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Just when I thought the wins were coming easy! So, I recently moved from playing solo with two heroes to playing with three heroes and am REALLY enjoying the mechanics of the game so much more. The hero action availability is freeing and the mechanics of each hero are fully realized (I am looking at you Bright Wizard). Loving it. But, I had been noticing a much higher win rate and was beginning to think the wins were coming too easy. Then I sat down for this session.

It was Quest #4 - Firepower. This is play number #78, so I have some time with the game. Firepower is usually a doable scenario (with three or even with two heroes), as the added minions are lower level and if cleared efficiently any additional attack effort can usually be directed to eventually wear The Abomination down. Yes, it helps immensely if you have the right equipment and in this case I was going in packing heat.

I was playing with Waywatcher (WW), Bright Wizard (BW) and Trollslayer (TS). WW had the Stiletto (I know, right?), the Holy Symbol, and Half Plate. BW had the Crossbow, the Handgun, and Full Plate (outright badass). TS had Me Father's Axe and Longsword (clutch for TS, I know). So I was Attack prepped and decided to go in hitting hard and not really thinking about much else - as dangerous as it is to completely ignore the minions (especially with those Engineers out there).

So I went straight for The Abomination - mostly with straightforward attacks, as my explore actions were rolling low successes. As expected, Me Father's Axe did a great job of whittling Ab down, but the minions and Ab's 4 attack were taking a toll on all. Turn order was WW; BW; TS and the WW was party leader.

The Situation
TS had just taken his turn, opting to Aid WW to activate the only canon that was explored for. Ab was down to ONE SINGLE HEALTH remaining. BW had the handgun and was rocking success tokens, so ending a Rest or Aid action (any other action would move Ab to her) will end the game in victory, assuming she could survive to the next round with Ab engaged with someone else, a requirement for the handgun.

The Rub
Except, WW (with only four health left) had only her Attack or Explore cards available - so Ab was going to move to her. Fine - but if she dies, Ab moves to the shadows and will no longer be a viable target for BW's handgun! BW will need to do a regular attack and if she doesn't get through Ab's armor (unassisted equipment-wise), they would all fall like dominoes. That is IF they survived the enemy attacks between rounds (unlikely, especially with the third spawn activating next peril and all engage spots nearly filled).

The Killshot Attempt
WW takes aim on Ab, deciding to go for the killshot. She needs to either take it out in a blaze of glory or not die (at least), keeping Ab engaged with her so BW can finish it off with the handgun. Despite having the stiletto, WW has no success tokens. She rolls two white dice and three black dice and hopes... Black dice: two blanks and one hit - she WILL die without a shield. White dice: two criticals! White dice - take two: two successes...!? A total of four hits with her dying breath... She needed only one more success for the win!

The Savior
Just then, piercing the solemn silence, a whirring crossbow bolt flies through the air - the sound bringing a smile to WW's face. The bolt pierces the Abomination square between the eyes - killing it dead. BW had a success token (the one prepped for the handgun), which she used to add a success to WW's attack with her crossbow - winning the game in dramatic fashion. Way cool. Way cool.

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Chris Hewlett
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Great write-up! I really love this game and reading this just makes me want to play it again.
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