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Subject: The Prophet, The Gun, and Orangutan rss

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Josh S.
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With the news of a breach in the facility, two of the deadliest Raxxon Agents took to the field to dispatch whoever this intruder was. The Prophet sat in the passenger seat as The Gun took the wheel of their vehicle. This deadly pair was ready for whatever lay ahead.

The Prophet had pinpointed the entrance this intruder came in, and was aware of the four potential marks this enemy was after. They drove down the road and took a slight right. The Prophet took the wheel and drove the other direction but remained in the vehicle. The pair had decided to split up. With the help of the motion sensor, The Prophet learned that the target had moved South. The pair moved south carefully. The Gun became suspicious as she moved- her Tech Unit tipping her off that the intruder just utilized unauthorized technology. Then, the Prophet had a startling revelation:


The pair sprung to action, knowing this was a possibility. They moved to corner off one of the objectives, before realizing they had picked the wrong location. Evidently, the Intruder was further South than expected. The Gun and The Prophet tried to corner the location, The Gun veering right down the road. Shortly after this, after the interference of a flash bang, they were again rapidly notified about another Objective that was about to be compromised. But this time, The Gun found him.

Crouched down hacking a computer system was Agent Orangutan. The Sniper quickly landed a bullet, damaging his armor. He dashed away swiftly, and The Gun was in hot pursuit. She found herself having to pick one of two paths, and took left. This proved to be incorrect, and the infiltrator was nowhere to be found. The Prophet closed in, hoping to box the enemy in. But after some time with no success, the Prophet focused his power and read the mind of his enemy.

In a very surprising strategy, Orangutan had doubled back almost all the way to where he had started, trying to go around the Hunters. The Infiltrator cursed, as he realized his plan was discovered. It was no matter though, he only needed one more objective before he began his escape. He moved down the center of the facility, The Gun and The Prophet closer than they realized.

The Gun rounded the corner and onto the road, and just like that Orangutan was in her sights. She landed another bullet into Orangutan, his advanced shielding malfunctioning. Knowing that he was running out of options, Orangutan slammed his Power Fists, jarring The Gun enough for him to get away. The Prophet cornered off the nearby objective, as The Gun recovered. The Prophet moved into position and The Gun closed off one line of sight. When Orangutan didn’t show up, they knew he was in the one spot they couldn’t directly see. Knowing his options were limited, Orangutan darted out into the open right into The Gun’s line of sight. She was ready, and with a flash her pistol found its mark, puncturing Orangutan’s armor. The Prophet was finally ready to contribute, and he closed the distance to smash a power-charged fist into Orangutan’s abdomen. The Gun ran forward and followed up with another shot, her bullet striking Orangutan right where the Prophet had hit. Knowing that one more hit would be fatal, Orangutan again used his power fists to stun The Prophet. Although, with no real way to hide, and with no Tech to help him, The Gun found him. Knocking Orangutan down, she looked him dead-on as she planted one final bullet into the Intruder’s skull.

Back at HQ, the two Hunters marked off one of the High-Profile targets. They looked at their next assignment, an equally-mysterious agent known only as “Blue Jay.” The two readied their equipment, and set out on another hunt.

EDIT: Forgot to post a bit of a post-game analysis. This game was my third play, and helped me understand the balance of this game a bit better. While it can be frustrating to lose a few objectives without spotting the agent, I learned that the possibility is quite real that once you find the agent and wound them once, there is a chance the game will be over shortly after, especially when the Agent has already burned through their tech and thus will be hard-pressed to get away.

My opponent was caught without any tech at the end and accumulated 4 wounds in 2 turns. He also took a big risk by revealing himself in the line sight of The Gun, which allows her to give you two wounds back-to-back if her Quick Shot connects. In these situations, the game does a good job of driving the theme home that these Agents don't stand a chance in direct confrontation.

My opponent had a great idea doubling back the way he did, and thank goodness for the Prophet for his ability to sniff those kinds of things out. It was a great compliment to The Gun, who lacks "Agent-detecting" abilities. While my opponent did complete two objectives with only one wound, he burned through almost all of his tech in order to do so. Meaning, once he was spotted later, he really had nothing he could do to escape the Hunter's line of sight. This game, I discovered, is one that is a combination of great fun, frustration, careful decision-making, and intense combat. Although this game is new to me, I'm fairly certain I'll be introducing a whole lot more to it in the future
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