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Subject: idea on how to use the Promo Coaster (Ale Side) rss

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Phil Jaros
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I think once I get my copy (it was impossible to win a copy at our table due to colusion), I will leave the coaster off the board until such time that someone rolls the first barrel. At that time it gets placed by the wall with the person who rolled the barrel rotating it in either direction (placing the barrel on the card in the spot it hit). As a bonus they get one reputation from anyone in the spaces covered by the promo (for spashing them with ale), in addition to following the rules for the promo from then on:

"The Dragon & Flagon – Rules for SPILLED ALE:

Place the Spilled Ale side of the coaster on the board. It covers a 3×3 square area. These are called ‘Ale’ squares.

Any character that moves into an Ale square (and is on the floor) slides until they move off of the coaster, or hit a table, wall, or another character. This only counts as one square of movement. They may continue moving once they exit the coaster or are stopped.

If they hit a table, they stop sliding. If they slide into a square with another character, both characters start sliding until they are both no longer on the coaster, or hit a table or wall.

If player is Knocked Back onto an Ale square, they slide as above.

Details on specific Actions

Swing: A character that ends their Swing on an Ale square slides in the direction of the swing, but only kicks people up to the square they land in.

Dash: A character may continue their dash after they finish sliding. Remember, sliding only counts as one square of movement.

Charge: The square in front of the character must be empty. The character slides along the Spilled Ale as normal and successfully charges an opponent that is in range during or after the slide. If the charging character would slide into an opponent, that opponent is pushed back one square and the charge is successful.

Push Table: Acts normally. Tables do not slide if pushed onto Ale.

Leap (Monk): If this action ends on an Ale square, the monk slides. If it passes over an Ale square there is no effect.

Shadow Step (Rogue): Rogue does NOT slide as a result of Shadow Step

Earth Bond (Paladin): Paladin does NOT slide while Earthbond is in effect. Ignore Ale squares.

Flunge (Swashbuckler): As with Charge, if the first square entered is an Ale square, the Swashbuckler will start sliding. However, he affects ALL characters to the left, right, and ahead that he encounters during the slide. So basically apply the effects of the Flunge in each square that is entered, but no character can be affected more than once.

Sword Dance (Swashbuckler): If this action ends on an Ale square, the swashbuckler slides.

Blade Waltz (Swashbuckler): A movement that is onto an Ale square results in sliding."

Any other ideas on what to do with it besides the rules as written on their site?
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