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Subject: My Second Experience in Aethos! rss

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United States
Pleasant Hill
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I am so pumped to play this game after setting it up! I remember my first playthrough well, brings back the memories of why this game left such an
impression on my boardgame-geek-soul. It's a beautiful game with a pretty small footprint to boot. Time to rock!

Update 1:

Very cool battles went on. Funny thing is that I struggled a ton on a 3 power monster with 0 abilities. I think he ate up like 7-8 colorless shards and a few colored just to down it. I sort of wonder if I should have retreated. The other 3 battles were much easier. I found some crates of shards on one that gave me 5 colored shards, which rocked. I asked Jim about the Blood Singer and he said:

That is a very poorly worded card. Chalk it up to inexperience. Please read "sacrifice X-many life tokens" as "accept X-many wounds." These wounds on the avatar heal normally. If I ever do a second addition, I will clean all these cards up. Thank you very much for bringing this to my attention!

Now that I know this, he becomes much more potent. I was thinking that the sacrificed life tokens were permanently lost. But to be able to wound yourself to deliver instant wounds is almost too OP!

Anyhow, the Shadows are moving in. Not sure if I will pull it off or not but it is very early to tell. I love this game! And I have not even tried adding in Shadows of Malice: Seekers of a Hidden Light yet.

Update 2:

Things are looking ok. I was able to down a guardian and one of the shadows took out the other. I have two shadows converging at me now. I've got a powerful potion to take one of them out. It's going to be interesting to see if I can kill both before they reveal that Well!

Update 3:

I feel like I am ready to take on Xulthul now. I took out a guardian very easily just now. I'm armed to the teeth lol.

Update 4:

I took out another guardian and revealed a light well! Woot! Then the Shadow to the North in the pic above took the guardian and revealed the last Light well on the same turn! It transformed into Xulthul:

Since I was on the Light well, Xulthul was heading my way and the only way to win once he is summoned is to take him out. I used the Gate Caster's ability to teleport to the gate near him and we healed up. Next turn we engaged and after a 2d3 grenade and a Scroll that did 4 damage, the big baddie was down to 2/8 life before the battle even began. Being able to use 2 shards per avatar with the revealed Light Well in play made the last two damage a piece of cake, although it did last 2 phases to get it done.

What a game. At around 3.5 hours, over 4 sessions, it was epic and long and fun and now it is time to learn and play Zimby Mojo. Here was what the final table looked like:

Next time I will add in Shadows of Malice: Seekers of a Hidden Light to the mix. I feel like it will make the experience even more epic.
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Kristabelle Du Bast
United Kingdom
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Fab session report Greg. I must get this out again very soon.Acquired way too many great games this year and not enough time to play them all.
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