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Subject: Rules for Farsight Enclaves: The Eight in Deathwatch Overkill rss

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Mick Lee
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This is an addition to the Tau rules for Deathwatch Overkill. All weapons, special rules and equipment that are not specifically explained here are explained in the thread "Tau rules for Deathwatch Overkill".

Rules for Farsight Enclaves: The Eight in Deathwatch Overkill:

General rules for The Eight:

-Delayed arrival: Since Tau battlesuits are a lot bulkier than their Adeptus Astartes`counterparts, you will -in some cases- not be able to place all of them in their respective deployment zones in round 1. Those members of The Eight which can not be adequately placed, begin the game off-board and can be brought in from round 2 on via their deployment zones-if they can be properly placed.
-Clear landing zone: It is essential for The Eight to bring in their battlesuits swiftly, in order to have sufficient firepower against the Stealer hordes. As long as any model of The Eight, that is part of a mission´s team is on delayed arrival and off-board, all other members of The Eight that are on the board receive a +1 bonus on their "to hit" roll. This bonus counts ONLY vs. Stealer models that are in The Eights´deployment zone(s)
- Six members of The Eight (except O´Vesa and Ob´lotai 9-0) are Commanders and are therefore equipped with an advanced targetting system.
-a Crisis battlesuit can fire TWO weapons only. So Shas O Arra´kon can only fire two of his three weapons in one shooting phase.

1.Commander Farsight

Armament: Plasma rifle, the Dawn Blade
Equipment: Crisis battlesuit, shield generator
Special rules: Crisis bodyguard, inspiring leader

The Dawn Blade: assault range: 3 hits on 3+, rending. In assault range, Commander Farsight
can choose to either attack with the Dawn Blade OR his plasma rifle

Crisis bodyguard: Commander Farsight may form a Crisis team with up to two members of the eight instead of fielding these warriors separately.

Inspiring leader: Commander Farsight is a legend within the Tau Empire and inspires his comrades with his presence. He has the following command boni,when he decides to take a team of bodyguards. The command boni only apply for him and his team. Mind that he can choose only ONE of them per round at the beginning of the Tau player´s movement phase:

- target acquisition: Farsight and his bodyguard team may reroll "to hit" results of 1 in the Tau player´s shooting phases
-fearless: ignore the malus of not having your battlesuit movement when in assault range

2.Commander Bravestorm

Armament: Plasma rifle, flamer, Onager gauntlet
Equipment: XV8-02 „Iridium“ armour, shield generator, stimulant injector

Flamer: assault-combat range: 1 hit/shot, explosive

3. Honour Shas´vre O´Vesa:

Armament: ion accelerator, fusion blaster,
Equipment: XV104 Riptide battlesuit, Earth Caste Pilot Array, Riptide shield generator, early warning override, stimulant injector, Nova Reactor, vectored retro-thrusters
Special rules: fearless, smashing giant

Ion accelerator: Firing mode a): 3 shots/hits, cleave, rending
Firing mode b): 2 shots/hits, explosive, cleave .
When using Firing mode b), you must pass an overheating check prior to firing the weapon:
Roll a d6, on a roll of 1 you suffer a single wound, no saves, except stim
injector. The ion accelerator has unlimited range.

Riptide Battlesuit: armour save: 2+, 3 live points
Riptide shield generator: grants a 5+ save vs. Cleave attacks
Early warning override: O´Vesa can fire all of his Riptide´s weapons at the end of the Genestealers´ ambush phase. He may not fire them in the subsequent 2 shooting phases of that round, however

Nova reactor: At the beginning of the Tau player´s movement phase you can try to
activate O´Vesa´s Riptide´s Nova Reactor: roll a die - on a 3+ you have successfully activated the reactor, while on a 1 or 2 you suffer one single wound against which no saves are allowed, except stim injectors. The Nova reactor has the following abilities, from which you can choose ONE that lasts for this round:

-Improved shield generator: 3+ save vs. Cleave attacks
-Ripple fire: you may fire O´Vesa´s secondary weapon system twice in every shooting phase
-Enhanced agility: You may move O´Vesa up to maximum range in BOTH of your shooting phases
-Riptide Hail Fire: ONE use only: O´Vesa´s Riptide can fire his weapons twice in ONE shooting phase. He may choose different targets for each Hail Fire attack. When you choose O´Vesa´s Hail Fire attack, O´Vesa may neither move in the movement phase, nor do his battlesuit movement.

Earth Caste Pilot Array: you may reroll failed Nova Reactor attempts and rolls of 1 in your shooting phases.

Fearless: O´Vesa is operating the Riptide battlesuit via a remote controller. Therefore he is not exposed to the enormous stress-level on the battlefield. O´Vesa ignores the -1 malus to the „to hit“ roll, in case any Stealer model is in assault range.

Smashing giant: O´Vesa needs 2-6 adjacent zones to be placed adequately. He can be placed as needed in order to block zones vs. the Stealers. This also counts for his movement phase: he can only move, if he can be placed in a „Zone“ consisting of 2-6 adjacent zones. He can also be placed in a way, so that he is partially entering one or several Stealer occupied zones, as long as the Riptide physically fits into that position.

O´Vesa may never be on the board in turn 1. Instead he can be called for backup from turn 2 on, just like Crisis suits in the basic Tau rules. He can be played in ONE of two ways:
1. Deep strike: He will stay on the battlefield for d3 rounds, NOT counting the round in which he arrived!
2. Regular member: O´Vesa counts as a regular member of the team and can be played normally after he arrives in round 2. Mind however, that O´Vesa counts as 3 models in all respects.
You can place him within combat range of ANY member of The Eight, when you play him either as support staying for d3 rounds or as a regular member. O´Vesa needs 2-6 adjacent zones to be placed adequately. He can be placed as needed in order to block zones vs. the Stealers. This also counts for his movement phase: he can only move, if he can be placed in a „Zone“ consisting of 2-6 adjacent zones.

4. Commander Brightsword

Armament: two fusion blasters, Fusion Blades,
Equipment: Crisis battlesuit, stimulant injector, shield drone

Fusion Blades: no -1 modifier on „to hit“, when a Stealer model is in assault range, ignore the Patriarch´s immunity vs. cleave attacks. You can EITHER attack with the twin linked fusion blasters, OR with the Fusion Blades in assault range.
Maximum range: -
Combat range: -
Assault range: 2 shots/hits, rending, cleave
Power outage: Due to their enormous need of energy, Fusion Blades are prone to power outage. After you have made an attack, you roll a d6: On a 1 or 2, the Fusion Blades´energy cell is empty and you can´t make any further attacks with them in this mission.

Shield drone: confers a 4+ save vs. Cleave-attacks

5. ShasO Sha´Vastos

Armament; Plasma rifle, flamer
Equipment: Crisis battlesuit, shield generator, vectored retro-thrusters, Puretide engram neurochip
Flamer: assault-combat range: 1 hit/shot, explosive

6. Broadside Shas´vre Ob´lotai 9-0

Armament: high-yield missile pod, smart missile system, seeker missile
Movement: 1, no battlesuit-movement
Armour save: 2+
High yield missile pod/ Smart missile system:

maximum range: 3 shots/hits, explosive
assault-combat range: 4 " ", " "

Seeker missile: no range limitation, one use only, 1 shot/hit, cleave

7. ShasO Arra´kon

Armament: plasma rifle, cyclic ion blaster, airbusting fragmentation projector
Equipment: XV8-02 „Iridium“ armour, counterfire defence system

cyclic ion blaster: assault-combat range: 3 shots/hits, explosive
airbusting fragmentation projector: combat range: 1 shot/hit, explosive
assault range: 2 shots/hits, explosive

counterfire defence system: when Arra´kon is attacked in assault range, he can fire EACH of his
weapons ONCE at Stealers attacking him, directly after the Stealer player declares the attack. He could fire all of his weapons at a time into the same zone, or he can fire only one or two weapons at a time to spare his remaining weapons for other models that will possibly attack him.

8. Sub-Commander Torchstar

Armament: two flamers
Equipment: Crisis battlesuit, drone controller, two marker drones, Multi-Spectrum Sensor Suite, Neuroweb System Jammer
Neuroweb System Jammer: All Stealer models attacking Torchstar in assault range must pass a die roll. On a result of 1 the model may NOT attack in this phase.

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