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Hello GOT Board game fans,

I have came up with a custom tides of battle cards, because I felt the original version was lacking intrigue and because it was mainly providing the battle with a Combat strength bonus value, occasionally with a single Icon.

I have swapped the original Tower icons with Shields, I prefer the looks I found.

All the cards designs can be found in the following Google Drive shared folder

The respective cards and the card counts can be found at

Within it I have also included some clarifications to the cards.

*Note the wild card (CS of 3 card) has a version that doesn't include the 3 Towers/Shields and can be found in the shared folder. The main reason for making the 3 CS card having 3 shields is to ensure Areo Hotah, doesn't feel that bad about himself anymore, but joke aside, if you loose that badly, IDK if you should take casualties Again, you have a regular +3, which can be printed instead.

Some cards have the "OR" option, which allows you to choose between the benefits. If two OR cards are drawn, the Turn order of resolving them is similar to conflicting House Cards abilities, first goes the player with higher position on the IT track.

There is only 1 card with "IF NOT" condition, the one that would allow you to place and immediately resolve a raid order upon victory. If there are no raid-able orders allows you to not get a -1 CS punishment. If there are however, you don't have the option to choose the 0 CS modifier, regardless of the possible combat outcomes. You can choose not to raid any other orders such as a temporary ally orders, however this would not reduce the CS of the card to 0. Simply put, if you can raid something you get -1 for the combat regardless if you raid or not.

So far I have tested them in 3 games and they have turned out really fun for my group. Do let me know if you have any questions or how they played out for you.

I'm still going to work on the math and balancing/updating these. I'm open to any suggestions and criticism.

EDIT: After some additional testing, I made some changes and I'm also adding in a spreadsheet with card draw chances and some math along with it at
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