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Subject: Ideas for New Character Cards ... rss

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Bill Buchanan
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Post your ideas for new character cards here.

One of my ideas:

Mary Marston:
Treasure Seeker - Exchange 1 map fragment back to the visible line, and take all cards of 1 number from the visible line equal to the day of the investigation +2. Put these cards into your play area.
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Edgar Wilde
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I came up with the following few items to muse on:

extra villains (a one-off (negative) effect):
- next character starts disabled (i.e. building in a repeat of previous days witnesses ("no new leads"))
- next character is discarded (sight unseen - i.e. could be villain).
- similar to Moran BUT opponent selects

some for of help (a one-off (positive) effect):
- free one or two investigation markers, next character turned over

new characters:
- select card from discard pile (5 investigation tokens? OR type of clue + day?)
- block another character (except Hudson, Watson & Lestrade) for remainder of day.
- incapacitate an opponent's unused piece for remainder of day
- a character which will only activate if BOTH Holmes' are on the card
== thinking along the lines of: take top 5 cards from deck, one (first or second arrival) splits the cards 2/3 and other chooses.
- a character which acts differently depending on which Holmes visits eg
== Mycroft visit: one investigation token for one clue
== Sherlock visit: 3 investigation tokens
- a character which acts differently depending on when one visits eg
== first visitor: one investigation token for one clue
== second visitor: 4 investigation tokens

I quite like the Von Kramm mechanic as well where the opponent has an option to benefit from the visitor - so am still thinking along these lines.

One of the reviews suggested to make a distinction between Mycroft and Sherlock (i.e. assymetrical (and I see orange as Sherlock and blue as Mycroft fwiw)):
This could be one of the following:
Mycroft starts with a visible clue v Sherlock 2 investigation tokens extra
Mycroft starts with a hidden clue(*) v Sherlock 3 investigation tokens extra
(*) if clue is wildcard, then wildcard must be made visible and Sherlock starts with 2 instead.
Similarly, Mycroft gets to decide whether clue starts out hidden or not.
Thematically Mycroft would be in possession of a state secret to which Sherlock is not privy.

I notice that none of the suggestions above mess with the opponents sets. So, here are a few actions to cover that (they will need a cost):
- swap a set (of the same number eg 9s for 9s)
- allows for view (NO THEFT) of opponent's hidden clues (perhaps as a counter to a Von Kramm type action).
- make hidden an existing visible clue
- add two clues to visible line and then select two clues

Looking forward to any feedback.
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