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Tamás Marosvári
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Hi everyone!

I’m working on a game for elementary schools, which will be played during a whole day long event. The event is about the WW1, and for kids between age 12-15. The game will be the main part of the event and it could take 5-6 hours with little intervals. The base concept is to create a simple game, rules with very low complexity, where the kids can make decisions which has influence over the events of the war.

The base idea is the following: The kids will be splited in 5 teams representing 5 countries (Great Britain, France, Russia, Germany and Austria-Hungary). One team has 10-12 members. The game will be a State of Siege type of game. There will be some “two-way route” (like the Franco-German Western front, or the Eastern front between Russia and Austria-Hungary), and some “one-way route” (like the state of the Russian Revolution, or the National question in the Autro-Hungarian Empire). The “routes” will have their checkpoints like in other State of Siege games and when one marker reach the Home Country of a Team it will collapse and out of game. “One-way routes” can be modified by the linked country, but “two-way routes” could be modified by both linked countries.
Every team will have action points per turn (game is 9 turns, 1 for each half year of the war) to spend and move a marker. In this point the game will be combined with a quiz game. To move a marker there will be no dice, but the the team has to answer questions. Every route section has an “answer value”, and every question has a value. The active team determine the route and spend action points to buy questions. They answer the questions and count the value of the correct answers and move the marker on the route.
Example: The German team is on the Ypres checkpoint and to reach the next checkpoint (Arras) needs 5 answer value. The German team spend 3 action point on that front and buy 3 questions: one with 3 value and 2 with 2-2 value. If they can answer the 3 valued and at least one 2 valued they can move the marker.
There will be some minor rules and extras, but more or less that is the base idea.

How clear this base idea is? What do you think about it? Could be a working game in an elementary school?

Here are some pictures. It is in the very begining.

Thanks a lot!
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Brian Herr
United States
Palos Hills
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I think I follow you, and I love the concept! Back in the day, I was fortunate enough to have both a history teacher and a physics teacher that played games like this with the students. Anything you can do to make the learning experience more fun and more interactive is a big plus. Best of luck to you!
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