outside to see what all the commotion is about. Realizing we're under attack he takes up a 'defensive position' behind our cart where the enemy hopefully won't notice him! Hod also arrives close behind Sir Percival and waits.

Percival takes up a 'tactical position' behind our cart where the enemy hopefully won't see him!

Turn 2
The Night Runner takes the bait and leans out of the arch to grab the pouch Meshell left. There's a small explosion and a blinding flash as the trap goes off, wounding and surprising the ratman! Disorientated it wonders out into the open, dazed from the blast. The Ravens fire on it, Feggins putting an arrow through its torso.

Stunned by Meshell's trap, the Night Runner proves an easy target for our marksmen!

Its not enough to down the Night Runner though, and it regains its senses and charges for Feggins!
Seidel ambushes it from the doorway he's in. The Skaven's Spear grinds down the side of his armour as he swings his Great Sword in, cutting a deep wound into the Night Runner's arm.

Seidel challenges the Night Runner!

It thrusts forward in return with another stab, catching Seidel's leg. Seidel uses the Skaven's own momentum against him and pulls him close, knocking his Spear tip into the ground and running it through with his Great Sword in a fluid motion! It gargles pathetically and collapses to the ground before him. 'Good show young Seidel!', encourages Sir Percival from behind our cart. Sir Percival is then stabbed in the back! Its a Skaven Assassin, the enemy leader!

The Skaven's Assassin leader singles out our leader- Sir Percival!

Luckily for Percival his ornate armour is surprisingly tough and absorbs most of the attack, and he is only wounded lightly as a result. He throws himself forwards, twisting to see his attacker and shoots, hitting the Assassin point blank with his Duelling Pistols, then gets into the safety of the stable where he leaves Hod to step in whilst he reloads.

Percival spins round and gives the Night Runner both barrels of his Duelling Pistols!

The Assassin is knocked back by the force of the shots, giving the other Ravens time to react. McFearsom shoots in in the back of the shoulder as both Seidel and Hod move round and engage it from two sides!

McFearsom shoots the Assassin in the back!

Hod and Seidel close in on the injured Assassin!

Turn 3
Despite suffering heavy damage the Assassin stays resolute and does not flee from the Ravens. It attacks Hod, cutting him with its twisted Dagger, but Hod puts a big palm to its snout and pushes it away again!

Unwilling to retreat from the fight, the Assassin attacks Hod!

More Skaven are also appearing from both the North and South- it looks like we could be surrounded!

More Skaven are arriving, we could be quickly outnumbered!

Feggins runs forwards as the enemy reinforcements arrive. He picks up the Night Runner's possessions (some Mad Cap Mushrooms & an Oil Bomb), throws them onto our cart and joins Meshell and McFearsom.

Feggins loots the remains of the Night Runner

Sir Percival takes the opportunity to hide in some nearby hay, just in case one of the Skaven comes into the stable!
A Warpguard appears by our cart, walking out in front of the Ravens who fire upon it, and it is stopped by a heavy shot from Meshell's Hunting Rifle.

Meshell stops a Warpgaurd from joining the fight!

Seidel sweeps at the Assassin but the trained killer ducks the blow. Luckily Hod is also there and he knocks the Skaven's head back up with the bar of his Halberd and Seidel decapitates it in a single swipe, a messy fountain of blood shooting from its neck as the body falls.

Seidel delivers the coup de grace on the Assassin!

The detached head bounces off the stable wall, frighting Sir Percival who cries out and shoots it! Seidel turns to the Warpguard.

The Warpguard is greeted by a number of Ravens ready to attack!

The Warpgaurd tilts its head from side to side nervously. It takes in the sight of both its leader and second in command who are now lying dead in various states of dismemberment, as well as the Ravens who have gathered by our cart and are hefting their weapons menacingly. It lets out a wimper and flees, the other Skaven disappearing with it!



"An easy skirmish where we took the initiative and killed the enemy leaders quickly! Without leadership the cowardly Skaven fall to infighting and confusion- routing them is the quickest and easiest path to victory! Sir Percival says you all helped him admirably to drive them off. The Baron will be happy!"

-Luthor Wolfenbaum


New Items Acquired:
+9 Gold Crowns
Mad Cap Mushrooms x2
Oil Bomb x1
Light Armour Armour x1
Wyrdstone Fragments x2
Wyrdstone Shards x3
Wyrdstone Clusters x2


Warrior Experience/Progress:

The Ravens of VGG = +2xp.
(+2xp Battleground Victory)

Sir Percival Percival = +2xp.
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)

Seidel Kraut = +5xp, +1 Physical Advancement! +1 Mental Advancement
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)
(1xp For Most Valuable Warrior)
(2xp For Enemies Put Out of Action)

Meshell Heelbeck = +2xp.
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)

Knuckly Hod = +2xp, +1 Physical Advancement!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)

'Head-Shot' Feggins = +2xp.
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)

McFearsom The Mad = +2xp.
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)



None (surprisingly)!


Post Session Warband Updates:

McFearsom The Mad learned Vital Shot and swapped his Crossbow for a Fine Handgun.
Meshell Heelbeck equipped Light Armour.
Seidel Kraut gained +1 Strength and +1 Leadership.
Grimwulf swapped his Great Axe for an Ulrican Great Axe.
(Knuckly Hod still has attribute points to spend!)


Our Armoury:
Shredded Mordheim Map x1
Sticky Sludge x2
Oil Bomb x1
Mad Cap Mushrooms x3
Draught of Concentration x5
Fine Healing Draught x5

Dagger x2
Hammer x2
Mace x2
Great Hammer x1
Great Axe x1

Bow x2
Longbow x1
Crossbow x2

Pendant x1
Clothing x2
Shield x2
Helmet x1
Light Armour x1
Heavy Armour x1


Would you like to join the Ravens of VGG? Head to our main discussion & recruitment thread for more information!
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Nate Parker
United States
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Is the Warp Trinket just vendor trash? I imagine it is a Skaven-specific item.
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"Join The Ravens of VGG- Wyrdstone, Gold & Glory Awaits!"
United Kingdom
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Each warrior carries a trinket (coloured orange in the inventory).

Its only used for the Marked For Death sub-objective- you have to kill and take the trinket from specific warriors to complete Marked For Death. If you kill them but don't get their trinket as proof it doesn't count.

The trinkets themselves are worthless and disappear at the end of the match. Shame really, it would be cool if they retained so you could see how many you could collect!
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