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Hopefully Sean of Ole will reply to this thread and clear up a few questions we have about the Train challenge.

1. When the last player rolls the black D6 die and moves the train, does it move along the shortest possible path to the closest town?

2. When moving the Train token into a forest or mountain space, does it take only one point of movement, or does terrain affect the Train movement the same as the player pawns (2 to enter a forest from outside a forest, and 3 to enter a mountain from outside a mountain)?

3. When the train reaches the destination town, is the token immediately removed from the board?

4. If the Train token is removed from the board when it reaches the destination town, does it get placed back on the board? If yes, when? At the end of the last player's next turn? If yes, does that mean the train challenge is unavailable for an entire round?

5. If the Train token reenters the board, where is it placed? On the town space where it arrived, or back at Lucky Boot? If it reenters at the town space where it last arrived, when it next moves will it move toward Lucky Boot (likely the closest town), or will it move to the next closest town that is different from where is last came?

6. When a player takes on the Train challenge, must he pass a riding challenge (forward arrow only) before taking on each train car, including the Caboose? Passing this riding challenge is extremely hard unless you spend several spurs.

7. When advancing from one train car to the next, do you first draw the card, then perform the riding check, then take on the train car challenge if you passed the riding test?

8. Are bullets pulled from the bag left out of the bag until you decide to stop revealing new train cards (or fail the challenge)? And do they count against your total pulls available for the challenge (3 + any previously spent spurs)?

9. After completing (or failing) the train challenge, are the revealed train cards left face up in a row until the train token reaches the destination town? If so, and another player moves to the train location and takes on the train, will he face the same cards as already revealed?

10. When the train token reaches the destination town, are any revealed train cards shuffled back into the train card deck in preparation for the train reentering the board?

I ask these questions because after playing with the Train challenge, it just seemed really hard for little reward, and didn't stay on the board very long. Lucky Boot was only 3 spaces away from another town, so the Train always reached the destination town on one roll of the die (the last player never rolled a 1 or 2). When a player finally decided to take on the train, he spent 3 spurs prior to the challenge. He went through 4 train cards, having to roll 6 riding dice for 3 of the cards in order to get a forward arrow. After pulling a total of 5 bullets from his bag to pass the 4 cards, he decided to stop. He only earned $15 and 1 VP for the 4 cards. This is much less than other challenges that are much easier to pass, and don't require spending lots of spurs to even have a chance of success.

Assuming we played the train challenge correctly, I don't see why any player would try that challenge instead of a much easier and more lucrative challenge, like hunting, outlaws or desperadoes. So I'm thinking we must have done something wrong. I look forward to getting official answers to these questions.
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sean brown

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Hi Matt - here goes:

1. Shortest distance - but every space counts as 1 pip on the die. Meaning you roll a 3, move it 3 spaces toward town
2. see 1
3. yes. It comes out again on the 1st players turn.
4. yes. At the beginning of the first players turn, if a train is not on the board, roll and move it to the next town.
5. on the town space it arrived
6. each car
7. riding check, if you succeed, then a card.
8. yes! robbing trains is hard! Bring many spurs!
9. if successful the train is removed and goes to town. If it fails you do not keep the old cards (reset the mini game).
10. The mini game is always reset each time (same as the canyon cards)

The train can be like getting 2 or 3 or 4 challenges in during one encounter, so it is a push your luck challenge that can pay off big, or be about like a normal challenge.

I appreciate the questions!

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