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Subject: BSG in Japan Game 5: Rusty Toaster rss

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Angry Augury
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More than two and a half years since the last game of BSG, I finally have the workings of new gaming group and managed to get five players together for the first time in ages. Because of this, there was no choice but to go to the best 5 player game on the shelf and return to the world of Galactica.

Set-up: Kobol Destination, Pegasus Board, Cylon Fleet Board, Base, Pegasus and Exodus Characters.

The Crew:

Saul Tigh (me)
Tory Foster (Max)
Louanne "Kat" Katrain (Dandelion)
Karl "Helo" Agathon (Leanne)
Sharon "Boomer" Valerii (Neil)

My starting loyalty card: You Are Not A Cylon

Getting my first Loyalty card, I was a bit disappointed to not be a Cylon. I don't know why, but I was really hoping to be one but at least I know I don't have to be deceptive yet. It's been so long since I played, I was worried about getting all the rules straight so it helped that I didn't have to worry about doing anything traitorous as well as teaching the game.

Dandelion, the only member still around from my old game group, remembered most of the rules. Both Leanne and Neil, two new faces, had played BSG once before a few years ago but it was just the base game and, coincidentally, neither of them finished their games. Max was the only one who had never played the game nor watched the series. After managing to give a surprisingly concise explanation of the important points of the rules, we got underway.

In the beginning there was nothing too obvious about a traitor in our midst, but something about how Boomer's player was behaving raised the suspicions of myself and a couple other players. He did nothing overtly Cylon-ish, but we couldn't shake the feeling that he was definitely off.

Tory, as the President, was doing something rarely seen in my games: playing the role of president. He was drawing and using Quorum cards quite effectively. I don't know if it was because we weren't under any serious threat, but he was very active politically from the first turn which I thought was great. It was nice to see the president's office have a lot of sway in the actions.

Having three pilots made it quite easy to take care of the Civilians and fend off the starting Cylons. Once we got to our first jump, I, as Admiral, managed to get us to a Distance 2 location and we started preparing for the next jump. During this run, it was very quiet so the pilots had an easy time getting the civilians to safety and we didn't have much to worry about except dwindling resources due to Crisis cards. As luck would have it, the Cylon Fleet jumped in to our location on the very turn we would get our second jump and escape from them again.

Drawing the next cards, I managed to get us to 3 distance even though it used a lot of fuel. This brought us to a total distance of 5 and thus the Sleeper Phase began.

I dealt out the second (or third, in Boomer's case) Loyalty Cards to everyone. My second Loyalty Card: You Are Not a Cylon. So now I knew for certain I was human and I could keep playing it straight. Boomer, the most suspicious up to this point, now had a total of three Loyalty cards so if he had not been a Cylon before, it was very likely that he was now. And with only one card left in the Loyalty deck, we knew for sure that we had an enemy in our midst now.

As per her disadvantage, Boomer was sent to the Brig, a good place to be for someone likely a Cylon. I didn't both to help her attempts to get out of the brig and felt she was better off in there.

A Basestar and two Heavy Raiders appeared in front of Galactica and in a couple turns they managed to get two Cylons on the Boarding Track. Kat went to the Armory to take them out but even with a boost from Strategic Planning, she missed. Helo then XO'd Kat to try again and her two rolls were a 7 and an 8. Astoundingly she took them both out.

Thanks to a Crisis card, I got the ability to check one random Loyalty card. I really wanted to look at Boomer's card but I had to see if the President could be trusted. A few of his actions were questionable and I thought he could do more damage as the president than Boomer in the brig. I looked and got a YANAC card so that got me nowhere.

On Boomer's next turn, she tried to get out of the Brig and, with Kat's help, she succeeded. Her player's behavior still seemed like he was a Cylon, but there was no hard proof. I started to contemplate that executing him might be the best option but I didn't want to just say it out loud as I really wasn't certain nor did I know who the other Cylon was. Plus suggesting an execution might then draw attention to me that could be misconstrued. Just before his next turn, I wanted to ask Kat for an XO so I could do the execution but she wanted to go escort civilians so I held my tongue.

We got another jump this time. I had a choice between a 2 and and 0 with another potential destination card. I opted for the 2 as we were getting dangerously low on fuel. Now we were at 7 distance.

Finally, on the next turn Boomer revealed and knocked us back two spaces on the Jump Track, truly crushing our spirits as we were having a lot of Cylon activity at the time. He passed off his two remaining Loyalty cards to me. I took a look. The first one was You Are Not a Cylon and the second You Are a Cylon.

Dammit. I knew he had both and I knew he'd pass them to me. Definitely should have checked his Loyalty cards...

So now with four Loyalty cards under my belt, all suspicion fell on me as the second Cylon and rightfully so. I knew I had to play it very carefully to gain their trust and keep the suspicion on Tory instead. Tory then got sent to the Brig via a Crisis card. Better for me, I thought. Galactica took a couple damage by this point and the Pegasus was used for nothing BUT damage, having three out of four places hit. Unfortunately, the only person who was drawing blue was Boomer so there were no repairs being done. That didn't affect me anymore, now that I was on team Cylon, but it was a growing issue that I thought I might be able to use to my advantage.

With other Crisis cards and Quorum cards, the crew managed to regain two of the fuel, much to my dismay. However, Morale and Food was getting very low. I hoped that I'd be able to do something with those low resources. I knew it would raise suspicions, but with Tory in the brig and my constant attempts to cast doubt on her, I decided to use Saul's OPG to take the title of President away from her and give it to myself. I did my best to explain it rationally but then I drew my Crisis and... DAMMIT... it was a choice that allowed the Admiral to take the title of President. Oh what horrible timing I have...

Then, on my next turn, what proved to be the crucial moment of the game arose. I played a Scout to check the next Crisis card, saying I want to make sure we get a Jump icon but actually wanting to bury one if it were there. I checked, it didn't have a Jump and I was trying to think of how I could keep it without raising suspicion. Then I saw it was the card that gives 1 Distance if the Skill check is passed.

"This is great," I thought.

I glanced at the distance cards quickly. We had gone 5 already.

"OK, and it's a pretty high number for a Skill check so we might not pass it anyhow," I believed.

I decided to keep it, knowing that even if we did pass, we'd only be at a distance of 6 and the humans still wouldn't get a Prepare for Jump icon. I put it back on top and it was time to draw the Crisis card.

As I was drawing it, I looked down and realized there was another Distance card that had slid under the rest.

"Oh god..." I silently recalled in horror, "we did jump one more time. We're at 7, not 5!"

And with that, I brought out the card that could bring the humans to Distance 8.

I told myself, "Stay calm, just spike the hell out of the check."

Even as that thought was completing in my mind, Tory played Investigative Committee ensuring that we'd all reveal what cards we're playing into the check.

Damn! Damn! Damn!

Then, the salt in the wound: it turned out that all the humans had plenty of high value cards to assist in the check.


Since it was my Crisis, I got to place cards in last. I couldn't take too long to think about it as what was there to think of? The choice was obvious if you're human and only a Cylon in meltdown mode (as I was) would need some time to really think it through. I realized that I could try spiking the hell out of it in what would be the hardest "soft" reveal possible, but even then it would take nearly all of my cards to do so and their low value might not end up doing anything depending on what the Destiny Deck contributed. Even worse, as it was my turn, any soft reveal would ensure that the humans had three consecutive chances to get rid of me and could do so easily if I dumped all my cards into the spike.

So I made the choice to not put anything in, as the group had already added so much over the limit. Unsurprisingly, it passed and the humans were now at Distance 8 and already a couple steps up on the Jump Track towards victory.

Unfortunately at that time, Boomer's player had to go home so he said what he wanted to do on his next turn as a Cylon and we agreed that we'd draw a random negative card of his to spike checks in the future until the next Cylon reveals and can take over both rolls.

But it didn't matter. Both Boomer and I only had one more turn before the humans made the jump to victory.


Ugh! I was kicking myself for making that boneheaded mistake. I don't know if I was just too focused on the clock as I knew Neil had to leave or if I genuinely thought something completely different was going to happen with that Crisis choice... But I chalk it up to being rusty at the game, not having played for nearly three years. My intent to get the attention off of me as the likely Cylon made me completely overlook not just the right decision at the time but also the obvious time when I should have revealed. However, even if I did reveal, the damage was already done by giving the humans a free 1 Distance.

Let me tell you the humans were perplexed as all hell when they realized I was the last Cylon. I explained my failure and how I had hoped that SOMETHING would come out that I could capitalize on, but it was all for naught. I blew it big time. They dubbed me the world's nicest Cylon. shake

Still, we had a great time and I loved being back in this game. Even better, Leanne had a wonderful time and got a better impression of the game since her only other attempt ended halfway through when a player got enraged and quit, cursing her and the others up and down. At least it didn't go down that horribly here.

I'm happy with the new players in the group and it was great to have Dandelion back in action after so long. Hopefully we'll get this to the table soon but I think our next adventure will be continuing the Arkham Horror Campaign.


Humans: 1
Cylons: 4

Game Logs:

01 The Return
02 And They Have a Plan
03 Lay Down Your Burdens
04 Go With the Flow
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Ernest Chua
Western Australia
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I may have got this wrong, but unless you were house-ruling it, doesn't playing with Exodus mean using Pegasus loyalty handoff rules, which include that when revealing at 7 or more distance, unrevealed loyalty cards aren't handed off?
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Angry Augury
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smaug007 wrote:
I may have got this wrong, but unless you were house-ruling it, doesn't playing with Exodus mean using Pegasus loyalty handoff rules, which include that when revealing at 7 or more distance, unrevealed loyalty cards aren't handed off?

No, sir, you are not wrong at all. That was a mistake we made due to me forgetting that stipulation (rusty toaster, after all). Though I suppose it wouldn't have mattered even if I remembered as my sloppy play area convinced me that we were at 5 distance anyhow.

Thank you kindly for pointing that out. And that's the reason why I post these game reports: I'm always hoping someone will find mistakes and point them out so I'm less likely to make them in the future.
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