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Subject: Masmorra Hero Abilities rss

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Will M
United Kingdom
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I have compiled a list below of all Masmorra Heroes and their abilities (excluding the crossover kit stats as they have not been released at the time of producing this list).

Their starting abilities are listed below their name, while upgrade abilities appear below as bullets dashes.

I got most of the stats from the Kickstarter info (some didn't state all of their upgrade abilities).

Obviously, as CMoN continue to playtest the game some Hero stats will be subject to change.



Turn any die into Magic.
- use Magic to create Coins
- use 2 Magic to create 3 Ranged,
- double a Defense
- use a Coin to conjure up an apprentice that grants him an extra Action Die.

When disarming traps and opening treasure chests, one of the dice she uses may have a different symbol than the one required.
- extra Defense for a Step,
- Coins for a Ranged,
- buying Steps or Ranged,
- turning a Ranged into 2 Melee.

Trade his free Step for either a Melee, Defense, or Elixir.
- gain Coins from an Elixir,
- gain an extra Melee and Defense from a Melee,
- buy a Step or Melee,
- get his pet wolf to help him out with an extra Action Die.

Combat with Undead Monsters is optional, and gains a Defense when in a room with them.
turn a single Melee into 2 Melee and an Elixir,
get 2 Coins for an Elixir,
turn a single Melee into 2 Defence and an Elixir,
generate 3 Elixirs from 3 Coins (refreshable).

Turn any die result into a Defence and Coin.
turn a Step into a Melee and 2 Coins,
turn a single Melee into 2 Ranged,
generate 3 Melee and a Defense from 3 Coins (refreshable),
get 2 Melee, a Defence and a Coin from a single Defence.



Turn any die into a Melee.
- turn a Step into 2 Melee,
- turn a Melee into 2 Ranged

Baruk can suffer wounds in exchange for extra Defense and Melee results.
- turn a Ranged result into 2 Melee;
- a Melee and Step into multiple Melee and Defense;
- gain Coins with a Melee;
- spend Coins for a defensive maneuver with Defense or Step.

Change any die result into an Elixir.
- double his Elixir result,
- turn an Elixir into 2 Melee,
- gain Coins from a Defense,
- trade Coins for Ranged and Elixir.

Avoid combat with Animal-type Monsters (like Bats and Spiders), and she gains an extra Ranged result when sharing a room with an Animal.
- manipulate Animals in her room,
- gain Coins for Magic results,
- trade an Elixir for Ranged,
- spend Coins to summon or remove Animals from her room.

Take as many wounds as he'd like in exchange for as many Ranged results.
- trade 2 Melee for 2 Ranged and 1 Melee,
- trade Coins for Melee or Step,
- trade Melee for Step and Coins,
- shove a Monster from his room and gain an extra result of his choice!

Change any result into a Step.
- turn a Step, or Coins, into Defense and Melee,
- get Melee and Coins out of a Ranged.
- his pet panther can grant him a 7th Action Die

Use Ranged results to attack Monsters in an adjacent room. She still gains the XP, but not any Treasure they might have.
- double one of her Ranged results,
- turn a Ranged into 2 Melee,
- spend Coins to get Ranged results,
- get Coins through a Step.

Spend 3 Coins to get 2 Elixirs.
- add an Elixir to a Melee or to a Defense result,
- turn a Melee into a Defense and Coins,
- spend Magic and a Coin to get 3 Ranged.

Spend any die in order to avoid combat with a Monster.
- spend Coins to move a monster away and get a free result,
- turn Magic into Defense and Coins,
- turn an Elixir into either 2 Melee or a Ranged and a Defense.

Trade any die for a Ranged result.
- turn a Melee into a Ranged and 2 Coins,
- turn a Melee into 2 Ranged,
- trade 3 Coins for 2 Magic,
- trade a Ranged for 2 Steps.

Jump over an entire room to get to where he wants to be, avoiding traps and monsters.
- trade a Defense for a Step and Coins,
- trade any Treasure card for 2 Melee,
- trade a Ranged and a Coin for 2 Melee and a Step,
- 2 Magic for 3 Defense.

<not stated>

<not stated>

<not stated>



Turn any result into a Defense.
- gain Coins for a Defense,
- spend Coins for extra Defenses,
- add a Defense to a Melee,
- double his Melee.

Trade his free Step for either a Melee or Ranged result.
- trade a couple of Coins for either an Elixir, Melee, or Defense,
- turn a Ranged into two Melee,
- produce 3 Coins and an Elixir out of a Magic,
- double a Defense.

Teleport anywhere by just spending any two dice.
- double a Magic result,
- produce two Elixirs from a Magic,
- turn an Elixir into a Step and Coins,
- give 3 Coins to get 2 Ranged.

Combat with Undead Monsters is optional, and gains a Defense when in a room with them.
- Carry an Undead Monster with him when he moves,
- turn Magic into a Melee and Coins,
- spend Coins to summon or remove a Skeleton or Zombie on any room of his choice,
- his pet imp can grant him a 7th Action Die

Gains a Melee result when he takes his first wound in combat.
- ignore the abilities of Undead Monsters and gain an Elixir when in a room with them,
- change a Defense into a Melee and Coins,
- turn an Elixir into two Defense,
- change a Melee and a Coin into an Elixir, Defense, and Melee.



Every turn he may reroll any dice he wants one extra time.
<upgrades not stated>
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Fabiano Rossini
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Maybe will be hard to design so many crossovers to feel really diferent play with every heroe.
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Will M
United Kingdom
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Yeah, I think so too. But it will be interesting to see what they come up with.
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