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First off, I would rather this be in the Review section, but last time I mixed a little of the session report into the Review it was moved here, so I decided to post it here.

Second, my friends won't play this game. Why? "It's Risk! Risk is old!!!" Sigh. What kind of friends do I have? I finally bucked down and bought this game the other day, and was all excited to play Star Wars Risk with them, and they pretty much put up a wall that I slammed into. I was really caught by surprise that they had a total lack of interest. One of them is a big Star Wars fan, and he's totally not interested in Star Wars Risk.

Anyway, I solo played it to get down the dynamics of Star Wars Risk, and I have to say - it was an AWFUL lot of fun!!! A lot of variety on the typical Risk ruleset (detailed cards, starships to help in combat, Death Stars, etc.) which made it all the better.

At first I was worried that the Hutts had a big advantage by being able to build very powerful bases (they start with the least # of planets but can amass a lot of troops on them), but after watching them lose people in battle, and get less Reserves at the start of their turn due to starting with 7ish planets (3 units as opposed to 5), I wondered if they had any advantages at all. Seemed a crutch - of course, you also assume that the Rebels and the Empire would ignore the Hutts and concentrate on each other - but if you take over at least one Hutt planet you get an extra card, and in this game cards are important.

The first 1/3rd of the game saw the Hutts advance and push into Alliance territory, and they did decently well. The placement of the armies had led to the Hutts being near the Rebels rather then the Imperials, who were holed up in the Mid Rim. Little did I realize at the beginning that the Mid Rim was worth 5 Troops, because within 3 turns the Empire had completely taken over the Mid Rim, and their conquest of the Galaxy began in earnest at that point.

While the Hutts fought the Rebels, the Rebels had a hard time fighting both Factions, and the Empire swooped in and destroyed the Hutt presence in the Wild Space. They had build Imperial bases at almost all the entrance ways into the Mid Rim... Gamorr, Kessel and Faleen. Now firmly in control of two sectors of space, the Death Star moved into the Hutt controlled Outer Rim and destroyed Ord Mantell, destroying several Hutt troops and stopping any ideas the Hutts may have had to advance into Imperial Space.

Thrusting their way into the Core Worlds from Faleen, the Imperials made quick work of the Rebel forces and retook the Imperial Capital, Coruscant. Their next thrusts slowly took over most of the Core Worlds. With not too many troops coming to either the Hutts or the Rebels anymore, and the Imperials churning in about 14 troops a turn, the game was pretty much over, and the Imperials fortified Coruscant and Bpfassk. From these two words they struck hard. Nothing but sheer numbers travelled the Hyperspace Highway from Bpfassk into the Outer Rim and they destroyed both Rebels and Hutts with equal vigor as the Death Star sat in orbit over the remains of Ord Mantell. In the Core Worlds, a huge army supported by a Star Destroyer and a TIE Bomber moved from world to world, and conquered the entirety of the Core Worlds!

I will have to play this again to assess the Factions better, but in my first game it seemed the Hutts had it hardest. Of course, the Hutts DID give a serious hurt to the Rebels, and the placement of Hutts near the Rebels did give the Imperials an advantange, especially in the Mid Rim.

But I definetely do give this game two very high thumbs up! Recommended for fans of Risk, fans of Star Wars, or even if someone is just looking for a fun Science Fiction wargame!
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