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Subject: Cryptozoic playtest comments on the scenarios rss

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Skimmed CZE's comments since the AMC meeting.



@Derreck I guess it really depends on how you play, who you play with and who you play as. But as a whole Fort Benning is a long one and you have to adapt or you'll get overwhelmed. Better Angels feels like a different kind of game since it's not a group versus a round of challenges, but you going up against an enemy. I personally played that one 6 times and each time (whether I'm Rick or Shane) it comes down to a move or two. Made to Suffer is all about timing with your group. If you're out of synch it goes south quickly and abruptly. Days Gone Bye is also unique because you start off with a wounded deck, making your moves and health limited. And when you scale it up to more players, different roles of those players are there, making it a very different game each time. So it's not really comparing apples to apples making my answer not really help, I'm sure. Ha ha!

@Greg thanks! I think the brilliance and creativity of the overall game is from Adam and Brady. We had a lot of ideas and they were able to make it happen. Initially we gave them a brief with what we wanted, more like a bullet points of our expectations and loose guidelines. Watching the development of gameplay from its infancy has been awe-inspiring to say the least, but when Rahdo commented praise bout the game using words that came from the brief almost verbatim, it floored us. That meant that Adam and Brady took our requests and made it possible. And of course, we LOVE the walking dead so that helps too

@"The Mad Rabbi" the progress is going well! Working with Adam and Brady has been a lot of fun and an overall excellent experience. Their experience in game mechanics and balancing is really amazing. Plus our sculptors and artists have been pretty on point with deliverables. So we're in pretty good shape! (Plus we've been playtesting every Wednesday since February and will be ramping it up even more soon!)


@Greg about the tiles, scenarios will call for specific tiles but there is cross-tile use too. In the expansion, for example, some scenarios will call for base game ones. The great thing about tiles are that for the most part they can be used interchangeably, altering areas for searching and line of site. Expect support from us and many backer homebrew scenarios that combine them together in different variations. Some tiles may be unique to the scenario but remember the tiles are double sided for us to keep in mind the versatility of them for you all.

@Albertus Yes, tiles can be interchanged as you like for homebrew or to add variety to your game. Scenarios do not have triggers that call out a specific tile, though they may have things appear or move to certain places in a tile. So that means, you could switch them around, though the tiles that were recommended in the specific scenario was balanced for challenge and strategy by Adam and Brady. It's actually a lot of fun to switch them up since some tiles offer more search locations and some have more areas that block line of site.

@Mauii it's also VERY tough! When we playtest, we always do what we call the "extreme comparison", where we take 4 of the strongest attackers and play and mark the results, then 4 of the strongest supporting survivors and play. With this scenario (Fort Benning?), we needed to find the perfect combination to beat. Being a 2-part scenario that focuses on different strengths makes it challenging.

@Greg The "Fort Benning" Scenario is a VERY interesting one since it's a two-part scenario. Separated, everyone starts off wounded and have to rush to the RV where they can regroup and gain supplies. The RV moves and acts as a moving building where you can barricade it or search it. It takes damage that gets distributed to whomever is in the vehicle as well. After the RV slowly chugs it's way out of the area, the map "moves" to the next area (from Atlanta to Hershel's Farm) where it breaks down and it's a search to piece it back together, among a growing number of hordes. You'll have to hide and use stealth to scavenge other vehicles. Once it's fixed, you and your group needs to clear the path of walkers so the RV can get through to the road to Hershel's farm. The scenario is VERY tough as it challenge focuses on Threat and Morale to kill the group.

@BlasterCA (Fort Benning RV model) it will be about the size of 2 areas (squares) on the 11"x11" map tile. The height will be about 70-80mm, depending on the correct scale. There will also be a separate RV interior tile to represent when characters or walkers are in it. And, per gameplay standing on top of the RV gives you better range for any ranged attack and prevents walkers from causing you to exert, though while you're up there, threat goes up too.

(Fort Benning) The neat thing about the RV is that you can climb on top of it and gain further range if you have a ranged attack and a walker in the RV can't attack you (that's right... IN the RV via a separate interior RV tile). But while you're on top, you will raise Threat by 1. It may not sound like much of a penalty until ...... well, you'll see.

@Remi, "Made to Suffer" is pretty unique as you'll start off together, but you will need to separate into multiple groups. You'll need to rescue Glenn and Maggie while Michonne will go off to retrieve her Katana where she discovers the Governor's morbid secret (no spoilers here).

@Emerson for this campaign, most likely not.... BUT.... I'm very sure we'll see something along those lines sometime soon. Yes! "Days Gone Bye" is pretty interesting as it lets you swap decks/mini when you get to the police station and gear up. Playing solo will be challenging, but it's also a fun scenario with another player as Morgan (now that he's unlocked). He'll be defending his home while Rick makes his way over to him. Following they can raid the Police station then finish off the scenario against a wave of Walkers. For 3-4 Players, something "interesting" is in store for gameplay.

Better Angels

@Ryan "Better Angels" will be in a different box then the base game. It's a pretty fun and challenging mini-game. The PVP dynamics between Shane and Rick while walkers flood the area is pretty fun, especially since sometimes you can use walkers against your enemy for different strategies. Plus the Walker Shane mini figure!

This last SG doesn't look like it will be unlocked.

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