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Episode 50 of your Last Reminder to back some cool games.
Covering: Wednesday, August 10th - 7PM CET to Friday, Augsut 12th - 7PM CET

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Featuring (Amongst Others): Near and Far, Thwarted! A Game of Super-Villainy, Collectors and Capers, Virulence: An Infectious Card Game, Heist to Paradise, Cosmocracy, Coriolis & Builders of Blankenburg: Cutthroat.

Sad Kickstarter Story: None
RPG Spotlight: Coriolis

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Introduction Overview
* The 50th Episode of the Final Roll!

Miniature Related Projects

Faun Warriors [No BGG Link at Time of Release]
Battlezone miniatures’ Raiders of Arcana Range is getting it’s Faun Warriors! These Mythical creatures armed with spears can now come to your battlefield. There’s 8 different miniatures making up a complete spearmen regiment and command unit. The models are 3GBP each, a Raiders unit of 6 will cost 12, a 6 unit command unit 14 and and 10 men strong spear-unit with command will set you back 22.

Board Games

Near and Far
Board Games! Near and Far, a story-telling board game from Red Raven is raising nearly Half a million! The sequel to Above and Below is taking you on a journey through a book of maps filled with amazing adventures in a quest to become the most storied traveler of the land! Recruit adventurers, manage resources and go on a new adventure every time you play. Near and Far Deluxe is 50 USD and you can get some expansions for the first game, Above and Below as well!

Card Games

Thwarted! A Game of Super-Villainy
Card Games then! Thwarted is a ‘take-that’ style super villain game! You are an evil creature and your goal is to capture as many superheroes as you possibly can! The game looks pretty cool and is only 15 USD for the core game or 25 if you’d want the Power Pack expansion as well.

Collectors and Capers
Collectors and Capers, a bluffing game where you’re a criminal trying to steal the invaluable artifacts from a local museum. Take cards from the deck or from one of the informants take make honest or dishonest heists, but the dishonest ones can be called out and then you’ll lose everything! This game of stealing and deceit is 15 USD.

Virulence: An Infectious Card Game
Virus is a quick and simple where you take on the role of a virus trying to compete to infect the host cell! Try to replicate your own cell to become stronger and score points. This addictive little game is 19 USD!

Demolish [No BGG Link at Time of Release]
Demolish is a silly card game about destroying landmarks that probably never should’ve been there in the first place! A mix of skill and luck in a quest to take down the desired number of crappy memorials! It’s 35 USD or 50 if you want the first expansion.

Dice Games

Heist to Paradise
Custom dice games are sort of a rarity, mostly because of their high prices (custom dice are expensive) and a successful one is even rarer. But we’ve got Heist to Paradise! It is sort of a villainous day here. Anyway, it’s a dice management game where your goal is to score enough cards to get yourself a million! Play different villains with different abilities and become the criminal mastermind! Heist to Paradise is 29 USD.

Party & Miscellaneous Games

Galactic debate is a game that explains itself! Debate about ridiculous issues plaguing the universe in your try to become President of the Galaxy! The game is only 12 USD or 20 if you want the 8 player expansion.

Sad Kickstarter stories will continue when I have everything set up again.

RPG Spotlight:
The set-up for the RPG’s will change. I will cover all new RPG’s in the First Roll Podcast once I get that up and running again, but for the Final Roll I will pick only one: the RPG Spotlight. I am not a RPG player and I need to streamline the shows a bit, because I want to have some time left to get other stuff in order and RPG’s take up a lot of time. So the RPG Spotlight is:

Coriolis. Why? Because it raised a boatload of Swedish Crowns. Over a million to be precise. I looked up the exchange rate and that amounts up to 100.000 EUR. The Sci-fi RPG from the makers of Mutant: Year Zero. As the makers describe it as Firefly meets Arabian Nights, two choices that are complete opposites in my mind: One I love, one not so much and I’ll leave that in the middle. The engine was based on the Silver ENnie award winning Mutant engine, so that should be good. (See, I have no Clue what I am talking about) Anyway: 250 SEK for the PDF version and 400 for a printed version. RPG Spotlight: Coriolis.

Expansions, Reprints, Relaunches & Upgrades

Battle of Britain (Reprint) [No BGG Link at Time of Release]
PSC Games’ Battle of Britain, the rework and upgraded version of the original Brexit so to speak has raised over 76.000 GBP. The TSR Classic is coming back with improved rules and components. There’s also the option to play shorter scenarios instead of the full campaign (which can last up to 4 hours). The Battle of Britain is 55 GBP.

Builders of Blankenburg: Cutthroat
Finally, Builders of Blankenburg is getting its Cutthroat expansion. New characters, Visitors and Events and some direct Player Vs Player cards added to the successful card game set in the *ahum* peaceful hamlet of Blankenburg where you must build the most prestigious structures in your town. The Expansion costs 10 USD or combine it with the Main game for 60.
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