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Gediminas Gaidelis
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Hi. Having problems with understanding text.

Card reads:

During his turn a hero in a lit space may become buring.
(so all heroes can become burning and benefit/suffer from later effects?)

Heroes do not suffer damage from the burning condition.
(this affects burning condition that was suffered before this peril card too?)

If a heroe is burning, the space containing his figure is a lit space, each of his attacks deals +1heart, and he recovers 1heart at the start of each his turns.
(everything is clear here)

If doom is advanced, each hero that is burning suffers 8hearts. Then discard this card.
(now here starts big mystery for me.
1. what means if doom is advanced? Does it means that if doom is already moved (more than position 1) or that doom is advancing during existance of this card?
2. does this means that this card can be discarded only when doom is trigered in existance of this peril card?
3. If no one is burning and doom is trigered does this peril card dissapears?
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Lukas Hejtman
Czech Republic
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Yes all heroes on lit spaces can become burning.

1. It means if doom move when this card is on table.
2. Yes, only doom discard this card.
3. Yes it dissapear even if there is no burning hero.

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