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Subject: The First Expansion I Am Divided On rss

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Eric Reiter
United States
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Let me say up front that I don't hate it. I know that won't stop some of the wailing and gnashing of teeth from fans and fanboys, but there's some problems with this.

First the good: The henchmen are great and always welcome. The Pet Avengers are fun, and the Grievous Wounds add a new layer to the game. The heroes are pretty well done, aside from the Divided gimmick which is hit or miss. It works well on some heroes, like Cloak and Dagger, but not so much on others, like Hercules. I need to play with them more, and have them interact with the other expansions some more before I could go into objective specifics, but right now they seem pretty hit or miss to me as it pertains to subjective fun.

Now the bad - the art. I'll be nice and say it's mediocre. A couple cards in particular stand out. Jessica Jones Reckless is just awful. I have a BA in Fine Art and I have worked professionally, and I can say with some certainty, that drawing is either a trace over two different images and then merged together, very poorly, or the artist started in one perspective and finished in another. Either way, the fault is on the art director for letting it slide. It's just sloppy.
Likewise, Tigra and many of the females in the set look like they have broken spines, and overall the anatomy on the women is just clumsy and obviously hacked together. The men didn't get a pass either; why does Herc look like he's riding an invisible bike on Manly Dullard? Was the image traced from a bicyclist? On the Crowd Favorite card his pectoral muscle is just straight up connected to his bicep! One arm is clearly shorter than the other and his right shoulder is completely obscured despite the fact that his arm is raised. On the Ferocity card, Tigra's hips are rotated so that we can see the front of her pelvis and her shoulders at the same time, and yet her knee is pointing down toward the ground. It's clearly meant to be point at the viewer, but since it has no perspective it just looks flat and too short.

I don't expect every piece of art in the expansion to be perfect masterpieces but, jeez, this is like high school level art. The whole expansion feels rushed and the art shows that it probably was.

The schemes - I don't think there was much editing done because the Imprison Unregistered Superheroes card is not only confusing and poorly written, it's just a watered down Portals to the Dark Dimension.
How are they imprisoning heroes? Nothing about the scheme interacts with heroes and what does KOing bystanders have to do with any of it?
Shouldn't the scheme affect the HQ space below it and maybe fortify it to prevent or hinder recruitment?
The rest are really just variants on existing schemes. Uninspired, IMO. YMMV.

This expansion, like the comic series that inspired it, is a retread of what was done better previously and will be the last time I blindly buy a Legendary big box expansion. I have loved every single small box expansion, but I will scrutinize the big box sets a lot more in the future. I wasn't over the moon with Secret Wars, but most of it has grown on me. I don't think I will say the same for Civil War.

I would rate it 2.5 out of 5 stars. It's got some fun elements, but overall, the quality isn't up to the previous expansions, especially the small boxes. It feels very rushed, and like the Secret Wars expansions, about half of it will rarely see the table. But at least those had some pretty nice art and some fun villains.

I want add some stuff because I was accused of "hating" it...which I don't.

Does the good outweigh the bad? It's hard to say but I'd go with "kind of...I don't know." It's probably going to come down to taste. Some things are undeniable, and those are that this game was rushed and it probably won't be anyone's favorite expansion. If you're not a completest, I would play it a couple times before you buy it.
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