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Subject: A set of custom characters rss

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Chris P
United Kingdom
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These were originally based on my gaming buddies. Ultimately however the links became tenuous in favour of making the characters more interesting and balanced. Names have been replaced by general personality traits. Enjoy.

The one who loves being selfish || Political Leader
2 POL // 1 TAC // 1 ENG // 1 TRE
Unilateral - For skill checks on your turn, if exactly 1 Treachery card is revealed, it counts as positive and all text on the card is ignored.
Don't Arsk Me About Mrs. Cake - Once per game, you may look at all but one of the undealt Loyalty Cards (do not resolve any text on the cards). Shuffle them afterwards.
Unco-operative - Your skill set includes Treachery.

The one who dreads being a cylon || Political Leader
2 POL // 1 LEA // 2 TAC
Strategist - Your "Strategic Planning" cards add 3 to the die roll (instead of 2).
Human All the Way - Once per game, upon reaching the Sleeper Agent phase, you may receive your additional Loyalty Card before anybody else. If you do, you may choose to shuffle it back into the Loyalty Deck and draw a new one.
Sick with Nerves - Immediately after the Sleeper Agent phase, you must discard 5 Skill Cards and move to "Sickbay".

The annoying, controlling one || Military Leader
2 LEA // 1 TAC // 2 PIL
Multi-task - Movement: Activate 1 unmanned viper, or move 1 civilian ship into an adjacent area.
Stubborn - Once per game, when you would lose a title, you may choose to keep it (you may not keep the Admiral title in the "Brig").
Obnoxious - When you must make a choice on an "Admiral Chooses" Crisis Card, the President chooses instead.

The relentless optimiser || Military Leader
2 LEA // 1 ENG // 2 POL/TAC
Ruthless Efficiency - Once per turn, if you are not in the "Brig", immediately after your Receive Skills step you may discard a 5- or 6-strength Skill Card to increase the Jump Preparation track by 1.
Synthesise - Action: Once per game, you may draw the top card of every Skill Card deck and discard pile.
Hate Relying on Luck - You must skip your "Prepare for Jump" steps.

The super-shifty one || Pilot
2 TAC // 2 PIL // 1 POL/ENG
Adaptable - During Setup, you are dealt 3 Loyalty Cards (instead of 1) before anyone else receives theirs. Choose 1 to keep, and shuffle the others back into the Loyalty Deck. No other play may look at your Loyalty Cards during the game.
The Ultimate Test - Once per game, when distance travelled is 7 or greater, when you are the target of an "Executive Order" card you may instead use it to increase or decrease any two different resources by 1.
Incredibly Suspicious - Your die rolls are secret. You may claim any result (success or fail) you like. If you claim a success, you must reveal a successful result. Otherwise, you must not reveal the result. (Cylon ship activations and nukes are not affected.)

The intelligent eccentric one || Support
2 POL // 2 LEA // 2 TAC // 2 ENG
Pass with Flying Colours - Piloting cards of strength 1 or 2 count as positive for all skill checks on your turn.
Insightful - Once per game, you may shuffle together the bottom 3 cards of the Crisis Deck and look at them, then place them back on the top or bottom of the deck in any order.
Absent-minded - If you are not in "Sickbay", instead of drawing cards normally during your Receive Skills step you must roll a die and draw that many Skill Cards.

The helpful pushover || Support
1 POL // 2 LEA // 1 TAC // 1 ENG
Co-operative - If you begin your Action step in the same location as another character, you may activate that location then take another action.
Rescue - Once per game, when another character is forced to move you may instead move him to your current location (even if it is a hazardous location).
Overlooked - You may not be the target of an "Executive Order" card whilst in a hazardous location.

The quiet one who stays out of politics || Support
2 POL // 1 LEA // 2 ENG
Glimpse the Fate of God - At the start of your turn, you may look at the top card of the crisis deck.
Cynic - Once per game, when distance is at 6 or greater, you may look at 1 random Loyalty Card of both the President and the Admiral.
Mildly Confused - Add 4 Skill Cards from the Destiny Deck (instead of 2) to skill checks on your turn.

The one who loves causing mischief || Cylon Leader
1 TAC // 1 POL/LEA
Influential - At the start of your turn, if you are Infiltrating, you may claim a title of your choice (you may not claim the same title as you did in the previous turn). Return it at the end of your turn, or if you stop Infiltrating.
Seize Power - Once per game, you may choose to keep your current title permanently. (If you stop Infiltrating, it is given to the character highest on the corresponding line of succession.)
Plans Foiled - Whilst you are Infiltrating, whenever a title-holder is sent to a hazardous location you must discard a card.

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