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Subject: Suggested House Cards for new Houses? rss

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Alias Saila
United Kingdom
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If the following new Houses were added to the game what sort of House Cards do you believe that they should they have (with their respective abilities)?

Added Base game (Game of Thrones):

House Arryn
House Tully

Added to the Dance With Dragons expansion:

House Arryn
House Frey
House Targaryen (Aegon)
House Targaryen (Daenerys)

These additions would obviously be difficult to fit within the vanilla game map (particularly those listed with DWD which would result in a crammed map consisting of up to 10 players). This is just for fun

House Stark would require some adjustment for this to fit.
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Phil Mechanic
United Kingdom
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Probably not a very helpful comment, but I don't believe House Frey are a major player. They never act independently, but begin as a resource for Tully/Stark (depending how you play it) and switch to become a resource for Lannister.

If you really want to capture the feel of the novels/series, would be better to introduce some semi-independent Houses with a betrayal mechanic, somehow linked to spending Influence. Or perhaps just identify a few key spots on the map where you could spend Influence during a Mustering to recruit troops even if you don't control the region, at cost of Muster points + Influence equal to Muster points. Could also be used to reflect Brotherhood against Banners, Wildlings recruited to storm Winterfell or Mercenary recruits. Simply place some kind of token on the location to indicate that troops have been mustered there, so it can only be done once. Might set certain unique preconditions (Wildlings can only be mustered in turn where Wildling Attack happens and only by winner of that) but now over-complicating a very simple idea.
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Philip Lodge
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Some mechanics ideas...

Forced support. "Any support tokens in surrounding areas of a house not in this combat must aid you in this combat". Possibly a good one for one of Daenerys, she's always getting people to fight for her. Could add "discard 2 power tokens". Or, "Any surrounding support tokens of the house your not attacking, must aid you in this combat" Now it's attack only.

Stealing fleet. "If you win this combat any ships not saved by fortification icons become yours and must comply to army supply limits." Another for Daenerys, she should have a dragon card too.

Cards matched. "The combat strength of this card matches that of your opponents" Could make it "When attacking", "When defending" "If supported" etc. Depending on character theme.

Retreating. "if you lose this combat you retreating units aren't routed and may fight as normal"

Current mechanics are.
Gain Swords/Forts
+ modifier to card combat strength
+ modifier to 'specific' unit type
+ modifier to defence order
+ modifier to march order
- modifier to opponents Card
- modifier to opponents 'specific' Units
- modifier to opponents order march/defence
Cancel card
Change card
Regain cards
Cards Combat Strength Matched
Upgrade unit
Gain Unit
Steal Units
Sacrifice Unit
Immediately destroy unit
Units are safe, not killed
Gain Power (exp)
Spend Power
Adjust Influence track
Adjust supply track (exp?)
Prevent movement into area
keep march order token
Retreated not routed
Choose losers retreat area
Remove an opponents order token
Remove an opponents adjacent/anywhere power token
Wildlings Attack

The new ones are in bold. I don't have the expansion cards at hand to remember them all.

It's just a matter of thinking of existing mechanics, that haven't been used in a card before, that can be manipulated by card effects.

Wildlings attack... A good one for Starks, Jon Snow. "If you lose this combat, the wildlings attack, all other players must use power to defeat the attack or face the consequences of the card" Possibly OP if the track is high, could give it a fixed power attack instead of using the Wildling track.

Edit: I'll keep adding them as i think of them.

Last Stand... Immediately Sacrifice a footmen to double card combat strength.

Combat strength equals position on supply
Combat strength equals stars on kings court track
Win this combat increase supply
Win this combat use opponents order token, if any
Immediately or after combat, change or replace any 1 of your orders
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