Nick Matt
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i made this as a reply to a session, but i think it's nice for it's own thread

i find the difficulty on hastur a bit lacking, 2 mysteries! what a great idea.. the mysteries must be terrible! but not all them are..they should be just a little bit harder imo

the problem with hastur for me is that some mysteries are way too easy, so im planning just removing them, since it's only 2 mysteries, if one or both of them are easy, then there's no point..50% or 100% of the mysteries are easy in one session

or we could make it 3 mysteries...or just adjustments to the mysteries to be harder so they worth 1,5 mystery each..

the key and portal mystery is fine,except it should need more gates on the mystery to be complete, 1 for 4 players seems way too easy..finding the way

the bane one is really interesting and fun. i'd keep it,but maybe if it NEEDED to solve your bane,then i'd be REALLY brutal!! Ravages of Blight

the epic monster one is awesome, it takes way long to kill it,but maybe it should hit a bit harder Spawn of Hastur

the clues one is vanilla, the clues on cities are pretty bad, so its fine ,he who is not to be named

the closing gates one seems great at first,like wow really interesting and hard mystery, BUT the current omen bit ruins it, close 2 gates to solve the mystery? and we need 2 mysteries?with 4 players? wtf, way too easy..( Beneath the Alien sky ,yes you could argue there isnt a gate matching the omen all the time. BUT you can just wait,it makes you finish it in half effort anyway..

cities on the lake needs 4 gates and 8 clues? thats a mystery

now these, i find REALLY lacking

King in yellow encounters are just, nothing too serious as far iv seen..i remember having a hard time with Rleyh, i think this one is much easier

and the yellow sign is just...auto completed, yes sanity can be vital in hastur, but you're just careful and its so easy to solve...wtf. maybe add it at the start of hastur mysteries, but it wont count for mysteries needed to win, then it seems great ^_^ (flavor win, seeing the yellow sign, losing sanity, making you softer for hastur)

i really like the bane and his ability

impairements suck too, which is awesome

another thing to note is that the new investigators included in the expansion seem too strong, +4 to acquire assets without debt? from any space? wtff. no bad conditions? free trinkets? free spells?

so that adds to it aswell.

he's definately easier than yig, maybe even easier than syzygy too.

tl;dr it's a real nice expansion, but the 2 mysteries mechanic and the mysteries dont work that well together on the hard scale , harder mysteries or more mysteries to win would be sweet for me ,maybe they didnt plan to make it hard, or they didnt tune it enough..
also strong investigators! if you want a harder game dont use them, but they are fun to play

what do you think?
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Jon W
United States
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Grimstringer wrote:
what do you think?

As I noted under that session, I'm not sure the mysteries alone are to blame (other than Yellow Sign). There's just a lot of variance when you get anything that advances (let alone solves) a mystery outside its normal parameters. Those things are fairly rare, but I think they were designed with the premise that the chances of getting one in a game would be a great boost, but not enough to win. And the odds of getting two is vanishingly small.

With Hastur, though, you only need one and the game is basically done.

Now, how to fix Yellow Sign? Maybe put the tokens on cities *furthest* away (possibly tedious) or require a successful encounter? Or how about this: put tokens on locations with clues and require a successful research encounter (taking the token instead of the clue).
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