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This is my first session recap then I will be grateful to read any comment to improve it.

The story so far:
We have being playing the RangerRob Campaign since last year November, we usually do it when our RPG group didn't have quorum to play or the GM need to rest.

We play from 3 to 6 players, usually 4. But these players weren't always the same ones, only two had play all (one is me because I'm the game owner).

We usually play at our local store at Saturday morning.

We have SW2 and I have just bought the Captain America expansion.

Last issue:
We have played mission 13 before, we were 4 players and Thanos punished hard our team: Silver Surfer, Elsa Bloodstone, Captain Marvel, Starlord and Ironman.

Last mission (12: Secret Invasion against Thanos) Starlord and Ironman were the heavyhitters with the help of Rocket Racoon, I was lucky and we get 3 of 4 tactics in two turns.

The group wanted to try Silver Surfer and the Focus and Spectrum combo (they realised late they misunderstood Silver Surfer powers). At the beginning Thanos throw some master strikes and we were as unlucky to lost our first recruited heroes, it happens during the first turns 3 or 4 times and we lost ALL our big heroes. Two gems escaped before we can do nothing at all. Then the scheme twists appeared and we lost all the gems gained later (I misunderstood the scheme and think that each player give one gem instead only the first one). We totally lost feeling week and disoriented... We sacrifice Silver Surfer and Elsa Bloodstone due their poor development.

Briefing and setup:
Our GM is on holidays on Finland and most of the players go too on holidays with their partners... Legendary is always our ready to play game, then I take it. I have being trying next missions (X-Men) with newbie players then I have get encouraged to try it again. I offered the other two players the choose between revenge against Thanos or the easy choose of Magneto against X-Men. They were motivated enough to beat up Thanos or at least die trying.

We come back to the team that give us as good results in previous missions: Rocket Racoon, Groot, Drax, Ironman and Starlord. Guardians didn't have much roster to choose from (we unlock Ironman and Captain Marvel, Gamora was still injured from the mission 11 and the free agents are the last resource).

I finished the setup for 3 players (another advantage we have) and we shuffle very, very well hoping to have better luck than the last try. We began with one wound (we got 2 wounds and 1 officer, due to defeating Supreme Intelligence after it negabombed us once), it didn't give us too much hope of success.

Mission begins:

The beginning was hopeful, some easy villains, lots of henchmen and some scheme twists that were harmless until no gem appeared or gained. One gem appeared but it become to much powerful due to scheme twist giving it a lot of shards.

In the other hand we get a lot of Drax and Groot heroes in the HQ but most of the cards were recruit ones except the Drax artifacts. Due to Phalanx fights we lost a lot of attack and feel a little weak, happily shards help a lot to solve it.

We kept the city with a space empty to avoid escapes although Zemo escaped both times and the gem was in the bridge ready to run away. We kept recruiting and growing stronger...

At midgame the city was nearly clean and some powerful moves made us gain some gems. Suddenly we got Drax and Groot rares in the HQ, our MVP of this game accept our hint and bought Groot then next turn he recycle all his deck and could recruit easily Drax.

My deck based in tech with Rocket, Ironman and Starlord worked fine but it needed more power, I get 15 attack when Thanos was 16 due to 4 gems. Then I and the other player keep the city clean when the final showdown was arriving.

Then the MVP got the Soul Gem and Thanos began to launch master strikes we avoid the first one because we didn't had gems yet but second one was near to hit hard, the other player put his depleted Time Gem back in the city.

My deck had too much cards from starting deck (I made a mistake didn't fighting Wirlwind in the streets because I didn't notice he was just there, he almost was living in the Bank), MVP began to recruit Groot to clean some of the starter cards and the other one only have 2 agents left in his deck.

Then the massacre began... When Groot and Drax rares appeared in the next play it was all death and destruction, they add a total of 33 damage to kill Thanos twice when he was 14 and some villains to made the Soul Gem stronger. Thanos try to take revenge taking some of our heroes but that didn't work fine, then he threw some of our gems back to the decks...

Next turns we kept knocking out each villain and henchman that entered the city and we were still lucky with no strikes or twists. But the villain deck was near to depleted (probably ten or less cards in it), no more attacking Ironmans (I had the rare and I draw near every turn all the deck but I only had one Ironman to took advance of it) and we were always 1 or 2 attack point down from Thanos. I felt the corruption near with my 3 gems.

It looked bad, the turns passed by and we didn't made it, Thanos was stronger again (16) and any twist could made it nearly impossible when we only get less than 15 attack... Each draw card from villain deck was a pray to avoid the second defeat.

Then another incredible play from our MVP of the day he add up 53 attack when Thanos was 14 again (we kept him 10 some turns but he recovers to 16) he destroyed the 2 last tactics and the Final Blow needed...


He yelled funny. Our revenge was done, we felt complete.

It was great... We didn't have time left to began another mission but we felt as good that we didn't needed.
It was epic.

Thank you Rob for the work you spent in the campaign and thank you to Devin team for the game.
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