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Subject: Rules from Season 2/3/4 adapted for use with only Season 1 rss

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Finne Fortuin
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Zombicide: New rules
compared to the base game (Zombicide, Season 1)
v 1.2 by Finne Fortuin, august 2016

See Rules from Seasons 2/3/4 and expansions for the base game for a PDF including all the referenced pages from all the rulebooks.

Add these rules to the base game as you see fit. These rules don't require any new game resources:
1) Use the Season 3: Rue Morgue base game rules as base rulebook. Print the PDF from It has extra clarifications and better examples.
2) Mark starting equipment on the back and keep separate - do not add these to the equipment deck. (from Season 4: Black Plague p17)
3) Mark special (pimp mobile, assebled weapons etc.) equipment on the back and keep separate - do not add these to the equipment deck. (from Season 4: Black Plague p6)
4) Increase survivor wounds to 3 to die. Zombivors are increased to 6. (from Season 4: Black Plague p23)
5) When a survivor is wounded, do not discard 1 equipment. Alternatively: unless there is no more space to hold all wounds + equipment. (from Season 4: Black Plague p23)
6) Increase equipment carry limit to 8 total: 5 backpack + 2 hands + 1 body space. The body space can only contain body cards (vests, masks, etc: bullet proof vest, gaolie mask, gas mask) or the players' starting weapon. If 3 weapons are equipped in 2 hands and on the body, choose 2 to use during any one combat action. (from Season 4: Black Plague p17, 32)
7) Friendly fire: adjust the ranged attack targeting priority list: you never target survivors, but they can be hit by friendly fire: all missed die rolls of a ranged attack have to be assigned to survivor units in the target zone. Wound preventing equipment (e.g. bullet proof vests) can be used to prevent wounds. (from Season 4: Black Plague p34)
8) Ultrared mode: you are allowed to continue building xp after reaching red. Put your xp marker back on 0 and keep increasing. Choose a second orange and red skill, and one loop later a third red skill, and each loop after that a skill of your choice from the skill list each time you pass orange or red. (from Toxic City Mall expansion p13)
9) Cars
- use the car actions: searching, moving into, inside of, out of, driving, attacking with and attacking from cars (this was already part of Season 1)
- use car substitions (from Season 2: Prison Outbreak p21)
- stash equipment in cars (from Toxic City Mall expansion p14)
10) Tyrants ("Umbrella Corporation Tyrants", adapted from Season 4: Black Plague Necromancers). Mark one zombie model as Tyrant (or introduce another model) and add 6 Tyrant spawn cards (mark 6 spawn cards as Tyrant spawn cards: #3-8 or print new spawn cards). Tyrants spawn with a new zombie spawn zone which immediately spawns normal zombies. If another Tyrant spawn is drawn, don't place an extra Tyrant on the board but give the existing one an extra activation. If there are 6 spawn zones on the board and the Tyrant escapes the game is lost. Tyrants try to flee: if they cannot attack a survivor in their zone they make for the nearest exit: A spawn zone different from their entry zone. Killing the Tyrant allows you to remove one spawn zone. If you choose a spawn zone with spawn zone numbers on it, redistribute the numbers to a zone without numbers (the one added by the Tyrant). (from Season 4: Black Plague p29, 30)
11) Fatties without walkers. During a spawn fatty zombies are not accompanied by two walkers. (from Season 4: Black Plague p25)
12) Zombivores: When a survivor dies, you can resurrect them next turn as a zombivore: flip over the character sheet and retain xp and equipment. You can rearrange your equipment and choose any skills again (the zombivores have a different skill tree - no extra action at the yellow level!). Zombivores need 5 wounds before they die. (from Season 2: Prison Outbreak p22)
13) Mark equipment with the location that needs it needs to be equipped in to use: in hand, on body, in backpack. (from Season 4: Black Plague p17)

Season 3: Rue Morgue rules
These rules are part of Season 3: Rue Morgue and therefore are part of rule #1 above. They have been slightly adapted for use with Season 1:
1) Skinner zombies: all normal zombies are skinners: when you kill them, any 1 rolled on the attack dice is converted into a crawler zombie. Never create more crawlers then killed normal zombies. Use models on their side to indicate a crawler.
2) A-bomb abominations: All normal/skinner abominations gain impervious and grab skills.
3) PvP team rules: Split the survivors into teams: the team with the most xp wins at the end of the game. Include dead team members.
4) Spawn zone numbering: use counters numbered from 1 to 6 to target each spawn zone and when spawning zombies randomise spawning by rolling as many dice as there are spawn zones, unless otherwise indicated by the mission.
5) Running out of miniatures whilst splitting does not trigger an extra activation.
6) Running out of miniatures whilst spawning manholes triggers only 1 extra activation.

Card Decks
The following additions can be used by printing card decks (find an online mini-size card print shop, and use online templates such as
1) 12 spawn cards from Box of Zombies Set #1: Walk of the Dead.
2) 12 spawn cards from Box of Zombies Set #4: Walk of the Dead 2.
3) 30 new equipment cards from Season 2: Prison Break
4) 22 equipment cards from Toxic City Mall expansion
5) 6 ultrared equipment cards from Toxic City Mall expansion. Ultrared equipment can be discarted for 5xp. It can only be used by a survivor of xp level red or higher.
6) 86 equipment cards from Season 3: Rue Morgue: print additional numbers of existing cards and add the new cards (AK-47, Bow, Bulletproof Vest, Double-Barrel Shotgun, Knife, La Guillotine, Mac-10, MP5, Saber, Sword, Urban Mace)
7) 6 bed spawn cards from Season 3: Rue Morgue

If you want to play any of the missions from Season 2: Prison Outbreak or Season 3: Rue Morgue, or one of the combination missions from the exansions Toxic City Mall or Angry Neighbors, you can buy extra tile sets of all seasons and expansions. You will have to make up some markers for some missions using material from other games or sources.

Combination: Number of tiles: Number of missions
Season 1: 9: 10
Season 2: Prison Outbreak: 9: 10
Toxic City Mall: 4: 6 (with S1) + 6 (with S2)
Season 3: Rue Morgue: 9*: 12
Angry Neigbors: 3: 5 (with S1) + 5 (with S2) + 5 (with S3)
* you need the bed spawn cards to fully use these tiles.
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