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Subject: 2016 The Boardgame Association Cup - RESULTS rss

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Tony Ackroyd
United Kingdom
E Sussex
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Last year we had the Boardgames Association Cup and Trophy contests which were based on the structure of UK Football Association Cup & Trophy. The appeal was the bigger teams joining at later stages of the contest and that there is the potential for giant-killing as small teams face bigger ones. The contests were pretty fun and highlighted a lot of hidden gems.

This year we threw away a lot of the FA cup structure and took something better for boardgames. We still kept the process that higher ranked games join at later stages of the contest. We also still simulate multiple rounds of knock-out through group voting to keep the contest a manageable length.

A snapshot of the BGG rankings were taken. All games to rank 1000 were automatically entered.
Duplicate games and grouped games (like Dominion, Timeline, Ticket to Ride) are removed, so the 1000 was reduced to 892.
146 Wild cards entries from rank 1000+ were identified, ensuring most other games that had a chance were covered, making this a comprehensive competition.
There were 7 rounds with higher and higher ranked games entering in each one, with last entrants (BGG Top 16) joining in round 5.

RESULTS (codes in brackets show the round they entered)


Winner: Power Grid (R5)
2nd The Castles of Burgundy (R5)
3rd Dominion (all) (R4)
4th 7 Wonders (R4)

Round 6

5 Ticket to Ride (all) (R4)
6 Agricola (R5)
7 Terra Mystica (R5)
8 Puerto Rico (R5)
9 Carcassonne (all) (R4)
10 Codenames (R4)
11 Twilight Struggle (R5)
12 Dominant Species (R4)
13 El Grande (R4)
14 Pandemic (R4)
15 Lords of Waterdeep (R4)
16 Race for the Galaxy (R4)
17 Galaxy Trucker (R4)

Round 5

18 Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 (R5)
19 Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar (R4)
20 Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization (R5)
21 Tigris & Euphrates (R4)
22 Mage Knight Board Game (R5)
23 Catan (R3)
24 Civilization (R4)
25 Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island (R5)
26 Castles of Mad King Ludwig (R4)
27 San Juan (R3)
28 Acquire (R4)
29 Concordia (R4)
30 Keyflower (R4)
31 Stone Age (R4)
32 Suburbia (R4)
33 King of Tokyo (R4)
34 Le Havre (R5)
35 Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game (R4)
36 Alhambra (R3)
37 Evolution (R3)
38 Android: Netrunner (R5)
39 Caylus (R4)
40 Viticulture (R4)
41 For Sale (R3)
42 Five Tribes (R4)
43 Village (R4)
44 War of the Ring (R5)
45 Ra (R4)
46 Eclipse (R5)
47 RoboRally (R3)
48 Chess (R2)
49 Small World (R4)
50 Roll for the Galaxy (R4)
51 Battlestar Galactica (R4)
52 Hey, That's My Fish! (R2)
53 Formula D (R3)
54 Star Wars: Imperial Assault (R5)
55 The Resistance/Avalon (R4)
56 Jaipur (R4)
57 Forbidden Island (R2)
58 7 Wonders: Duel (R4)
59 Caverna: The Cave Farmers (R5)
60 Thurn and Taxis (R3)
61 Orleans (R4)
62 Glen More (R3)
63 Citadels (R3)
64 Lewis & Clark (R4)

Round 4

65 Splendor (R4)
66 Brass (R4)
67 Memoir '44 (R4)
68 Cosmic Encounter (R4)
69 Hanabi (R4)
70 Goa (R4)
71 Russian Railroads (R4)
72 Alien Frontiers (R4)
73 Glory to Rome (R4)
74 Can't Stop (R2)
75 Trajan (R4)
76 Dungeon Petz (R4)
77 Eldritch Horror (R4)
78 Kingdom Builder (R2)
79 No Thanks! (R2)
80 Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective (R4)
81 A Game of Thrones: Board Game (R4)
82 Flash Point: Fire Rescue (R3)
83 Magic: The Gathering (R4)
84 Betrayal at House on the Hill (R2)
85 Hive (R4)
86 Bohnanza (R3)
87 Mysterium (R4)
88 Saint Petersburg (R3)
89 Wits & Wagers (R2)
90 Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small (R4)
91 Twilight Imperium (R4)
92 Guillotine (R1)
93 Dixit (all) (R4)
94 Takenoko (R4)
95 Fresco (R3)
96 Patchwork (R4)
97 Dungeon Lords (R4)
98 Libertalia (R3)
99 Tokaido (R2)
100 The Voyages of Marco Polo (R4)

So Power Grid won again, duplicating its 2015 victory where the finalists were:

Winner: Power Grid
2nd Carcassonne
3rd Dominion (all)
4th Agricola

So only two of the finalists were the same as 2015. Out of the last 16, six of them were different from 2016. So a surprising amount of change in just a year! Also, right up to the Final, 7 Wonders was pulling a very similar number of votes to PG and looking like it could win.

Calling out some interesting moments from the contest:

- Of the qualifiers from Round 1, the lowest rank was Uno, ranked 11,705!
- 19 Wild Cards made it through into Round 2. Three of them made it through to Round 3 (Hearts, Risk & Jenga). At that point Risk was the lowest ranked game left in the contest at 10,677. Seven other Round One games made it to R3.
- Round 3 started to be dominated by familiar wide-appeal games (for example Catan and Alhambra being big vote-pullers)
- Only two games powered all the way through from R1 to R4: Hearts (the last Wild Card in the contest) and Guillotine. Hearts was the lowest ranked game left, 1,292nd in the BGG rankings. That was the end for them though.
- 14 R2 games made it through to R4, three of them surviving into R5: Chess, Forbidden Island and Hey, That's My Fish! HTMF being the lowest game left in the contest at #523.
- 10 R3 games made it through to R5, but none of them or the R2 games made it through to R6, but 10 R4 games did.

One change I will make in any future Cup contest is that I won't just keep the BGG Top 16 back to R5 - that isn't the right approach for a popularity contest. Instead I'll run a parallel ("Champions League"?) contest to take the most popular games into the Top 16 entrants so that we don't see games like Ticket to Ride and 7 Wonders crushing R4 - instead they will come later.

If you like contests like this then subscribe here: 1000rpm's Polls Notification Thread - Just Subscribe!
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