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Subject: An alternative to mission success/failure rss

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Saw carbon_dragon necro-post and it got me thinking.

Here is my rough sketch for an idea involving 2 adventure decks, and two resulting event decks. The idea is that the success/partial success, or failure can result in a chaining together of events and missions with a sequence of cause and effects.

The first design goals are ease of use:
Draw card for mission
Resolve mission
Draw card for effect
Resolve effect
Move to next mission

The second design goal is reusability. The chaining of an adventure card to effect card is essentially loosely coupled. Theme is maintained by which deck you pull the effect from. For example, failing For a few Darkstone More shouldn't necessarily destroy a town.

Finally I wanted this to be scalable. With a card solution like this you can easily vary the complexity with the result cards, and even customize the mission decks for what you have/don't have.

This is a design proposal so TL;DRs are probably in order.

Adventure Decks
deck 1
Card 1: For a few darkstone more
Marginal success: a gate is discovered in the mine.
Victory: Draw from effect deck 2 consult yellow section
Marginal : Draw from effect deck 2 consult orange section
Defeat: draw from effect deck 1 consult orange section

Card 2: Defend the bridge
Marginal success: The darkness reaches 5.
Victory: Draw from deck 2 consult orange section
Marginal: Draw from deck 1 consult orange section
defeat: Draw from deck 1 consult red section

deck 2:
Card 1: Bandit Stronghold
Marginal success: the Outlaw leader escapes

Card 2: Bandit town attack
Marginal success: A building is destroyed

Effect Decks
Deck 1
Card 1: Town overrun
Yellow section: Town is attacked by bandits
Orange section: Town is attacked by otherworld enemies
Red section: Town is destroyed

Card 2: Enemy responds
Yellow section: Villains hole up in nearby fort/gorge/ghost town and send for reinforcements
Orange section: Hostages taken from a nearby farmstead
Red section: nearby farmstead burned to ground

Card 3: Otherworld encroachment
Yellow Section: Another gate opens at the nearest mine, all enemies are brutal at this location
Orange section: Nighttime settles in early and stays throughout the next 3 days. There are some game effects
Red Section: the area immediately around the mine begins to change to match otherworld. Some other effects follow

Card 4: Scoundrels abound

Card 5: Backroom deal

Card 6: Possession

Deck 2:
Card 1: Town thrives
Yellow: The local fort sends a force to help defend the town.
Orange: The town gains some able bodies. Whenever a fight occurs in this town, add 2 townsfolk allies.
Red: Either repair one destroyed location or add location if one is missing.

Card 2: Tracking down the bandits
Yellow: On the next mission, the second clue token results in a battle with 6 bandits and one Outlaw. This is an Outlaw gang
Orange: You've found out where they are holed up, determine a hex on the map. This hex will result in Bandit stronghold encounter with 6 bandits and one outlaw.
Red: The gang is hellbent on revenge, the next town visit you must defend the town from an outlaw gang with an Outlaw leader.
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