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Subject: Weapon Upgrades rss

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Jonathan Baker

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So my group doesn't like that some of the weapon upgrade cards are not compatible with weapons that they are obviously used with in real life. My concern is that it would make some weapons overpowered, so I'm back and forth about adding this to our "official" house rules document. Here are some of the combos that we talked about including:

Plenty of Ammo (Light) -- Pistol, Evil Twins, Rifle, AK-47, Assault Rifle, Pa's Gun, MP5, Sub MG, .44 Magnum, MAC-10, Desert Eagle, Thompson, Golden AK-47, Gunblade, Pink M4

Hollow-Point Rounds -- Same list as above.

Laser Pointer -- Same as above, minus the Rifle, MAC-10 & Thompson

Scope -- Rifle, AK-47, Assault Rifle, .44 Magnum, Golden AK-47, Pink M4
Plenty of Ammo (Heavy) -- Sawed Off, Shotgun, Automatic Shotgun, Double Barrel, SPAS 12

I know it sounds like we just throw everything together, but we do play with a tweaked Equipment deck that is almost "finished" (just need to pick up Angry Neighbors), and these weapons and upgrades are relatively balanced in availability.

What do you think? Would it break the game?
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Henric Eriksson
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Well,the AK-47 and the Automatic Shotgun will be overpowered, but you
can counter it by having less Plenty Of Ammo-cards in the deck.

How have you been tweaking the equipment deck? Just curious..
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Jonathan Baker

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We have built several different decks to cut down on the Equipment Deck size and to balance the weapons you can get. The only way to get an Ultrared weapon is to kill an Abomination or Lost Zombivor and then roll a 6 on 1D6. The Police/Armory Deck is used for searching Police Cars or any rooms that may have a "stash" of weapons per the Mission Briefing. Pimpweapons are drawn from searching the Pimpmobile or trading in enough VIPs. Here are the decks we use:

Starting Equipment Deck (10)
Fire Axe
5x Pan

Combined Equipment Deck (6)
5x Molotov Cocktails

Ultrared Equipment Deck (6)
911 Special
Ned’s Atomic Flashlight
Sweet Sisters
Doug’s Dream
Jack & Jill

Police/Armory Equipment Deck (20)
2x Plenty of Ammo (Heavy)
2x Plenty of Ammo (Light)
2x Pistol
2x Shotgun
2x Bulletproof Vest
2x Riot Shield
2x Nightstick
2x Flashlight
Gas Mask
Assault Rifle
Automatic Shotgun
Bismuth (Dog Companion)

Pimpweapon Equipment Deck (16)
2x Desert Eagle
2x Nailbat
2x Gunblade
Moog (Dog Companion)
Golden AK-47
La Guillotine
Automatic Shotgun
Pink M4
Ma’s Shotgun
Evil Twins

Equipment Deck (90)
6x Aaahh! Cards
3x Bag of Rice
3x Water
3x Canned Food
3x Glass Bottles
3x Gasoline
2x Plenty of Ammo (Heavy)
2x Plenty of Ammo (Light)
2x Laser Pointer
2x Scope
Lucien (Dog Companion)
Gas Mask
Spare Change
Hollow-Point Rounds
Goalie Mask
3x Knife
2x Machete
2x Kukri
2x Hatchet
2x Baseball Bat
2x Urban Mace
2x Wakizachi
2x Crowbar
2x Claw Hammer
2x Fire Axe
2x Chainsaw
Concrete Saw
Meat Cleaver
4x Sawed Off
3x Pistol
2x MAC-10
2x Sub MG
2x Bow
2x Rifle
2x MP5
2x Shotgun
2x .44 Magnum
Pa’s Gun
Assault Rifle
Double Barrel
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