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Subject: Rules for lets buy Hollywood board game.. rss

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Miah Ridley
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Bought this game from a charity shop but had no instruction for game play, I have since collated the rules from what I could find on the internet - For anyone else who needs the rules for 'Let's Buy Hollywood' see below hope this helps:

Object of the game:

To control Hollywood, it's not enough to own the movies that make the most money; the object is to control the companies that bring us those blockbusters every day of the year. Buy and sell talent, produce and sell your movies for big bucks, then use the cash to control the world's entertainment giants. It's a fight to the finish and anyone can take you to the cleaners right up to the last roll of the dice. The winner of the game is the first player to control at least one each of the four different types of entertainment companies on the board i.e. one video company, one movie theatre chain, one cable network and one TV network.


1 x playing board
6 x large markers (red, blue, orange, white, purple, black)
6 x small markers (red, blue, orange, white, purple, black)
2 x dice
72 x share pegs, 12 each in 6 colours (red, blue, orange, white, purple, black)
30 x hit or miss cards
50 x talent cards
36 x company share cards
1 x pack of vouchers in three denominations: 1point- $100.000 Vouchers / 5points- $500,000 Vouchers / 10points- $1,000,000 Vouchers
1 x pack of money in five denominations: $50,000 / $100,000 / $500,000 / $100,000,000 / $500,000,000
1 x rules sheet


How do I begin the game?

You begin the game from the ‘START’ square on the outer track. The designated banker provides each player with $8.5 million (1 of $5 million, 1 of $1 million, 2 of $500,000, 4 of $100,000, and 2 of $50,000). Additionally each player receives 1 large marker (for the outer track), 1 Small marker (for the inner track), 12 share pegs and 2 talent cards (dealt from the pack, which players can purchase if they wish before the game starts). The TALENT CARD PACK is divided in half and placed face down on the TALENT CARD SPACES on each side of the FILM TRACK. HIT OR MISS cards are shuffled and placed faced down on the HIT OR MISS space inside the FILM TRACK. Players roll the dice and the highest roller goes first on the outer track. Play continues in a clockwise fashion. A player throwing doubles has the option to throw again.

How do I win the game?

The winner of the game is the first player to ‘control’ 1 of each of the 4 different types of entertainment companies on the board. That is, at least 1 video company, 1 movie theatre chain, 1 cable network and 1 TV network (Look at the outer track now and see where the different companies are. Notice that there are only 3 of each of the 4 different types of companies). In addition to winning the game, controlling companies allows you to earn substantial amounts of money as you play the game.

How do I gain control of the companies?

Different players may compete for control of the same company. To ‘control’ a company you need to own 2 out of the 3 company shares available for purchase (see the 3 company share cards available for each company). Before you can buy control, you must first land on a company or get the chance to move to a company by landing on an Options square. Then you have two choices.
1. You can buy 2 (of the 3) shares, or ‘control’, at a premium price (Collect 2 Company Share cards from the banker and place 2 of your share pegs on that company’s square).
2. You can buy 1 share at a lower price (Collect 1 Company Share card from the banker and place 1 share peg on that company’s square). This means you must land on that company again to buy the second share and gain ‘control’.

Would I ever want to buy the third share in a company?

Yes, you may wish to purchase the third share in a company (for extra security) after you have gained control. In this case you must land on the company another time and pay the listed price for 1 share.
What are the benefits of controlling the entertainment companies other than needing one of each type to win the game?
First, a player landing on a company you control must pay you ‘control income’ for that company plus any other company you control (see Company Share cards). Secondly, you can double your earnings on the FILM TRACK when you release your films, if you control entertainment companies.

How do I make the money to control the companies and win the game?

The bank gives you $8.5 million to start the game, but the rest of the money you’ll make from:
1. Releasing films and
2. Collecting ‘control’ income (see Company Share cards) from players landing on the companies that you have bought control of.

OK, so I have two ways of making money to control the companies. Collecting ‘controlled income’ is detailed on the Company Share cards, which I have read. So explain how I release my films.

First, you must buy enough talent cards to put together a film. In addition to the two talent cards you can buy at the beginning of the game, you will note that there are a number of talent card squares on the outer track of the board. Each time you land on one of these squares, you have the option to buy the talent card from the top of either talent card pack on the board.

But I am confused, these Talent Cards vary in terms of number of talent elements per card, price, and point value.

Correct, each card may contain anywhere from 1 to 4 talent elements. Your goal is to collect at least 1 director, 1 screenplay, 1 actor and 1 actress in order to release a film (by the way, you can add as many additional actors and actresses to a talent package as you like, but you can only have 1 director and 1 screenplay). The price is what you pay the bank if you buy the card and the point value we’ll discuss next.

So I have bought 1 Director, 1 Screenplay, 1 actor and 1 actress. How do I release my film and make lots of money?

We certainly hope your film will make money. Locate the FILM TRACK on the board. This is where you’ll release your film. On your next turn, add up the talent points on your talent card(s) that will be in your film. Receive from the banker POINT VOUCHERS equal to the amount of your talent points. Return the talent cards to the bottom of either pack. Place your small marker on the MOVIE THEATRE square that says ‘START’. Roll 1 die and move the number of spaces indicated. Follow whatever instructions are given on the FILM TRACK or HIT or MISS cards (should you land on a HIT OR MISS square). Then roll two dice for the outer track as usual. You will continue to roll 1 die for the FILM TRACK and 2 dice for the outer track on each turn until your film reaches the finish square. Locate it now and remember, the FILM TRACK roll always comes first.

OK, so while I am releasing a film I get two rolls on each turn. Now what about these point vouchers? When do they become real money and what are they worth?

The bank will cash your point vouchers for real money when your film passes the FINISH square on the FILM TRACK or if you win the opportunity to cash out on a HIT OR MISS SQUARE. Look at the vouchers and you will see that 1 point is worth $100,000 so 10 points are worth $1 million.

How many films can I have on the film track at any one time?

One. You cannot release a second film until your first passes the FINISH square, but don’t stop buying talent. The object is to have another film to release on the FILM TRACK on your next turn after your first film passes the FINISH square.

What happens if I run out of cash?

If short of cash, you may sell talent cards or shares to any player for any price, or back to the bank for half the listed price. In the case of shares, the bank pays 50% of the listed price for 1 share and 50% of the company control price for 2 shares. Point vouchers may only be sold to other players who will accept them. The player accepting the point vouchers may only cash them out when he/she cashes out his/her next film. If you both run out of both cash and assets, you’re out of the game.

Can I trade with other players?

Absolutely. Trading is a key strategy to winning the game. Whether or not you’re short of cash, you should trade with other players when you see an opportunity to get ahead.

Anything else I should know?

Yes, three things:
1. Watch out for OPTIONS squares. They allow you to collect money or steal talent cards or steal shares or simply move around the board. Buying 1 share at half price from any player means paying 50% of the listed price for 1 share regardless of what was paid originally for the share. If a player loses his/her share to another player, he must hand over his/her Company Share card and remove his/her share peg from the board.
2. Watch out for PAY squares – when you land there you lose money. Additionally, fines are doubled if a player lands on a PAY square while he/she is also on the FILM TRACK. All fines are paid to the Universal Studios square on the third corner of the board. Anyone landing on this square collects all monies there.
3. Finally, don’t forget that the winner of the game is the first player to control one of each type of entertainment company, so keep an eye on your opponents and consider what you can do to stop them from getting ahead when the opportunity arises.

@1991 Henmead Enterprises, Inc
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