Trevor S.
United States
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I have this uploaded as a PDF. Let me know if you notice any errors or omissions.

Edits made to Serenity (Part 2), Shindig, and Ariel episode decks.

1 x My Kind of Party
3 x Timely Interruption
5 x Captain Reynolds
5 x Don’t Have Time for This

1 x Shotgun Blast
3 x Big Damn Heroes
5 x Warrior Woman
5 x If It Moves, Shoot It

1 x Vera
3 x Public Relations
5 x Pain is Scary
5 x She Belongs in a Bughouse

1 x That’s No Shepherd
3 x Too Much Hair
5 x Shepherd and Flock
5 x Last Rites

1 x Look at the Pretties!
3 x Unstoppably Cheerful
5 x Machines Talk to Me
5 x Space Monkeys

1 x Curse Your Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal
3 x Crazy Ivan
5 x Full Burn
5 x Sensor Scan

1 x Playing You From the Start
3 x The Ambassador
5 x Sharing a Kiss
5 x Client Selection

1 x A Moneyed Individual
3 x Mei-Mei, It’s Time to Wake Up
5 x Medical Emergency
5 x Safe on My Table

1 x I Can Kill You with My Brain
3 x Looks Better in Red
5 x No Power in the ‘Verse Can Stop Me
5 x Mind Read

Avatars (All Singles)

5 x Browncoat

Episodes (All Singles)
Serenity (Part 1) – Episode 1 (Part 1)
Serenity (Part 2) – Episode 1 (Part 2)
The Train Job – Episode 2
Bushwhacked – Episode 3
Shindig – Episode 4
Safe – Episode 5
Our Mrs. Reynolds – Episode 6
Jaynestown – Episode 7
Out of Gas – Episode 8
Ariel – Episode 9
War Stories – Episode 10
Trash – Episode 11
The Message – Episode 12
Heart of Gold – Episode 13
Objects in Space – Episode 14

Episode Decks
Serenity (Part 1)
3 x Alliance Gunship (Enemy)
1 x I.A.V. Dortmunder (Enemy)
1 x Crybaby (Character)
2 x Sensor Sweep (Event)
3 x Salvage (Goal)

Serenity (Part 2)
4 x Patience’s Bandit (Enemy)
2 x Patience’s Sniper (Enemy)
1 x Patience (Enemy)
1 x Dobson (Enemy)
1 x Reaver Hunting Ship (Enemy)
2 x Tensions Rising (Event)

The Train Job
4 x Niska’s Thug (Enemy)
3 x Alliance Train Guard (Enemy)
1 x Crow (Enemy)
2 x Dealing with Niska (Event)
1 x Skyhook (Goal)
1 x Medical Supplies (Goal)

3 x Alliance Soldier
1 x Alliance Patrol
1 x Commander Harken (Enemy)
1 x The Survivor (Enemy)
1 x Booby Trap (Ship Strike)
2 x Interrogations (Event)
1 x Hang Out (Event)

4 x Badger’s Gang (Enemy)
1 x Badger (Enemy)
1 x Atherton Wing (Enemy)
1 x Buffet Table (Event)
3 x Dance (Event)
1 x Warwick Harrow (Goal)

3 x Hill People (Enemy)
2 x Grange Brother (Enemy)
1 x I.A.V. Magellan (Enemy)
1 x Doralee (Enemy)
1 x The Patron (Enemy)
1 x Burn at the Stake (Event)
3 x Cattle (Goal)

Our Mrs. Reynolds
2 x Scrapper (Enemy)
2 x Triumph Bandit (Enemy)
1 x Welded Door (Enemy)
1 x Scrap Ship (Enemy)
1 x Saffron (Enemy)
2 x Controls Jammed (Ship Strike)
1 x Good Night Kiss (Event)

4 x Mud Crew (Enemy)
1 x The Foreman 9Enemy)
1 x Stitch Hessian (Enemy)
1 x Magistrate Higgins (Enemy)
1 x Landlock (Ship Strike)
1 x Fess (Character)
1 x The Hero of Canton (Event)
1 x Kessler’s Goods (Goal)

Out of Gas
4 x Scavengers (Enemy)
1 x S. S. Walden (Enemy)
1 x Sash (Enemy)
1 x Open Cargo Door (Character)
1 x Losing Heat and Oxygen (Special)
3 x Fireball (Goal)
1 x Distress Signal (Goal)

3 x Ariel Marshal
1 x Hands of Blue
1 x Two by Two
1 x Alliance Shuttle
1 x Agent McGuinness (Enemy)
1 x Betrayed (Event)
1 x The Pills (Goal)
1 x Neural Imager (Goal)

War Stories
3 x Niska’s Ambusher (Enemy)
3 x Niska’s Boarding Team (Enemy)
1 x Niska 9Enemy)
1 x The Mule (Character)
3 x Niska’s Revenge (Event)

4 x Haymer’s Marshal
1 x Automated Pickup Vehicle (Enemy)
1 x Yolanda (Enemy)
1 x Durran Haymer (Enemy)
1 x Sabotage Grav-Dampener (Ship Strike)
2 x Double –Cross (Event)
1 x The Lassiter (Goal)
1 x Trash Unit Goal)

The Message
3 x Explosive Charges (Enemy)
2 x Womack’s Soldiers (Enemy)
1 x Womack’s Ship (Enemy)
1 x Lt. Womack (Enemy)
1 x Tracey (Enemy)
1 x Jayne’s Hat (Character)
1 x The Canyon (Goal)

Heart of Gold
3 x Rance’s Gunmen (Enemy)
2 x Rance’s Ambushers (Enemy)
1 x Hovercraft (Enemy)
1 x Rance Burgess (Enemy)
2 x Fortifications (Special)
1 x Chari (Special)
1 x Nandi (Special)

Objects in Space
2 x Does That Seem Right? (Enemy)
2 x You Ever Been Shot? (Enemy)
2 x I’m on the Clock Here (Enemy)
2 x Best Go Home With Old Early (Enemy)
1 x Jubal Early (Enemy)
1 x Cabin Controls Locked (Ship Strike)
1 x Space Suit (Goal)
1 x Early’s Ship (Goal)

Starting Cards
35 x Shiny
25 x Misbehave

Other Cards
20 x Flaw
15 x Talent

Side Jobs (All Singles)
Bring Medicine to Sick Colony
Help Deliver a Baby
Juggle Geese
Keep Jayne in Line
Pickpocket a Slave Trader
Play Tall Card
Pool Hall R & R
Save a Dying Patient
Shoot Hoops
Smuggle Wobble-Headed Geisha Dolls
Take on Passengers
Unification Day Brawl

Serenity Upgrades (All Singles)
Advanced Intercom System
Bigger Passenger Dorm
Emergency Booster
Enhanced Sensors
Fire Suppression System
Internal Engine Stabilizer
Luxury Cabin
Reinforced Hull
Remodeled Infirmary

9 x Clobbered
9 x Stabbed
6 x Walloped
1 x Shot
3 x Dodge
3 x Terrified
2 x Caught in the Crossfire
2 x Explosion
2 x Electrocuted
3 x Treatable Wound

Ship Strikes (All Singles)
Atmo Feed Malfunction
Blown Engine
Broken Stabilizer
Burning Up
Busted Gravity Drive
Electromagnetic Interference
Heart Trouble
Heavy Debris
Ion Strom
Hole in the Hull
Jammed Core
Life Support Failure
Minor Debris
Monitor’s on the Fritz
Nav/Com Down
Power Drain
Smoking Hot

Inevitable Cards (All Singles)
Alliance Interceptor
Bounty Hunter
Hungry Reavers
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Jay Johnson
United States
Cedar Falls
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thanks for this.

The rulebook refers to the "episode" cards as "objective" cards, but they're the same thing, really
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Trevor S.
United States
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JayJ79 wrote:
thanks for this.

The rulebook refers to the "episode" cards as "objective" cards, but they're the same thing, really

Yeah, I changed it when putting it together. It seemed better.
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Dustin Crenshaw
United States
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List is slightly off

Serenity (Part 2)
Should be 2 "Patience's Sniper", not 3.

Should be 3 "Dance", not 2.
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Trevor S.
United States
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SeerMagic wrote:
List is slightly off

Serenity (Part 2)
Should be 2 "Patience's Sniper", not 3.

Should be 3 "Dance", not 2.

Updates made.

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Ian Murray
United States
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Please geekmail painting tips
I have nothing clever to say
Thanks Trevor. I was actually typing up a list of my cards when I saw your post. You saved me some time.
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