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Uwe Heilmann
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Hi from Germany,

finally I got my copy of the 3rd edition.

Engaging with the game system bottom up, here is an impression about the 101 level.


Another hot summer day was approaching. Audrey looked at her watch: 06:01.
One of the spotters suddenly reported: "Three, four, five red signal flares."
"Worst case. They're coming! The battle has begun."

Situation at start.
The main protagonists: Audrey J. Clarke, Professor Agee, Colonel Kingman, Alan Jones, Toro Loco, and the Savior Corps. 7 Civilian units were also ready to fight the undead.

As the defenders moved to their prepared defense positions, the Zeds started slowly to advance.

Situation at about 7 o'clock.

Suddenly, all Zeds units moved forward as if directed from somewhere. There was a first skirmish on the highway. The Zeds were wiped out. The fighting ended about 9 o'clock and Audrey's team returned to Farmingdale.
In the big forest, Kingman opened fire and threw back the Zeds in great disorder.

Situation about 11 o'clock.

At about noon the Zeds started a second large assault. East Irek was overrun. A bitter fighting at Lefty's Pass saw Toro Loco finally pushed back.

Early afternoon: Audrey's team conducted a counter-attack at the Mine. The enemy was dispersed.
(The brave girl achieved skill level 2)
In the suburbs, the undead forced their way into the university. Alan Jones retreated back to Suburbia. "That was definitely not my day."

Things got bad again as a huge Zeds unit appeared at the campground. This cut off Toro Loco, a civilian unit, and Audrey's team from Farmingdale.
The undead then attacked Beauxville and the defenders were routed. They stopped running when arriving at Farmingdale center.

The Zeds were back on the highway.
Toro Loco charged the undead at the campground. A brutal fight ensued. The few Zeds left encountered Audrey at Lefty's Pass. Her team left no one standing.

Audrey then received a first radio call from E.S. Lawrence: "On my way!"
At the western edge of the big forest another protagonist entered the struggle: Nicola Towers.
"She's a former assistant of that dubious doctor. Can we trust her?"
The future will provide an answer.
Right now, a new force of Zeds arrived in the Mountains.

DotZ offers a lot of fun already on level 101.

Any interest about how the story continued?


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Russell Martin
United Kingdom
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I'm interested. But who is Audrey J. Clark?
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Uwe Heilmann
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craw-daddy wrote:
I'm interested. But who is Audrey J. Clark?

Thanks for the reply.

I will post the second and concluding part on next friday.

Audrey J. Clarke?
Nicola Towers?
E.S. Lawrence?

Right after I received the first edition of DotZ, I added seven heroes of my own design. They are not just drop dead gorgeous, but also use a skill level system (normal case: 8 levels; but E.S. Lawrence has 86 skill levels). This adds a lot of variety and fun. For example, the defenders rise in their abilities and amount of options provided they live long enough.

A game system like the DotZ series invites to add and modify elements, e.g. the clock system together with dawn, day, sunset, night; a calender system, e.g. a night in winter is somewhat different from a night in summer.
I also employ a kind of shadowing system, i.e. whatever happens during the game flow is influencing the next steps of the unfolding events and actions.
Example: As the heroes move from location to location, they discover (or neglect to notice) what is going on there. This might affect them and their next activities. The game system will plot all this. (my next session report will reflect this a little bit).
The outcome of each skirmish also influences the overall development. The more Zeds perish, the more resolute Dr.Marteuse's evil schemes will become. Until an unknown breaking point.
And he has, of course, a sinister overall plan. It unfolds bit by bit, and the defenders hopefully detect it before it is too late. Red Zeds and Super Zeds will flood the 5 tracks then.

Many thanks to Hermann and Alan to provide such a nice "playing ground". Customize it! The reward is limitless.


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Uwe Heilmann
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Second part and conclusion.

The Zeds on the Mountain track went the wrong way and were annihilated as they were caught by a rock slide.
"Where are they all coming from?"
The Zeds approached the suspension bridge. They could not be stopped.
Kingman managed to throw back the undead as they tried to storm his position.
The defenders retreated from Ingeburg in good order.
Zeds entered the 2nd catacombs.
AJ crossed the bridge and ... was back in Suburbia. "Too many. Just too many of them."
Audrey led her team forward. "Clear!"
New hordes all over the place.
Next message from E.S.L: "I can smell them."
"Good news! Towers is on our side. Dr. M is actually hunting her. We intercepted a message from him."
Enemy breakthrough on the highway; survivors are in hospital.
"We got that small heli operational. Get N.T. to the highway. She must stop the enemy there."

Tough luck! The heli noise attracted a lot of Zeds. Another combined effort of the undead.
Bitter fighting at the bridge. THe civilians suffered losses and had to retreat to Farmingdale.
A second charge of the Zeds could not be stopped by the colonel's men. "Retreat to the farm."
The heli landing zone became the grave for many Zeds. The remaining revenants stooped at the NPP.

AJ commanded a fierce fire attack against the undead swarming the bridge. No survivors.
He and his followers instantly exploited the situation and entered the bridge, cheering.
Order was restored. Civilians moved forward to Lefty's Pass.
A third Zeds unit appeared in the forest. Fighting for St.Thomas. The defenders were pushed back.
A large horde of Zeds was shredded to pieces on the highway by heavy gunfire from NT.
TL charged the enemy beyond the mine. That left not that many undead in the mountains.

Audrey entered the Security Guard Post. The Zeds close by retreated! She chased them! They all perished.
That earned her skill level 4.

Zeds counter-attacked TL. He was back at the mine.
AJ to East Irek. The ambush against the advancing undead worked nicely.
The scouts reported the complete disappearance of all enemy units in the forest.
Kingman was impressed.
As Audrey advanced to the laboratory, hundreds of Zeds attacked. The team evaded back into the catacombs.
"There might be trouble at the bridge soon", one of the spotters reported.

Zeds advanced in the tunnel again.
New fighting at Lefty's Pass.
Attackers were eliminated.
Furious fighting in the catacombs. Audrey was WIA.
Kingman re-entered St.Thomas.
Well-aimed fire destroyed the last Zeds unit in the tunnel.
Nicola cautiously advanced on the highway to get the closest enemy into weapon range.
Instead of the enemy, the girl met the National Guard. "The cavalry is here!"

That was my encounter with the "No Brains" scenario.
All further games will be more demanding and challenging, I'm sure.
You will see.


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