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Subject: Game description from the designer rss

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W. Eric Martin
United States
North Carolina
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1. All player choose a mercenary.

2. Draw a random mission or choose the one you like.

3. The player have to set in what order the mercenaries move through the city.

4. Each player draw two equipment cards, this is the start equipment.

5. Draw as many encounter cards as aktive mercenaries.

If the encounter is a enemy role a dice to see which mercenary has to deal with him, 1-6 stands for the move order they choose at point 3! Friendly encounter and events will be put on side until all enemies are defeated.

6. Fight!

Normally the mercenaries will start the first round. On each equipment we have numbers for melee and shooting. The player now take as much dice as the equipment card show and maybe add some bonus dice to it because of some abilities. Each 4-6 is a hit and each 1-3 is a miss. For each hit the target will lose 1 health point!

The player doesn't have to attack, they can use there one action the have each turn to use abilities, change equipment with other players, change there position and more.

Once again the move order is important! Some abilities need the have the one who use the ability and the targets side by side. Maybe the medic is at position 6 and the near dead mercenary is at position 2, he can not help him until he is near enough! Changing the position is one action, so the medic need 3 actions/rounds to get near the mercenary!

If each player has used his action the enemies will attack back. Enemies work just like the mercenaries but the only use what the card says. A enemy with 3 dice in melee will just have this 3 dice, he don't change position, he don't change his equipment and he don't use abilities except his card says so!

After the last enemies roll his dice it is the mercenaries turn again. This will switching until one side is dead.

Once the fight is over the player have to handle the friendly encounter and events.

7. A period of rest!

Now each player can use abilities, give equipment to other players, change the equipment he is using right now, change the move order and more.

Then the game jumps back to point 4 and starts again. Repeat point 5 - 7 until the target of the mission is found. After the target is found the player have to do what the mission card says. Maybe it is a big battle against a horde of zombies, a nasty fight with a mutant or maybe the mission is just over without some bad surprises.

Oh, did i mention noise? Weapons like a pistol or a pump gun make noise and if the noise reach a certain level the mercenaries have to deal with a horde of enemies. Better be quiet!

Don't forget this is just a little overview of the rules but i think it is enough to see how the game works.

Who is in for a city tour?
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Vianney Van Leemputten
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Thanks for all the infos.
Any chance to see the rulebook posted before Spiel 2016 ?
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Florian Möller
Schleswig Holstein
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Hello friends!

With no convention or event left this year, we will start working on BoardGameGeek and all the english stuff!

We post a "Next up" thread in the News part of this forum.
Take a look: https://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/1671037/what-we-will-do...
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