Charles Sutherland
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I have a vassal module for this PM me with an email address and I will send a copy.

Pilot Ace movement and Initiative DR modifiers.

Voss +6 Menckoff +2 Unknown P3 pilot +0

60th Hammersly +0 Roberts +1

56th B McCudden +2 Rhys Davids +3 Muspratt +1 Cronyn +0

Top Cover 56th B Jeffs +0 Young +0

56th C Hoidge +3 Bowman +2 Maybery +2

The +x is the ace reserve movement and the initiative die roll modifier.

Turns are as follows roll initiative for all pilots low man goes 1st etc.

Move your MP minus the ace reserve movement. So Mac moves 9 Voss 3 etc.

After any movement you may fire at the target but you subtract 1/2 the targets remaining movement points. So attacking Voss before he moves is -5 (9/2 rounded up)

Also any movement points spent in a turn minus each mp moved straight with a new turn resetting the count. So if a SE turns 3 hexes moves 2 straight its 5-2 or -3 die roll mod for combat.

Finally attacking from the side hexes is a -1 combat die roll.

There is no minimum straight movement needed to fire.

You may only fire once per turn, but can choose to fire after reg movement, ace movement or at the end of the turn after all movement.

TO recap

1) Initiative Rolls - Low man goes first.
2) Regular Movement - Ace bonus
A) Optional fire
3) Ace movement
A) Optional Fire

End of turn Fire.

Anyone interested in play testing I can email you the vassal save file.

Game starts with 2x60th on map approaching Voss and DV. at 1300 meters

Turn 2 B Flight arrives 1600 meters. Top cover enters only if Voss climbs 500 meters above all enemies and are placed next to voss with range 1 combat no mods at end of the turn.

Turn 8 B Flight arrives at 1600 meters and the PIII arrives above them at 1900 meters.

Played out 4 turns testing and it seems to allow Voss to live the goal is to survive 48 turns assuming 10 second turns.

Good Luck and Good hunting!
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Charles Sutherland
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I forgot to say I am recruiting players to playtest this scenario.
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Charles Sutherland
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Pilots Kills Bonus

Voss DR1 48 +6

Menckhoff DV 11 +2

Unknown PIII ?? +0


Hammersley 2 +0

Robert L. Chdlaw-Roberts 5 +1


McCudden 13 +3

Rhys-Davids 18 +4

Muspratt 6 +1

Cronyn 0 +0

High Cover

Jeffs 4 +1

Young 0 +0


Bowman 16 +3

Maybery 13 +3

Hodge Hit PIII first 22 +4

Slightly improved mods for 56th.
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