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Subject: COTE Classic – A&A rules variant – Game 3 rss

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Jeffrey Knoll
United States
New York
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We played a 4 player Conquest of the Empire game after work today. The teams were Mike (Spain - Yellow) and me (Mesopotamia - Red) vs Daryl (Macedonia – Blue) and Sumit (Numidia - Green). We played with my team A&A rules variant. In summary, we would play as teams and the teams would move together at the same time. Every player also starts with a basic city which he can place on his turn. Daryl called tails and got it so he and Sumit would start first. Mike and I would each start with an extra infantry as compensation for moving second. Please note that the turn numbers below are estimates.

The first few rounds were quiet. Mike moved most of his troops east into Europe and only left a token force in southern Spain (Baetica). Mike was able to take Britain. However, being able to move first allowed Daryl to take the key spot of Italia. He quickly built a fortified city there and had a large army there. Daryl also built a road connecting his home of Macedonia to Italy. Daryl sent most of his forces west towards Mike. He took Asia, but quickly retreated his forces from there. I only sent a token force towards Daryl and instead sent most of my forces to the southwest towards Sumit who had taken Egypt with a small force. Sumit had a larger force West by Mike. Sumit placed a fortified city in Cyrenaica (west of Egypt) and built a road there early.

Map at the start of turn 5:

Turn 5 is when things started to get interesting. I didn’t built roads or cities, I spent a lot of my money on troops and they had reached the border of Egypt. So I attacked Egypt with 6 infantry, 1 cavalry, and 2 generals. Sumit only had 3 or 4 units defending and 1 general. I won and took Egypt and captured one of his generals. I quickly built a fortified city there, but not a road. Mike also launched a large attack on Daryl in Italy. Mike and Daryl both suffered about even losses, but Mike was worried about losing generals to a counterattack so he decided to retreat.

Map at the start of turn 6:

In the next few rounds there was a large buildup between Sumit in Cyrenaica and me in Egypt. Eventually Sumit attacked me with a large army of about 13 units including 1 catapult and 2 generals. I also had a large army in defense with 9 units including 1 catapult and 2 generals. The attack was a disaster for Sumit. In 2 rounds of combat, Sumit lost about 10 infantry (but no cavalry or catapults) to my losing 4 infantry. His remaining units and generals did retreat successfully to Cyrenaica. Daryl launched a moderate size attack against me in Asia Minor and took, Pontus Et Bithynia. I counterattacked and got one of Daryl’s generals, but Daryl had another large army building in Thracia. Daryl also attacked Mike in Germania with 2 cavalry against a single infantry and general who were returning after having taken Britain. Daryl missed 4 rolls and Mike’s general safely retreated to Narbonensis. Finally, Sumit attack and took Baetica and Lusitania, but Mike brought in a lot of reinforcements and took back Baetica and captured one of Sumit’s generals. Mike decided to leave Sumit’s single infantry in Lusitania because this would reduce Sumit’s total infantry count from 20 to 19 and prevent Sumit from using all of his infantry. I don’t think Sumit was complaining however, because he continued to get 5 income from this territory. Sumit was now down to 2 generals and 1 Caesar.

Map at the start of turn 8 (Notice Sumit’s green general on his back in Hispania):

Turn 8 was interesting. Daryl had a large army in Thracia which forced me to move troops from my sourthern front against Sumit north into Galatia where I was amassing an army. This buildup combined with Daryl’s attack on Mike’s general in Germania caused Italy to be somewhat weak with about 8 armies and no generals. So Mike made a combined naval and land attack against Italy with about 14 armies total. Mike rolled well and took Italy with only a single Catapult managing to escape. This gave Mike the key location in the game.

I built a road to my fortified city in Egypt.

Map at the start of turn 9:

Things were looking grim for the blue and green players. However, they were about to have a resurgence. Blue moved about 5 armies and 1 general by boat to reinforce Sumit’s large army in Cyrenaica. I had a large army in Egyptus, but Daryl’s reinforcements, which included 1 catapult, gave Sumit the edge. They attacked my Egyptian forces. I had about 14 units including 2 catapults, plus 2 generals and my Caesar (I wanted to roll the extra die). They had about 18 units attacking including 3 catapults and Sumit’s Caesar along with 3 other generals. So we both rolled 9 dice and I roll miserably. This was the biggest victory for the opposing team to date and I was crushed. Only 2 catapults escaped with my 2 generals and Caesar into Palestina. I barely made a dent into Sumit and Daryl’s massive army. They also took a gold province along with a fortified city.

Mike spent this time mopping up some random blue forces in Western Europe and managed to capture one of Daryl’s generals. However, some clever moves by Daryl caused Mike to lose his fortified city in Narbonensis, including 2 roads that Mike built but could not put down. Mike also had a large army in Baetica and started building a considerable fleet.

All was not lost for me, I had a considerable income from the turn before and would buy a lot of my infantry back. I also still had a large army in Asia along with a newly built fortified city in Asia and a road connecting it to my capital.

Map at the start of turn 12 (Notice Daryl’s blue general next to Sumit’s in Hispania):

Mike moved 3 ships into the sea space directly above Sumit’s capital at Numidia. 2 of the ships and ground troops on board. Sumit was forced to move a general and his Caesar back to his capital, but relied on his reinforcements to handle Mike. He still had a considerable force in Egypt. I pulled back out of Palestina and into Syria which I pulled back most of my force from Asia. I defended Asia with only 6 troops and no generals, but had a huge force with all 5 leaders in Syria. My force was larger than Sumit's.

Daryl had a boat with 7 troops on it which was going to combine with Sumit to attack me in Syria. Instead of attacking Sumit in Numidia, Mike moved his fleet into the sea space west of Macedonia and threatened to land in Daryl’s capital. Mike also moved in land forces into Dalmatia. You can see how the map looked below.

Map at the start of turn 14:

First Daryl basically abandoned his capital and instead concentrated on attacking my city in Asia defended by 6 troops. Daryl was able to defeat my troops there, but he knew he would lose his capital. Daryl hoped that he could retake his capital on his next turn.

Mike was able to fend off some naval attacks by Sumit and land his troops into Macedonia and defeated Daryl and took his capital. Sumit retreated his army back into Egypt. With Sumit’s threat lessened at the moment, I moved my large army back to Daryl’s border in order to help Mike. Sumit also had a large force in Tingitana, across from Spain, in order to put pressure on Mike’s capital.

Map at the start of turn 15:

Daryl made a huge counterattack in an attempt to retake his capital from Mike. He attacked with 14 units and 1 general and his Caesar. Mike however had an advantage with 3 generals and a walled city he rolled 2 extra dice (9 vs 7). Mike was also very lucky and soundly defeated Daryl.

Map at the start of turn 16:

With Daryl defeated, it was only a matter of time for Sumit so Sumit and Daryl decided to concede the game. It was a fun time with a lot of ups and downs. There was little downtime and no alpha player problem. Thanks everybody!

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