Johan Dahlberg
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I love bidding-style games but often find them shallow. I know Modern Art for example is a very popular game, but it always gave me a weird feeling and I never really liked it.

So I challenged myself to create a card game with bidding that I would actually like. And now I have a game that I think has great potential!

I created a website in order to showcase photos and maybe collect some e-mail addresses to inform those who are interested when the game actually comes out:

I've already designed the cards but if people don't like them I'm likely to change them to something more... artistic? That would include changing the name of the game too. For now, this is so I can print a test game :)

Here are the main aspects of the game:

1. People bid on "Art Cards"
(worth points) using numbered "Bid Cards".

2. You have three Art Cards to bid on at the center of the table, so you need to decide where to spend the cards on your hand (are the cards on your hand good enough to actually win that high-value card, or should you go for a lower-scoring card?).

3. Bids are placed at the count of three: all players simultaneously place any number of cards from their hand face down in front of them.

4. Players take turn to reveal one Bid Card each. This way of revealing the bids make it exciting, and also strategic because of "Effect Cards" which you can put among your Bid Cards.

5. The Effect Cards are the best part: you can save a losing bid by returning an already played Bid Card to your hand (for use again later on), double the point value of the Art Card you're currently bidding on, discard the next card that an opponent reveals, etc.

The game play is quite simple, but it requires a lot of thinking and planning to decide which cards you want to play on which Art Cards, and in which order you want to play them. Once you've decided on the order, you can't change it, and that's what makes it exciting.

I've played a hand-made version with my family and pretty much every single round we have laugh-out-loud, in-your-face moments when Effect Cards change the course of the game, or someone wins a bid by a point, or someone catches up after having fallen way behind.

I'm currently working on how many of each card should be in the deck to keep it balanced. I'll write a rule book, order that more professional test copy and have more people do blind tests :)

If you too like bidding games, let me know what you think and check out the website I made :D
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