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Subject: Full Game Session Report (from the WIP thread) rss

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Chris Alton
United Kingdom
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Paper 'Mech - winner 'Best Overall Design' in the 2016 1-page PNP Contest
This was originally posted on June 11 2016, over in the Work in Progress thread in the design forum - at the time the design contest was still ongoing and so some of the cards in these photos have placeholder artwork. All the cards now have full art - enjoy!

I played through a test game this morning and thought it might be useful to report it here as a turn-by-turn example so you can see the flow of the game.

So, here we are all set up:-

I randomly determine my crew and end up with this line-up:-
Tactical Officer: Winter
Science Officer: Cetra
Navigator: Sharis
Engineer: Jianna

With the exception of Jianna, this is a very shaky crew so I'm expecting a lot of them to suffer from stress during the mission. Winter is the best marksman out there but once he loses his cool it can take a lot for him to regain it. Sharis is similar, in that she is a fantastic pilot but prone to stress. I will use her excellent piloting ability to speed forwards as fast as possible - hopefully she will be able to dodge the worst of the pirates. Because of this speed, I think I'll probably take the longer and less dangerous course and maybe explore the abandoned research station along the way.
Jianna has great motivation, so she should be able to keep some repairs going in the background without me having to ask her to.
Cetra is quite fast with target locks (being able to acquire 2 per action) and she has decent initiative too, so I should always try and keep my scanners powered to take advantage.

Well, with that brief plan in mind, let's get going...
I will describe the first round in great detail, but my descriptions will become briefer with each round.


Crew Phase

The first phase is Crew Phase, but this is skipped on the first round of every game, so we move straight onto Actions.

Action Phase
1st action: perform a long range scan. I do a quick check to make sure my scanners are powered - yep - then take one of the lock counters and place it in the LR Scan space. Cetra has a LR Scan skill of 3, so I draw the top three pirate cards and can examine them freely.
They are a Nexus Fighter which will enter play hostile in my rear arc (and will attack immediately!) - A lancer fighter which will attack immediately in my starboard arc, and a Nexus Scout which will enter play neutral in my fore arc. I decide to put the Nexus Fighter to the bottom of the deck the place the other two back on top. The order doesn't matter as I know I'll be drawing at least two cards this round anyway.

2nd action: both the engine counters are powered so I can set my speed to '2 normal'.

3rd action: I adjust the position of the Shd Gen power counter to the 4th spot on the power track. Shield charge always starts a new mission at the critical level and its wise to charge them as soon as possible.

4th action: I adjust the position of the Weapons power counter to the 5th spot (swapping places with the Scanners power counter). They are still unpowered there, but if Jianna manages to increase power at the beginning of next round, the weapons will spark into life.

There is nothing more I can usefully do so I pass. The first round of the game usually ends this way, with spare actions - enjoy it, it won't happen again the rest of the game!

CMR Phase
First everything that can charge will charge - the Shd Gen counter is powered, so shield charge level increases 2 levels to 'Full' - now all shield rolls will succeed on a die roll of 2 or more (phew!)

Next I resolve movement. My speed is 2 so I advance the ship counter 2 spaces on the starmap. It passes through a space numbered 1 and lands on a space numbered 2. I now have to draw pirate cards equal to the number in the space landed on, so 2 cards. I already know what these are (since I scanned them) and put the Nexus Scout in the neutral area of my Fore Arc, and the Lancer Fighter in the hostile area of the starboard arc. All fighters have a special ability which allows them to make an immediate attack when they enter play so I must resolve this now.

I am not flying in an evasive pattern so I don't get to make an evasion roll. The shields are powered and fully charged so I collect one blue die for the shields, then one red die to determine the channel of the attack.
The red die scores 4, but I can ignore it anyway because the blue die scores 6. The shields fully absorb the attack and no damage is suffered. However the shield charge will drop by one level, and I must move the shield counter one space to the left.

Now I have resolved that out-of-sequence attack, I can continue with movement. Because I moved 2 spaces I must make a piloting roll or draw extra pirate cards equal to half the number in the bypassed space (1 in this case).
Sharis has a piloting skill of 4, but the LR Scan I performed gives me a +1 to any piloting rolls this round, so I only need 3 or more. I roll a 5 and pass, so no pirates have followed me from the previous space!

Pirate Phase
Now I must deal with normal pirate attacks. The Nexus Scout in front of me is neutral, so doesn't attack. However the Lancer Fighter gets a second attempt - again I roll a blue die for shields and red for the attack. This time I roll a 4 on the shield roll and the attack is absorbed again. I take no damage but the shield charge drops once more, and is back to its starting position of 'critical'.

End Phase
There is one scout in play, so I must make a scout roll. Anything but a 6.... anything but a 6.... anything but....damn!

I draw an extra pirate card which is a Nexus Cruiser - this is a big dangerous target. The good news is that it enters play neutral. The bad news is that it orders the Nexus Scout to attack, and the scout turns hostile!

I remove the lock counter from the LR Scan space and replace it in the holding box, then reset the action counter to 5.
Finally I move the round counter along one space and that marks the end of round 1

The situation at the end of Round 1

Round 2

Crew Phase
First things first I get to make a power roll to see if Jianna succeeds in squeezing extra power out of the reactors. Her Power skill is decent enough (5), so I need a 5 or 6 to succeed. It's a 4, so nothing doing there

Now I have initiative actions - these are triggered by the number of pirates in play. Because the Nexus Cruiser joined the party in the end phase (thanks to the single scout!) there are 3 pirates in play. Any crew members with an initiative score of 3 or less will take an initiative action.
In my case, only Jianna qualifies. Unfortunately (or fortunately, whichever way you look at it!) I haven't taken any damage, so her initiative action of 'repair' is of no use here.

Action Phase
Right, now I have some targets the choices of action become a little tougher. I decide I want to keep my speed up and make progress as quickly as possible. I can smell that early arrival bonus!
For that reason I need to keep both engines powered which severely restricts my power options for the rest of the ship.

1st action: Set Weapons power counter to 3rd position. This displaces Shields and Shd Gen, (Shd Gen becomes unpowered).

2nd action: I'm tempted to power up the scanners and get some target locks, but that's going to cost too many actions. Instead I fire missiles at the Lancer Fighter to starboard. Winter has a Missile skill of 5, so I just need a 5 or 6 on either of the two dice which gives me decent odds. I roll a 2 and 3 and fail. (Winter, you're supposed to be good!)

3rd action: I'm going to take a risk here. My shield level is critical so I decide to cut power to the shields and I position the shield power counter in the 7th spot. This pushes the Shd Gen counter into the 4th spot and they power up, ready for next round.

4th action: Hmmm. I could kill the Nexus Scout in front with the lasers, but that would make the cruiser behind me turn hostile. I think that's too big a risk. I want to get a target lock on that cruiser to make sure I kill it as soon as it becomes hostile. Problem is, my scanners are unpowered (power counter at the 5th spot).
I decide to activate the reserve battery. It's a bit early in the game for that but I feel the need. I move the reserve counter down one space (only 1 charge left), then flip the scanners power counter to its green side.

5th action: No brainer here. Cetra has a Lock skill of 2, so for one action I can place 2 lock counters. I acquire target locks on the Nexus Cruiser and Lancer Fighter - the counters are placed onto the pirate cards with the 'partial lock +1' side up.

CMR Phase
Charge, Move, Repair phase again. First I deal with charges:- the scanners are still powered so any partial locks in play now upgrade to full locks (I flip both counters just placed to the 'full lock +2' side - now my future attacks against these targets are almost certain to hit!
The Shd Gen counter is also powered so the shield level returns to its fully charged position.

Next its movement. As on the last turn my speed is 2 so I advance 2 spaces. I decide at this point I definitely WILL take the longer route and move to the space marked 2 (bypassing another space marked 2). I will need to pass a piloting roll again, but first I must draw 2 pirates.
I draw a Wraith Fighter which will attack immediately in my Aft Arc (I will return and resolve this later), and a Lancer Cruiser, also in the aft arc enters play Neutral. Another big pirate!
The Wraith Fighter attacks - I'm not evading and my shields are unpowered so I just roll the red die. It scores a 1. Checking the dice shown along the aft edge of the board, this tells me the pirate attacks along the extreme right hand channel, and the starboard shield is hit. I flip the card over and it is now damaged. Any shield rolls made against attacks from the starboard arc will receive a -1 die roll penalty. Could have been worse!

I now make the piloting roll. I don't get a bonus this time as I didn't perform a LR Scan, so need a 4 or more to succeed. I score a 2 and have to draw 1 extra pirate (half the number in the bypassed space) - its a Guild Destroyer, attacking in the Aft Arc!
There's suddenly a lot of heat in that arc. Destroyers are particularly nasty because they attack twice every round.

No repairs underway.

Pirate Phase
Okay, I'm not using evasion and my shields are unpowered (regretting that decision now). Let's see how bad this is going to be...
Fore Arc first, just the Nexus Scout - hits the Fore Shield and damages it.
Starboard Arc: Lancer Fighter attacks and hits the starboard shield - this was already damaged so it now goes offline and I remove the card from the board.
Aft Arc: Wraith Fighter attacks and hits the starboard engine, damaging it. This would reduce all evasion rolls by 1 but Sharis isn't so good at evasion anyway so I'm not too worried. However, the Navigation crew station is listed on the system card for the Starboard Engine, so I now must test to see if Sharis becomes stressed (uh-oh)
Of course she fails and I rotate her crew card through 180 degrees to reveal her adjusted skills. Her piloting drops to 6 (from 4) and she cannot use evasion at all.

Now the Guild Destroyer attacks twice, hitting the port shield (damaging it). I'm lucky with the next attack as it hits the starboard shield. This is already offline, and no other systems are in the extreme right channel so the attack misses.
The Lancer Cruiser is still neutral (thankfully!)

I survive with remarkably little damage, but almost all my shields are damaged or offline, my navigator is stressed and I'm surrounded by big pirates.

End Phase
Still only one scout in play so I roll 1D6 - this time no extra pirates join thankfully.
Next I must reset the power track. The reserve battery deactivates and I'm back to generating 4 power, so the Scanners go offline.
Stress Recovery - Sharis has a 50% chance of composing herself, which she doesn't. She will remain stressed for another round at least.
Action counter resets to 5, and the round counter moves. End of round 2!

6 pirates surround me - the situation in the Aft Arc is particularly worrying! you can see the damage is concentrated at the back of the ship. Also of concern is that I haven't managed to destroy a single pirate yet

Round 3

Crew Phase
Power roll fails (again!)
Initiative actions - this time all 3 crew members will spring into action (navigators don't get initiative actions).
First, Jianna sends a mechdroid to repair the damaged engine, Cetra can't do anything because the scanners are unpowered but Winter grins with satisfaction and attacks the Nexus Scout with the lasers. BOOM! First kill. This causes the Nexus Cruiser to turn hostile, but fortunately it's in the Fore Arc and has a full lock on it. Priority target, definitely!

Action Phase

1st action: Lasers at Nexus Cruiser. BOOM! (Now we're cooking).

2nd action: Activate reserve. The reserve battery is now depleted completely but the scanners power up.

3rd action: Target lock on the Guild Destroyer and Lancer Cruiser. That destroyer in particular needs to die quickly.

4th action: Missiles at Guild Destroyer - BOOM! Definitely a good round so far

5th action: Hmmm....not sure this is the best idea but I set Weapon power counter to 6th spot, just so I can bring the shields online - it means the Shd Gen is powered unnecessarily which is a waste, but I don't like having no shields and no evasion - it hurts!

CMR Phase
Charge: - lock on the Lancer Cruiser upgrades
Move: - advance 2 spaces and draw 1 pirate. This is a Nexus Fighter in the port arc which attacks immediately. The shields absorb it.
Yet again I fail the piloting roll, but this is hardly surprising being as Sharis is cowering in a corner. I have to draw 1 extra pirate which is a Wraith Scout in the Fore Arc.
The problem is, the appearance of the Wraith causes the Lancer Cruiser to turn hostile, which is awful news!
Repair: Starboard Engine is fully repaired and mechdroid returns to its holding box.

Pirate Phase
Lancer Fighter, SB Arc - shields absorb
Wraith Fighter, Aft Arc - the aft shield is damaged which reduces shield rolls by 1, and shield charge is critical meaning I need to roll a 6 to succeed - this combination makes it impossible so I don't get to make a shield roll here. The starboard engine is hit again and becomes damaged. Only just repaired that! Sharis is already stressed so no need to make a stress roll for her.
Lancer Cruiser, Aft Arc - hits the aft shield and takes it offline (any system that is hit by an attack from a cruiser is instantly taken offline).
Nexus Figher, Port Arc - hits the lasers, damaging them. Laser attacks will now only roll 1 die instead of 2. I have to take a stress test for Winter, which unsurprisingly fails.

Things are getting bad.

End Phase
Scout roll. Amazingly still only one scout! No extra pirates join.
Reset Power. Reserve battery expires and the shields lose power.
Stress Recovery. Winter remains stressed, Sharis recovers!
Actions reset to 5, round counter moves.

End of round 3.

(just playing through next rounds now)

This, gentleman, is a problem...

but we're almost halfway to our destination!

Round 4

Crew Phase
Guess what? Power roll fails.
Crew initiative actions: 5 pirates in play, all crew activate. Jianna repairs lasers, Cetra places a lock on the Wraith Fighter, weapons are unpowered so Winter stares wistfully through the window...

Action Phase

1st: Set weapons to power priority 1, scanners turn off.
2nd: Launch missiles at the Lancer Cruiser to aft. Misses. ****! - this is a major problem.
3rd: Adjust speed and flight pattern to '1 evasive' - shields are knackered, time to try evasion. Problem is Sharis is rubbish at it
I *really* want to reach the abandoned research station this round so I can search it and hopefully grab something useful!
4th: Repair starboard engine - if I don't do this Sharis will need a 7 on a D6 to evade. I don't fancy her chances
5th: turn to port. Most of the pirates are in my aft arc, I need to bring them around so I can kill em dead with my (damaged) lasers.

I'm not in a good place.

CMR Phase
Scanners are unpowered so no locks upgrade.
Shield charge increases to full, but that's not really helpful because most of the shield projectors are damaged or offline. I'm not very good at this laugh
Move: none - no progress but at least no new pirates will be added!
Repair: lasers and starboard engine are both repaired to fully operational.

Pirate Phase
There are a lot of them
Fore Arc, Nexus Fighter: Hits Missiles and damages them. Winter is already stressed so no need for a new stress check.
SB Arc, Wraith Scout: Hits missiles again! Now offline. Bad, bad, BAD
Aft Arc, Lancer Fighter: Hits the Shield Generator. Now shield charge will only rise one level at a time. No biggie, my shield have had it anyway! This is tied to engineering, and Jianna, the cool bean easily passes the stress check.
Aft Arc, Lancer Scout: Hits the port shield, it's now completely offline.
Port Arc, Wraith Fighter: I decide to resolve the fighter first because if it hits a system and damages it, there's a chance the cruiser will hit the same system and effectively cancel out its special ability.
It completely misses!
Port Arc, Lancer Cruiser: it hits the port reactor, instantly taking it offline. Power generation drops by 2 and I lose power to the Shd Gen AND Engine B. My speed must be adjusted. Evasion has to be the first sacrifice so I'm now at '1 normal'.
To make matter worse, Jianna, the not-so-cool bean fails her stress check.

Dice hate me.

End Phase
There are scouts in play from 3 different clans (Lancer, Wraith and Nexus) so I now roll 3D6 for the scout roll - any 6 will make another pirate join in. I have a bad feeling about this...

Phew! it's okay.
Neither Winter OR Jianna recover from stress. I really expected Jianna to snap out of it right away - she's probably the most dependable non-android on the PGT crew roster.

ahh well, end of round.

Round 5
Hey guess what? I fail the power roll again laugh
not unexpected really, Jianna's power skill while stressed means she needs a 6 to succeed.
Because of the disgusting number of pirates surrounding me, all crew members are suddenly very motivated. Jianna send a mechdroid to repair the reactor. Scanners are offline so Cetra can't do anything. Winter is stressed and needs 7's to hit anything - missiles are offline, and the target in the fore arc has no lock, so it's impossible for him to hit anything.
so much for initiative!

Action phase
Come on crew, this is where we turn it around!
1st action: turn to port. Lets get those targets into the fore arc.
2nd action: Lasers at Lancer Cruiser. BOOM! At last! It had a full lock, so Winter just needed to score a 5 on either dice.
3rd action: argghh!! not enough power to do anything. Set Scanners at power priority 2. Engine A loses power and speed drops to 0. Looking quite vulnerable to looting now.
4th action: Lasers at Wraith Fighter - miss. Needed 6's...that was risky but I had to try it.
5th action: sod it, lets's try again. Lasers at Wraith Fighter. Miss. hmm....

CMR Phase
Target lock on Wraith Fighter upgrades
Port reactor is repaired back to damaged status - Engine A powers back up. However I will need to spend an action to change my speed from 0.

Pirate Phase
Fore Arc, Wraith Fighter - misses completely!
Sb Arc, Nexus Fighter - misses completely!
Aft Arc, Wraith Scout - misses completely! Hey, I feel like my luck is changing at last!
Port Arc, Lancer Scout - hits the port reactor, taking it back offline and damaging the poor mechdroid that was repairing it. hmm, maybe not
Port Arc, Lancer Fighter - misses completely!

I'd like to think I was lucky, but the truth is so much of my ship is damaged there's not much left to hit laugh

End Phase
Scout roll, 3D6 again - this time I'm not so lucky. A Guild Fighter joins in the fun in my port arc (couldn't have been a worse spot!) and makes an immediate attack, damaging the cargo hold.
That's REALLY bad, now the cargo will start to perish every round until this is repaired, but there's no repair window left this round so I'm going to lose some cargo, no matter what

I hate scouts.

Winter and Jianna BOTH fail to recover from stress. End of round

That port arc looks busy

Round 6
Power roll - have a guess. Go on, just guess cry
Initiative. Jianna repairs the cargo bay while I've got some cargo left.
Cetra puts a lock on the Lancer Scout (I need to kill those bloody scouts!), Winter fires lasers at the Wraith Fighter, and misses.

Action Phase
1st: Lasers at Wraith Fighter again. BOOM!
2nd: turn to port - I need to get those three pirates into my firing arc.
3rd: Lasers at Lancer Fighter, miss.
4th and 5th: I don't know WHY I chose this, but I decide to ignore the obvious threat in front of me and explore the research station. If anyone can write to me and let me know why I did this, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.
Anyway, I found an upgraded target lock - will come in handy if there's anything left of my ship next round.

CMR Phase
Partial lock on Lancer Scout upgrades to Full lock
Cargo Hold is fully repaired (phew!)

Pirate Phase
Not looking forward to this...
Fore Arc, Lancer Fighter - Miss!
Fore Arc, Lancer Scout - hits lasers. Winter is already stressed (and next to useless)
Fore Arc, Guild Fighter - hits fore shield, damaging it.
Aft Arc, Nexus Fighter - miss!
Port Arc, Wraith Scout - hits lasers again and takes them offline.
Now I have zero speed, no operational weapons and my shields are down. That is what you call defenceless, people - now every time a pirate would attack me it will loot my cargo instead.
I think this will soon be game over whistle

End Phase
Scout roll - nothing.
Stress recovery. Winter recovers! Woohoo! Now if only we had some weapons he could shoot laugh

Jianna fails AGAIN.


Round 7

Crew Phase
Power roll fails - should be used to this by now.
Jianna repairs lasers, Cetra places her new spangly upgraded lock counter on the Guild Fighter in the fore arc.
Winter does nothing.

Actions Phase
1st: This might seem an odd choice, but I do a Long Range Scan. I'm close to the end and want to make sure nothing nasty is coming off the pirate deck. I also want to power down the scanners soon so now is this time to use them. I see a Wraith Destroyer, Wraith Cruiser and a Guild Scout. Wow, 2 big Wraith ships. Glad I scanned! The destroyer goes to the bottom of the deck. The Cruiser is chunky but will enter play neutral. If I can avoid triggering its ambush, I might be able to avoid it. I mean, everything's gone to plan so far hasn't it? Hasn't it?

2nd: Set shields to power priority 2, scanners power down.

3rd: Repair the lasers. Two mechdroids on the lasers now, so they'll be fully operational again next round.

4+5: Well, I'm here anyway - may as well use 2 actions and explore the research station again. This time I find some advanced retros - this will increase all evasion rolls by +1. Hmm, maybe Sharis CAN be good at evading cool

CMR Phase
Nothing charges, nothing moves, just lasers get fully repaired.

Pirate Phase
Fore Arc, Lancer Fighter, shields absorb! Go shields!
Fore Arc, Lancer Scout - hits starboard reactor and damages it. shields power down. Boo shields!
Fore Arc, Guild Fighter. The reactor takes another hit and its offline. Now weapons power down and I'm defenceless once more.
Aft Arc, Nexus Fighter - I'm defenceless so it loots. Cargo counter moves right one space, pirate card turned face down.
Aft Arc, Wraith Scout - loots. Cargo counter moves down a space, pirate card flipped over.

Now both face down pirate cards are shuffled back into the pirate deck. They leave me alone for now but could come back later.

End Phase
Scout Roll: nothing
Stress Recovery: Jianna FINALLY recovers!

Round 8

Crew Phase
Power roll - well, since both my reactors are offline, there's nothing for Jianna to work with. No power roll allowed. Would have failed anyway laugh

Initiative. Only 4 pirates in play now. Jianna repairs the damaged mechdroid.

Action Phase - since I'm generating no power whatsoever this will be short!
1st: Set Reserve battery to power priority 1.
2nd+3rd: Might as well explore the station again. Not much else I can do. Lucky for me this happened while I was at an Area of Interest!
This time I grab some smart missiles. Double attack dice! Great - my missiles are currently offline. Hmm.
4th: Repair Starboard Reactor.
Can't do much else so I pass.

CMR Phase
Mechdroid 1 and the Starboard Reactor both repair. Power increases by 1 so the reserve powers up. Sadly repairs happen AFTER charging, so the reserve won't charge until next round.

Pirate Phase
Loot, loot, loot, loot. I could have tried to fight it, but I've decided to let them have their way, and just try and get to dock with a positive score. Down to 50% cargo

End Phase
Annoyingly there's only 1 pirate left now, and it's a bloody scout (neutral Nexus). Thankfully the scout roll brings nothing.
I'm tempted to blow it out the sky next round and take the fine for killing a neutral on the chin.

round 9




I just made a power roll! Like now, when all the pirates have cleared off and I don't really need it. Oh how you mock me, gods of dice and fate.
Anyway, I'll take it. Power increases by a point and weapons kick into life. Now, where's that sodding scout....

no initiative actions, cos it's now very quiet out there.

Action Phase
1st: Turn to port. Lining him up.....
2nd: Repair Port Reactor
3rd: Repair Port Reactor again
4th: Set Scanners to power priority 2.
5th: Target lock on Nexus Scout.

CMR Phase
Reserve is now powered and the so the reserve battery charges to 3. That could be useful. No moves - reactor repairs back to fully op. Weapons, shield and Engine A all power up. Suddenly I'm swimming in power!

Pirate Phase
Nothing - they all cleared off with my loot.

End Phase
Scout roll: nothing. All crew members are cool for now.

round 10
Let's see how many power rolls we can fail. Yep, chalk up another one laugh
No initiative actions.

Action Phase
1st: Repair Missiles
2nd: Long Range Scan (Nexus Fighter - goes to bottom, Wraith Cruiser and Lancer Scout) I kept the latter two because they enter play neutral. Might be able to rush to the end before they turn hostile.
3rd: Set reserve to power priority 7. I don't think I'll be needing that again and it pushes Engine A power counter into the green zone and it powers up.
4th: Activate reserve. Charge drops to 2, power increases and Engine B powers up.
5th: Now both engines are powered, set speed to 2 normal. I've done a long range scan and Sharis, the best pilot in the game will absolutely pass her piloting roll and avoid that number 3 space. Won't she. Surely.

CMR Phase
Advanced lock on the Nexus scout upgrades to +3. Awesome. You're dead meat soon, my scouty friend.
I advance 2 spaces and land on a number 2 space (only 2 away from our destination!)

almost there...

I draw two pirates, know exactly what these are already laugh
Both neutral. The Nexus Scout turns hostile, but I expected that, hence the extreme target lock I have on it.
Now it's just the mere formality of passing this almost assured piloting roll then we can win the game laugh





Right. No problem. Just need to draw an extra two pirates. First - Lancer Fighter to my starboard which attacks instantly. Damage to the starboard reactor, engine B powers down - speed drops to 1.


Second pirate is a Wraith Destroyer right in front of me cry

Well, that went well.

On the plus side, my missiles are repaired.

Pirate Phase + End Phase

Look lets cut this short. Lasers, Starboard engine and Fore Shield are all damaged. Winter gets all scared again, then the scout roll brings along another Wraith Fighter just for added giggles. The reserve power expires, along with the boost from Jianna's skill and Engine A powers down, dropping my speed to 0.

I'm so close to the end I can see it, but I can't reach it!

Oh yeah, Winter stays hiding under his console.

Round 11
Power roll - gimme a break. There are suddenly 6 pirates around me again. I mean, how did that actually happen? We had one neutral a minute ago and I was coasting into the finish!!

Jianna repairs the starboard engine. Let's get evasive, baby.
Cetra puts a lock on the Wraith Destroyer and Winter shoots lasers at the Nexus Scout (with a huge +3 to hit), but he still manages to miss. Special skill, that is.

Actions, I obliterate the Destroyer with missiles, kill the scout with lasers mess around with power counters to bring both engines back online and set speed to 1 with an evasive flight pattern. I will reach orbit this round!

Pirate phase I manage to evade almost everything! Sadly the Nexus Destroyer hits my reactor and engine B powers down. I lose evasion and Jianna becomes stressed again

Thankfully she recovers immediately, but Winter still doesn't want to know. No new pirates from scout rolls.

Round 12

I use advanced missiles to shred the Nexus Destroyer then adjust power to ensure both engines are powered and set speed to 1 evasive. THIS time I'll get to orbit. Promise.

I finally move into orbit and speed drops to 0. but I retain evasion. It was so good last round, I should have been using it sooner.

I evade two attacks and the other two miss completely anyway. Awesome! to make things even sweeter Winter recovers from stress too! Next round I can start killing things off.
The problem is, we should be docking by now. The cargo will start to decay from this point onwards.

I went on for another couple of rounds and eventually managed to dock with an impressive 10% of my original cargo laugh

So, this was my final score:-

Basic Pay:- 10% cargo $6
Early Arrival Bonus: $0
Hostile Bounties:- $18

Neutrals Destroyed: $0
Offline System Repairs:- $24
Damaged system Repairs:- $9

Final total:- minus $9
(this is in millions)

oh dear laugh

The ship in her final state. She's looking a bit poorly...

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