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Subject: Couple of rules/wording questions rss

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Mariusz Kosecki
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Hello Filip!

I need some rules clarifications as the wording is ambiguous
Some might have been answered before but I were not satisfied with the answers, those were not clear or fully descriptive to me.

1) 1st phase - discard and draw. It's marked as optional but which part is optional? If I start with less than 8 cards in my hand, must I discard first to draw up to 8? If I start with more than 8, must I discard down to 8? Also, If I discard, must I draw up to 8? (why wouldn't I, but still...). So what is optional here? The whole discard to draw procedure, right?

2) Hiding a character - by playing 3 Vampire cards, it is meant to discard those to the Moat, right? I find the "OR" effect depicted on the card a little misleading. Also, I do not need to use a card named "Vampire" to do that - I could use any 3 vampire class cards to do that, e.g. Rooster+Hound+Raven, right?

3) I think it's just a wording mistake but still want to ask that: rules state that "the cards of the first round remain in play and contribute to the attack value of the character" - this rule applies to the defender's defense as well, right?

4) The question about modifier applying to only the first round of combat. This was asked at least twice and I thought your answers were contradictory.
For reference: and
The answer you have given in one of those was
Filippos wrote:
Those rules means that you have only one modifier, and only at the start of first round of combat. For example you play attack cards of values 2 and 1 and with the +2 modifier your attack is 5 in first round of combat. In second round yout attack is only the sum of your played combat cards, no modifiers.

Let me extend your example:
1st round - I play cards 2 and 1 on a character with +2 attack modifier, you play 2 and 3 to defend the other character, it's 5 vs 5.
2nd round - my attack is 3 (only the sum of played cards) or still 5? Should I be able to play at least a "1" to overcome your 5 from the first round or am I needed to play at least a sum of 3 to overcome your 5?
Was the intention of the modifier to be only a "burst" of strength/adrenaline only applying to the first round and then you have to "recover" and build up your strength again in the second round?
Or was the intention of that "first round only" mention in the rules to say that the modifier applies once but is still propagated to the second round instead of being applied again?

5) I assume the holy water/vampire card restrictions are somewhat symmetrical but I was surprised a distinct wording was used for the explanations:
While it's obvious to me that Vampire cards can be used to aid a revealed vampire in addition to the profession cards
The vampire player can also play vampire combat cards (cards with a red border) when supporting a revealed vampire

It's not obvious to me that Holy Water cards can be used to aid a character against a revealed vampire in addition to the profession cards. English is not my first language but I think that this sentence:
The human player can only play “holy water” in combat against a revealed vampire
Could be read as "only holy water can be played against a revealed vampire" or "holy water can be played only against a revealed vampire" if you see the subtle difference. My question is as above: Can I still use standard (non-holy water) profession cards against a revealed vampire?

Thanks and kind regards!
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I have received a definite answer on 4) from the designer.

So for once and always: the attack/defense markers are counted together with the card values from round 1. Just as the card values, add these (once) to the card values from round 2 for the final total.

Example 1
Attacker plays cards: 1 + 2
Defender plays cards: 2 and has defense marker +1

Round 1 ends 3-3.

Attacker plays cards: 1
Defender plays cards: 1

The final result is 4-4.

Example 2
Attacker plays cards: 1 and has attack marker +2
Defender plays cards: 2 + 2

Round 1 ends 3-4.

Attacker plays cards: 2
Defender plays cards: 0

The final result is 5-4.
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