Joakim Schön
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We had a mission to stay alive for 6 rounds. It was a medium mission. I had two characters as the other three players. I had Olivia, a doctor that could heal one frost damage each turn on one character in her location, including herself. And Buddy, a fitness trainer, that was good at shooting.

My secret mission was to, at the end of the game, have only medicine cards at my hand.

We had to collect 5 food the first round. We had some food cards at our hands in the group. But needed more. We needed to play food cards so we could feed our people in the colony.

I did go to the store. I could find food there, and maybe also medicine for my secret mission.

I did find a 2-food then I searched there. I did place it to the objective that round. And the other players did also help. So we did get the food we needed, and didn't lose morale.

Next round we did needed 6 gasoline. I had one gasoline card at my hand, one other guy had one more, and another guy had four. This round I searched, killed one zombie, and build one barricade. I didn't found anything interesting.

One guy found one more gasoline. We put in 7 gasoline, and the morale was raised by one. But we were now 3 characters by the store and there was many zombies. We had to split up.

The next round, Buddy and Sparky (the dog) left the store. I searched again with Olivia for food and medicine and didn't get it. I got a new character, John, by playing a card. A got a fourth die for the next round. Killed one zombie.

Buddy did kill a zombie back in the colony.

New round. There were more and more zombies in the colony. We did kill a few of them. But also knew they will come back. We didn't have enough food for the colony, and the morale went down.

The fifth round I killed two zombies with Buddy in the colony, and did search with Olivia in the store, and also killed one zombie there. No food, no medicine. We needed food for the colony. And this round the objective was food as well.

We couldn't do it. We died, just before we could start the last round. And even if we would have won, I maybe would not have found any medicine.

We had a traitor among us, that did put more people into the colony, so we didn't have food. And was losing morale. But the traitor didn't win as well, because he didn't fullfilled his secret mission. The game won. We were dead in the winter, without food, morale and medicine.
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I hate the games were the traitor ruins our goal (what his goal is) but he also ruins his game. I think, when I get betrayed, than should the traitor win

With this situation has no one a good feeling

Tip for the next time: Exile one player, if you cant handle the food situation. It is not necessary that you get the traitor (but you will mostly do). When you exile the person with the most Survivors at the colony, maybe he will lose the game, but the whole party can survive another round

Sometimes you have to sacrifice someone for the ultimate goal.
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basil mckeon
United States
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I haven't played a game with a betrayer yet, but, from glancing at the cards I think the betrayer objectives are some of the hardest ones. Not only do you need to fulfill your own objective, but you need to sabotage the rest of the group. Double duty.

I'm assuming they are more balanced in practice, but at a glance it seems much harder.
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